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Way Too Deep League FAAB: Weeks 19-20

For an explanation of league rules, see the introductory post.

There was a decent amount of activity in the Way Too Deep League in the final two FAAB periods before September call-ups. With just one week of regular season play remaining, owners have different priorities. Some are making small moves to bolster their playoff rosters, such as adding backup catchers or insurance starters, while others are going for high-upside young players to stash for next year.



Magill, Matt RP | SEA: $34
Garneau, Dustin C | OAK: $15
Owings, Chris RF | BOS: $10

Seattle has auditioned at least five relief pitchers for the closer role this season. Matt Magill is the latest journeyman pitcher to temporarily hold on to the role. While $34 is a bit steep for a player unlikely to contribute beyond this season, his new owner is heading to the playoffs. Saves are always going to be valuable, and Magill could provide real value in September.

Speaking of journeymen, Dustin Garneau is no longer on the A’s roster. Shortly after his new owner acquired Garneau, the A’s outrighted him to Triple-A. I don’t blame the owner for trying to find someone, anyone, to occupy a second catcher spot in this league (I acquired Jacob Stallings below), but $15 may be a little steep.


Lopes, Tim SS | SEA: $8
Toro-Hernandez, Abraham 3B | HOU: $8
Waguespack, Jacob SP | TOR: $7
Thomas, Lane CF | STL: $7
Webb, Logan SP | SF: $5

The mid-tier hitters are much more interesting this week. We begin with Tim Lopes, a decent-hitting Triple-A outfielder who is eligible (for now) at shortstop. His .791 OPS in ten games is definitely worth owning. Abraham Toro-Hernandez is way more interesting following a .324/.411/.527 breakout season in the high minors. The 22 year-old doesn’t figure to get a lot of playing time this season, but could be 2b/3b eligible heading into next year. Lane Thomas has a .986 OPS in 31 games for the Cardinals, but has been almost exclusively a bench player over that time.

The pitchers here are also strong stashes. Jacob Waguespack has a 3.63 ERA / 4.27 FIP in 52 innings for the Blue Jays, including a 7-inning shutout against the Dodgers. Logan Webb had an elite, 1.85 ERA, season for the Giants. Given his wide open opportunity in the Giants rotation and friendly ballpark, he could be the best pickup in weeks.


Brault, Steven RP | PIT: $4
Nunez, Dom C | COL: $4
Slater, Austin LF | SF: $3
Montgomery, Mike RP | KC: $3
Armenteros, Rogelio SP | HOU: $3
Stallings, Jacob C | PIT: $1
Trevino, Jose C | TEX: $1
Phillips, Brett CF | KC: $1
Reyes, Victor LF | DET: $1

We’ve got a few backup catchers and boring starting pitchers who are RP eligible. Instead of talking about the boring players, let’s talk about Brett Phillips. The athletic outfielder is now 25 and reached peak post-hype status (if that is a thing). His .883 OPS at Triple-A is impressive, but the real headline is 22 stolen bases and 1 caught stealing. Phillips could be a very valuable fantasy outfielder if he keeps stealing bases, along the lines of Domingo Santana in 2017.

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