Rebuilding a Dynasty League Roster

Here is the full Rebuilding a Dynasty League Roster series, all in one place for quick reference:

Part 1: Setting the Table
Part 2: Establishing Your Time Horizon
Part 3: The Evaluation Stage
Part 4: The Opening Trades
Part 4a: Wait at Your Own Peril
Part 5: The Free Agents
Part 6: The Re-Evaluation Stage
Part 7: The Secondary Targets
Part 8: The Waiting Game
Part 8a: The Challenge Trade
Part 8b: Know Your Waiver System and Draft Rules
Part 9: The Draft
Part 10: The Turn
Part 10a: The Makings of the Turn
Part 11: Pushing In Your Chips
Part 12: The Prestige

Addendum 1: The 2013 Draft (Apr 2013)
Addendum 2: One Year Later (Jun 2013)

Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

6 comments on “Rebuilding a Dynasty League Roster

  1. Stephen Raymond says:

    This is the best article of its type I have ever read. No check that. It is the only article of its type I have ever read and it is spectacular. Thanks

  2. Beemoney97 says:

    Great series, helped me with a lot of leagues and now I’m winning!

  3. […] Rebuilding a Dynasty League Roster […]

  4. Drew says:

    This is absolutely incredible and I plan to use it this year for sure! Quick question…do you have a system of inflation/deflation in regards to drafting young players and older players? I am in a 12-team dynasty league, auction style, and I’m trying to figure out how to adjust the standard values based upon age (i.e. how much is Freeman worth vs. Pujols).

  5. I loved this read. It’s incredible. Just wondering, any plans on continuing it?

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