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TDGX Rounds 31-40: You Will All Be Cut (Sorry)

I can now say that I’ve participated in a draft that went 800 players deep. I’m pretty sure if you printed out the chat transcript from the draft room you would get a tome that rivals War and Peace in its sheer volume, although Tolstoy’s masterpiece probably didn’t contain a character named Craig that keeps change in his wallet (don’t know for sure since I never read the thing).

You can find the breakdowns of our first thirty picks here and here. In the last ten rounds my partner Paul and I continued to look for the best players available whether they be in the majors or minors. Not rocket science, especially when you consider that we are going to walk into 2015 with only half of our drafted roster anyway. Still, it’s kind of amazing how many players were still out there this late in a 20-team draft.

31.601 Carter Capps

32.640 Jake Barrett

33.641 Taylor Jordan

Capps is a bit of a long shot for saves, but in terms of young relievers he was one of the better options still available at this stage of the game. We like Barrett as a future closer and in really deep leagues like this where saves are extremely valuable, he could make for a nice trade chip. I have to give credit to Paul for the Jordan pick, and with Detwiler now in the pen for the Nationals it’s looking like we might actually get a lot of value out of Jordan as soon as this year. That would be huge given how late we snagged him.

34.680 Ryan Sweeney

35.681 David Hernandez

36.720 Rubby De La Rosa

37.721 Juan Nicasio

A platoon outfielder for the Cubs and three arms were our next four picks. Sweeney fits in as a reserve piece and could fill some holes for us in our major league roster when needed. We could need him right out of the gate with Gordon Beckham currently injured. David Hernandez is coming off of a down year, but he could vulture a save or two this year. I still believe in Rubby De La Rosa and was willing to roll the dice on him at this point in the draft. He was a highly regarded prospect with the Dodgers, and while surgery and control problems really hurt him over the last two years, it’s not like he died. Juan Nicasio is healthy again after struggling with injuries and at just 27 years old still possesses good strikeout potential.

38.760 Sergio Alcantara

39.761 Heath Bell

40.800 Cord Sandberg

More shortstop prospects please. Alcantara is our 6th shortstop on the roster and the switch-hitter from the DR is more of a lottery ticket at this point. I personally needed Heath Bell on this team because he burned me in a 12-teamer a couple of years ago and he couldn’t possibly hurt me twice, right? Actually, the pitcher-friendly atmosphere and solid defense in Tampa Bay should help Bell’s numbers and he may even be a candidate for saves at some point this season. I was actually surprised he was still there. I have seen him drafted in much shallower formats this year. He still had a K/9 of 9.87 in 65 innings pitched last season. And last but not least, it’s Cord Sandberg, who Bret tagged as “Mr. Irrelevant” on Twitter at #800. All kidding aside, there are three things we really liked about Cord. His name is Cord, he’s a very athletic outfield prospect, and he’s in the Phillies system. Honestly, it was him or Tocci.

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