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How to best make sense of the recent proliferation of information on minor league hitters, specifically power metrics? This is a question I’ve been struggling with in the last few weeks/months (does anyone keep track of time anymore?) regarding minor league fly ball distance, exit velocity, and exit velocity on

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Last week, I generated an expected home runs per fly ball measure (xHR/FB) for minor leaguers based on their average fly ball distance and average exit velocity. The logic is this: a minor leaguer can be expected to hit a certain number of home runs per fly ball given their

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Dynasty Prospect RankingsScouting the Statline

Wander Franco (Left photograph: Rob Tringali / MLB Photos via Getty Images); Julio Rodriguez (Right photograph: wv_power, The Official Instagram for the West Virginia Power) Over the past year, I’ve developed translations that convert minor league statistics to their equivalent MLB statistics. I’ve also built aging curves to project when

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This will be the last Up the Middle¬†post for a bit as the much anticipated dynasty rankings will be coming out shortly. We’ve talked about a bunch of good middle infielders in these posts, including both prospects and major leaguers. This week we’ll take a look at a second baseman

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When I released my Updated Top 500 Dynasty League Ranks last week, there were a few players with noticeable jumps, including a bunch of new players on the list. Of those Top 500 newbies, the prospect with the highest debut was Yankees RHP Rafael De Paula at #359. In fact,

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