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Donte DiVincenzo is a sneaky add in dynasty basketball
Dynasty Basketball

So, fantasy basketball, remember that? More specifically Donte DiVincenzo, remember him? If not, I don’t blame you. You probably have better things to care about like stocking up on essentials, how to keep your family healthy, and which song intro you’re going to sing in your head as you wash

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2018 Dynasty Basketball RankingsDynasty BasketballDynasty Basketball Rankings

Standard disclaimer: these rankings are focused on 9-category leagues with an emphasis on H2H leagues. If you play in rotisserie leagues you should fade category killers like Ben Simmons and Deandre Jordan. If you play in 8-cat or points leagues, you should bump up the volume guys (Westbrook and Cousins,

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2017 Dynasty Basketball RankingsDynasty Basketball

A quick primer on these #Dynasty200 ranks for newcomers: These are designed with 9-category, H2H leagues in mind. If you play in a roto league, I recommend fading the category ruiners like Dwight Howard. If you play in an 8-category league, you can give a bump to volume guys with massive

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