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Top 200 Dynasty Basketball Rankings, February 2017

A quick primer on these #Dynasty200 ranks for newcomers:

  • These are designed with 9-category, H2H leagues in mind.
  • If you play in a roto league, I recommend fading the category ruiners like Dwight Howard.
  • If you play in an 8-category league, you can give a bump to volume guys with massive turnover problems such as James Harden and Westbrook.
  • I try to keep a healthy balance between present value and upside, but I tend to prefer sustainable periods of contention in dynasty instead of the “go-for-broke” style.

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Rank Name Comments Age
Tier 1  
1 Giannis Antetokounmpo The hype was warranted. 23
2 Karl-Anthony Towns 22
3 Kevin Durant Fantasy’s best player deserves to be in the top tier. 28
Tier 2
4 Anthony Davis 23
5 Stephen Curry 28
6 Kawhi Leonard 25
7 James Harden The ultimate punt turnover weapon could easily be a tier 1 player in 8-category leagues. 27
Tier 3
8 Russell Westbrook Triple double machine is a fringe top 10 9-category player due to legendary turnover totals. 28
9 Kristaps Porzingis 21
10 Ben Simmons 20
11 Nikola Jokic In the preseason I recommended paying Porzingis price for him. He’s outplayed KP6 of late. 21
Tier 4
12 DeMarcus Cousins 26
13 Paul George 26
14 Chris Paul Durability, age knock him out of tier three. 31
15 D’Angelo Russell 20
16 Draymond Green 26
17 Kyrie Irving 24
18 John Wall 26
19 Jimmy Butler 27
20 Myles Turner If you’re not trying to win this season, Turner still makes a nice “buy high” player. I expect him to be more valuable than many in this tier in a year. 20
21 Damian Lillard Remarkably durable and has improved his PER every year in the league, but lack of steals and blocks cap his ceiling. 26
22 LeBron James 32
Tier 5
23 Kemba Walker 26
24 Rudy Gobert 24
25 Hassan Whiteside 27
26 CJ McCollum 25
27 Kyle Lowry An ideal win-now pickup, Lowry may come about as cheaply as any top 10 or so player possibly could. 30
28 Otto Porter 23
29 Joel Embiid Undeniable upside, but massive health risk. 22
30 Jabari Parker At this price you’re basically buying the three point gains as mostly real, which I am. Further gains in volume expected, but will need a ton of volume to ever be elite due to lack of steals and blocks. 21
Tier 6
31 Kevin Love 28
32 Al Horford 30
33 Zach LaVine  Has cooled off after a hot start, but shooting efficiency remains impressive. Another year of “in real life” awful defensive metrics is moderately concerning for his future playing time. 21
34 Nerlens Noel The 76ers big man glut could mercifully end at this year’s trade deadline. Obviously dreaming on Noel’s upside with this rank. With 30 mpg he’s an easy top 30 player. 22
35 Andrew Wiggins  At just 21 years old, I’d still be buying as a rebuilding team. It’s obvious that he’s not good enough to be a meaningful contributor now, so his present value drags down his ranking. 21
36 Andre Drummond  Can still build a punt FT team around him with the right supporting cast (Noel, Draymond, Jordan, etc.) 23
37 Isaiah Thomas 27
38 Klay Thompson 26
39 DeMar DeRozan 27
40 Gorgui Dieng 27
41 Devin Booker  I think he can do better than 36% from 3 long-term given mechanics and free throw shooting accuracy. No, I’m not a scout, so take that speculation with a grain of salt. 20
42 Blake Griffin 27
43 Gordon Hayward 26
44 Mike Conley I had faded earlier due to injury. It may be that we should expect more absences as he approaches his 30th birthday. 29
Tier 7
45 Marc Gasol Take a hard look at whether you can actually win with Gasol this year, but this may be your last chance to move him as a premium player. 32
46 Ricky Rubio 26
47 Brook Lopez  Still nervous about a catastrophic foot injury, but tantalizing big man efficiency. If you’re less worried about the foot, can make a case for a ranking 15-20 spots higher. 28
48 Jrue Holiday 26
49 Aaron Gordon Still optimistic about Gordon’s future. Based on his current production, makes for an ideal buy-low target. 21
50 Bradley Beal 23
51 Carmelo Anthony 32
52 Victor Oladipo 24
53 DeAndre Jordan Unique value to H2H “punt FT” players could make him much more valuable to some. 28
54 Eric Bledsoe 27
55 Serge Ibaka 27
56 LaMarcus Aldridge 31
57 Paul Millsap  The Kyle Lowry of big men in that he can really help a win-now team, but won’t cost as much as most top 30 redraft players due to age. 31
58 Jeff Teague 28
Tier 8
59 Derrick Favors 25
60 Tobias Harris 24
61 Jonas Valanciunas 24
62 Nicolas Batum 28
63 Khris Middleton  Remember him? If he can return close to what he was in 2015-2016, he’ll continue to climb these rankings. 25
64 Avery Bradley  I think his playing time will come down as the depth-rich Celtics add talent in the coming years (and perhaps at the deadline). If not, he’s a relatively safe top 50-60 player for the next couple of years. Excellent rebounding guard. 26
65 Jae Crowder 26
66 Dennis Schroder 23
67 Marcus Smart  Smart is picking up the fantasy pace and retains a high floor thanks to the combined steal and block rate. Nice time to buy low on him since many may have prospect fatigue with him. Still so young. 22
68 Steven Adams 23
69 Nikola Vucevic 26
70 Dragan Bender High risk, high reward prospect has superstar upside but other 19-year-old future stars have flashed more than he has. 19
71 Kris Dunn He was supposed to be ready to go as an advanced rookie; on the bright side, he’s averaging about 3 combined blocks and steals per 36. 22
72 Marquese Chriss 19
73 Brandon Ingram 19
Tier 9
74 Trevor Ariza  See what I said about Lowry and Millsap for Ariza, who I may be discounting too heavily due to age. If your time is now, can easily justify selling one of the blue chip prospects ahead of Ariza on this list to acquire him. 31
75 Harrison Barnes 24
76 Gary Harris 22
77 Evan Fournier 24
78 Elfrid Payton  Steady progress for Payton, who has consistently had an impressive assist rate around 30%. Overall and playing time upside is limited by outside shooting. 22
79 Rondae Hollis-Jefferson  I’m still very excited about RHJ’s future. He has an uncommonly high assist rate for a wing and has retained his block and steal ability. If he were playing more now, he’d easily rank among the wait-and-see prospects in tier eight. 22
80 Jahlil Okafor 21
81 Reggie Jackson 26
82 Clint Capela 22
83 Julius Randle 22
84 Cody Zeller May be an overreaction / confirmation bias on my part (because I think he’s very good), but Zeller’s uptick in playing time may stick. 24
Tier 10
85 Rudy Gay 30
86 George Hill 30
87 Kentavious Caldwell-Pope 23
88 Enes Kanter 24
89 Greg Monroe 26
90 Danilo Gallinari 28
91 Thaddeus Young 28
92 Goran Dragic 30
93 Tyus Jones Dreaming on a Jones trade out of Minnesota. He good. 20
94 Dwight Howard 31
95 Tyler Johnson 24
96 Emmanuel Mudiay 20
97 Jamal Murray 19
98 Justise Winslow Some blind faith optimism based on his prospect pedigree, because his steal rate isn’t that special and obviously his offense has not caught up to the D yet. 20
99  Moe Harkless Not panicking about drop in playing time since there were health issues, but I’m nervous. 23
Tier 11
100 Michael Kidd-Gilchrist 23
101 Rodney Hood Disappointing year as many of his per minute numbers are down at a time when you’d expect to see growth. 24
102 Nikola Mirotic 25
103 Robert Covington  I’d be higher on Bombs Away Bob were it not for concerns about his future playing time as Simmons and future picks are worked into the rotation. 26
104 Ivica Zubac   Another “Digging for Diamonds” profiled player. 19
105 Pau Gasol 36
106 Jaylen Brown Reminds me a lot of Justise Winslow, only Brown had a worse statistical profile in college, but is currently healthy. 20
107 Eric Gordon 28
108 Caris LeVert Wrote him up in January as part of Digging for Diamonds series. 22
109 Ante Zizic Really good prospect at the time of the draft and his stock has only gone up. Has a chance to rocket up these lists if / when he comes to Boston. See my writeup here. 20
110 Richaun Holmes Could be in line for massive value boost at the trade deadline. Sleeper alert! Wrote him up here. 23
111 Tyreke Evans It’s sad knowing what he could have been, but Evans is still useful even in a reserve role. 27
112  Marcin Gortat 32
113 Willy Hernangomez The Knicks big man looks to be a skilled finisher and capable rebounder. If the Knicks blow it up, he could find starter minutes. Wrote him up here. 22
113 Chris McCullough Massive upside thanks to blocks and steals, but there’s also bust potential. I doubt you’ll need to pay this much to get him. 21
Tier 12
114 Dwyane Wade 35
115 Chandler Parsons  I respect what he can do at full strength, but have to wonder if that’ll ever happen. 28
116 Marvin Williams 30
117 Tristan Thompson Enjoying a career year and his fourth consecutive season of steady, incremental improvements. However, he has yet to convince the Hornets that deserves starter’s minutes. 25
118 Lucas Nogueira 24
119 Larry Nance 24
120 Ryan Anderson 28
121 Alex Len 23
122 Danny Green 29
123 TJ Warren Warren looks replaceable to me on a better team and/or when the Suns kids develop past him. 23
124 Robin Lopez 28
125 Patrick Beverley May be too low on him due to the lacking volume stats. He can never stay healthy and much of his value comes from low turnovers, but for 9-cat roto leagues, he can flirt with top 50 value when he plays. 28
126 Mason Plumlee 26
127 Darren Collison 29
128 Derrick Rose I’d caution Rose owners not to assume he’ll continue to get playing time, similar to Rondo, because his efficiency and D are not conducive to winning games. 28
129 Jordan Clarkson 24
130 Jeremy Lin Lin’s body has betrayed him and his fantasy owners. He’s a productive fantasy player when healthy. 28
131 Kent Bazemore 27
132 Thon Maker Has flashed in a very small sample. Something of a mystery prospect. Don’t have a good feel for him. 19
133 Dejounte Murray I’d be more excited given the talent and opportunity to play were it not for the alarmingly low steal and block rates. They were better in college, though (which bodes well for his future). 20
134 Kyle Anderson There’s a pulse from Kyle Anderson. Don’t sleep on his upside – dude has elite (combined) block and steal rates. 23
Tier 13
135 Malcolm Brogdon Worried about playing time as Bucks upgrade and get Middleton back, but efficient from three and solid steal rate is a nice foundation for this polished (old) rookie. 24
136 Sam Dekker 22
137 Juan Hernangomez 21
138 Deyonta Davis 20
139 Josh Richardson Development stalled out for what looked to be a promising three and D player. 23
140 Jon Leuer 27
141 Frank Kaminsky 23
142 JJ Redick 32
143 JR Smith 31
144 Wesley Matthews 30
145 DeMarre Carroll 30
146 Andre Roberson 25
147 Dirk Nowitzki 38
148 Brandon Knight 25
149 Dwight Powell Per minute darling has not been able to earn minutes, but that could change for rebuilding Mavs. 25
150 Dewayne Dedmon Plenty of upside here should Aldridge or Gasol go down. 27
151 Montrezl Harrel Wrote him up in January as part of the Digging for Diamonds series. 23
152 Mike Muscala 25
153 Markieff Morris Nice role player for the rest of this year, but I have to think Washington upgrades on him. 27
Tier 14
154 Kenneth Faried 27
155 Lou Williams 30
156 Jared Sullinger Has looked incredibly rusty since debuting in January, but surely the Raptors would prefer he takes Patterson’s minutes, in which case he can flirt with top 100 9-category value. 24
157 Dante Exum May never be the same after his injury, but I want to wait one more year given his rookie prospect pedigree. 21
158 Kelly Oubre Back on schedule towards developing into a high end fantasy role player; still very young. 21
159 Justin Anderson 23
160 Denzel Valentine 23
161 Buddy Hield 23
162 Dario Saric 22
163 Wade Baldwin 20
164 Domantas Sabonis 20
165 Kelly Olynyk 25
166 Andrew Bogut 32
167 Rajon Rondo The other shoe hath dropped. As I’ve said all year, his game doesn’t produce real life wins, putting his playing time in doubt. 30
168 Tyson Chandler 34
169 Wilson Chandler 29
170 Seth Curry 26
171 Allen Crabbe 24
172 Cameron Payne If you’re out of it, I’d advocate aggressively consolidating and then stashing Payne type fliers at the back end of your roster. 22
173 Bobby Portis See comment on Payne, Cameron 21
174 Mario Hezonja See comment on Payne, Cameron 21
175 Terrence Ross 25
176 Al-Farouq Aminu 26
177 Austin Rivers A nice handcuff to Chris Paul that I’d look to sell now for anyone interested in his short term production. 24
178 Jakob Poeltl Scouts and stats agreed Poeltl was a nice prospect, but the situation and production have been bad. It’s early for him, though. 21
179 Kevon Looney 20
Tier 15
180 Kyle O’Quinn Has been an efficient backup in his career that may merit a look as a starter for a second division team… like the Knicks. At this point, it’s unlikely he realizes his fantasy potential except perhaps as an injury fill in. 26
181 Jusuf Nurkic 22
182 Tyler Ulis Nice watch list player thanks to his elite steal rate. 21
183 Henry Ellenson 20
184 Terry Rozier A personal favorite of mine, but too much needs to happen for him to get an opportunity. 22
185 Patrick McCaw 21
186 Guerschon Yabusele 21
187 Will Barton 26
188 Luol Deng Seems likely that he’ll be phased out in LA. 31
189 TJ McConnell A must-sell if you can lock in an asset with more sustainable production; improbably the 76ers have not found their point guard of the future yet. 24
190 Joakim Noah 31
191 Tim Hardaway Jr 24
192 Taj Gibson 31
193 JaMychal Green 26
194 Thabo Sefolosha 32
195 Nick Young 31
196 Bismack Biyombo 24
197 Terrence Jones 25
198 Marcus Morris 27
199 Sean Kilpatrick 27
200 CJ Miles 29

The Author

Tom Trudeau

Tom Trudeau


  1. Tom B
    February 2, 2017 at 12:36 pm

    Where would Larry Nance fit in? Assume his absence was an oversight or I’m just being blind and can’t see him listed.

    • Tom B
      February 2, 2017 at 12:37 pm

      I was being blind. He’s at 119. Thanks!

      • February 2, 2017 at 12:39 pm

        Yep… may be aggressive because there’s a decent chance he never gets that extra playing time, but he’s so efficient and he gets so many blocks and steals. He’s useful at 20 mpg, which isn’t easy to do.

  2. Justin
    February 3, 2017 at 1:18 pm

    14 team keeper where we keep 4

    Give up oladipo for a 1st round pick? I’m in tank mode and have 3 other 1st round picks

    Currently would be keeping durant, turner and jokic…4th keeper would most likely be Middleton, dunn, ingram or murray


    • February 3, 2017 at 3:34 pm

      That’s a sweet top 4 keepers, Justin. If you’re able to backfill by keeping one of those guys then yes, I’d go ahead and do that. Then you can spend the rest of the season trying to upgrade Middleton, Dunn, Ingram, etc. into a slightly better / safer 4th keeper.

  3. Jim Norman
    February 4, 2017 at 10:58 pm

    No Stanley Johnson? Has his dynasty stock really fallen that far that he doesn’t even rank above the likes of Nick Young, JaMychal Green, and C.J. Miles?

    • February 5, 2017 at 12:31 pm

      If I had noticed, I would have made space for him because he’s still a potential poor man’s justise Winslow. But I don’t think he’d crack the top 150. Offensive game hasn’t developed much. More of a flier at this point if you have roster space, because he does get decent steals and blocks.

  4. Jeff
    February 6, 2017 at 4:29 pm

    We’ve chatted before – complete rebuild – would you trade 2 of the following 3 for Otto? G Harris/ Smart/ Winslow

    • February 6, 2017 at 4:32 pm

      I would and if it’s nine category I would do so without much thought because Porter is so good at limiting TO’s. I love making clean 2 for 1’s to free up a roster spot to go fishing on the wire. Depending on the size of the league Nets’ big Chris McCullough or Juan Hernangomez might be on the wire. Both could plausibly start next year.

      • Jeff
        February 8, 2017 at 9:19 am

        Thanks a ton for the thoughts – much appreciated. Another crazy option for my rebuild – have B Simmons – would u trade him for Horford/ Ibaka/ Jrue?

        • Jeff
          February 8, 2017 at 9:20 am

          I should note for these – it’s 8 cat – no TO’s involved.

          • February 8, 2017 at 9:25 am

            I assume you mean all three players (considering you can clearly see I have Simmons way above them). If it’s a league where you’re keeping at least eight players, probably yes. If it’s deeper than that, definitely yes.

            If you’re the sucker de-consolidating in a keep 4-6 league where it’s all about holding on to the studs… very no.

  5. Jeff
    February 8, 2017 at 12:02 pm

    we keep our entire roster – 16 teams – 16 spots on roster + 2 IR spots. I can’t get it to all 3 – so it would have to be 2 of the 3 – would you do it for 2 of those 3…if so which 2 would you pick?

    • February 8, 2017 at 1:07 pm

      I would pass on 2 of the 3, especially in an 8 category league where Simmons turnovers won’t hurt you. I think him + replacement player will be more valuable.

  6. Jeff
    February 15, 2017 at 6:15 am

    Hey Tom – figured I’d ask another question about the same team – 16 team, 8 Cat, complete rebuild so none of this matters for this year…keep our entire roster- 18 spots including 2 IR…I have 1st and probably 8th or 9th pick in the rookie draft as well…I’ll post my roster for perspective and then my question….
    PG – D Russ/ M Smart/ C Joseph
    SG – B Beal/ G Harris/ J Winslow/ JR Smith
    SF – Middleton/ C Parsons/ J Brown/ S Dekker
    PF – B Simmons/ A Gordon C LaVert/ D Bender/ J Hernangomez
    C – Capela/ Noel

    So the main question is this – would you trade Noel/ G Harris/ LaVert for Otto P/ G Dieng/ Tyus Jones – I’m going to try for including Joseph rather than LaVert but I don’t think it will take. At 1st glance it’s a yes but part of me would like to see what happens with Noel up to the trade deadline. Both Noel and Harris are starting to put it together – if it weren’t for that it seems like a no brainer but again I’m not winning now anyways. Would love your 2 cents on that and anything else you would do with my roster – would love to offload JR Smith and Joseph…thanks in advance for your assistance.

    • February 15, 2017 at 9:31 am

      There’s plenty of variance to all the players involved, but I think the side you’d be getting is actually a bit safer. I’d do it.

  7. February 19, 2017 at 6:33 pm

    For those who have been asking me – Lavine injury improves Wiggins’ short term outlook / present value. I think he belongs as high as the back end of tier 4 or front of tier 5. Can buy with confidence, though I still never expect superstardom (not a play maker or steal/block guy).

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