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Way Too Deep League FAAB Report: Week 2

For an explanation of league rules, see the introductory post.

It was a pretty quiet Week 2 for the Way Too Deep league. Last week saw a lot of pick-ups based on early roster speculation. That has settled down a bit. People are now chasing recent strong, small-sample performances.



Brooks, Aaron RP | OAK – $15
Moore, Matt RP | DET – $11

I sense that the new Aaron Brooks owner put in his bid before Saturday night’s game. After a strong first start (6 innings, no runs, six strikeouts), Brooks was an interesting pick as a breakout. Brooks is an extreme ground ball pitcher (71% in 2018) who doesn’t strike out a lot of batters. In a league that doesn’t count strikeouts, he could shine in front of the Oakland’s excellent defensive infield. Oakland’s starting rotation is also loaded with fragile or aging pitchers, so Brooks could stick all year. He then allowed five runs on Saturday night. Brooks should definitely be owned in a league this deep (I bid on him), but 15% of your season FAAB budget is a bit steep.

The Matt Moore story is even more unfortunate. After a strong start (10 innings, no earned runs, 1 walk, 9 strikeouts) to his season, Matt Moore sprained his right knee on Saturday. He might need surgery. We’ll see how long that keeps him out, but it’s bad news for the 30 year-old starter. Hopefully he gets better and has a chance to succeed in Detroit.


Pence, Hunter LF | TEX – $5
Smith, Dominic 1B | NYM – $5

I’m not sure that either of these players should be owned in this format. Hunter Pence is blocked by Shin-Soo Choo, Nomar Mazara and Joey Gallo. As a result, he has only played five games. Even if Pence played full time, I’m not convinced that he will add much to a team, and he’s not playing full time. Pass.

Dominic Smith is also thoroughly blocked. The high-average, low-power first baseman has mostly served a pinch hitting role thus far this season. Pete Alonso is the first Mets’ first baseman. Smith has hit well in limited time, but there is no indication that he will eventually receive more playing time. He’s a more interesting stash than Pence, but at this point all you’re hoping for is a trade or a Pete Alonso injury. $5 seems steep for that player.


Hernandez, David RP | CIN – $4
Guerra, Junior SP | MIL – $3
Festa, Matthew RP | SEA – $2
Biagini, Joe RP | TOR – $2
Prado, Martin 3B | MIA – $1
Kelley, Shawn RP | TEX – $1

This group is much more interesting than the $5 players. David Hernandez has a save on paper, but that came in a one-out outing on March 28th. He isn’t likely to save many more games for the Reds this season. Junior Guerra is a little more interesting. The former starter is now a Brewers relief pitcher. Given that the Brewers are probably trying to find a reason not to waste Josh Hader in a rigid closer role, any relief pitcher in Milwaukee that is performing well becomes a candidate to save a lot of games this season. Guerra has a good of a chance as any to be that guy.

Matthew Festa and Shawn Kelly are similar, if less likely to be successful, bets. Anthony Swarzak is probably the Mariner’s closer for the time being, but Festa could be the next pitcher to get the chance should he falter. Shawn Kelly might be next in lines for saves in Texas after Jose Leclerc. Festa’s problem is that although he hasn’t allowed a run this season, he probably isn’t that good. Kelly’s problem is that although he’s been really good this season, he’s stuck behind a young closer who probably isn’t going anywhere in Jose Leclerc. Both are reasonable bets in this league, where holds counts as much as saves, but are rightfully on the fringe of ownable.

Finally, let’s talk about Martin Prado. Did you know that Prado was batting .529 with zero strikeouts in 19 plate appearances this season? I didn’t. Prado has been declining for at least two years now, and probably isn’t going to be a decent fantasy third baseman ever again. However, if he gets traded to a better ballpark and receives regular playing time (let’s say, the Yankees, who need a third baseman), Prado could be a useful player in a league this deep. For $1, he’s worth a stash.

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