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Trader’s Corner: Fast and Furious

Our readers are really enjoying the feedback they get when we vote on their trades. There were so many trades sent in this week that I am not going to waste much space on an introduction. I will give some commentary on each trade. Let’s dive right in.

The big movers this week were Paul Goldshmidt, Max Scherzer and Andrew Benintendi. Each of them changed hands several times.

You can join in the action two ways: 1) Vote on these trades to make your opinion count. 2) Submit your own trades for us to vote on in the next Trader’s Corner. Use the form below to submit your trade.

Vote for the players you would rather have.

Jason sent this one in: “I’m in a 14 team dynasty league with 30 roster spots. This was a trade that ended up getting vetoed because it was determined to be too unfair. It caught me off guard so I’d like to get your opinion.”
[polldaddy poll=9405608]

If trades like that get vetoed your leaguemates are &#%*@!s. Find a better league, preferably one where jealous owners can’t ruin all the fun. Trade vetoes are so 1990’s.

Davin sent us this trade and his thoughts: “Made this deal already, and feeling remorse the next morning. I’m hoping to contend in 2017/2018. Earlier this year, made deals to acquire Schwarber and Pollock. I got a solid [hopefully] pitcher who can be kept until his price hits $10 or so vs a high upside SS with big potential and another potential leadoff bat. NL-only, 12 team, 40 man rosters, $300 cap. Price increases $2/yr for guys in MLB, minor leaguers- price is frozen.”
[polldaddy poll=9405576]

I have Blair as the #52 prospect on my personal pre-season list. Rosario was #87 and Sierra was #195. I think Blair is the best prospect in the deal but Rosario is not far behind, so it seems like a pretty fair trade in one man’s opinion. Sierra is gaining some steam and you can read more about him in Jack Cecil’s column from yesterday.

Rongaro sent in this trade (no league settings provided):
[polldaddy poll=9405579]

Schwarber is a monster at the plate but can’t help his owners until next year. Lester is a solid #2-3 SP on a winning team.

Wray submitted this one from a 20 team 5×5 roto dynasty league:

[polldaddy poll=9405581]

Sale is the big prize. I still believe Ken Giles will return to his elite form. Lot of prospect talent going the other way. Glasnow is elite. I steer clear of injured prospect pitchers like Wheeler. I don’t fine Fulmer very enticing. I used to really like Coulter but I’m not so sure anymore.

Scott plays in a 12 team, 5×5, H2H full keeper league:
[polldaddy poll=9405583]

Yelich has a sweet swing and I wouldn’t be surprised if he has a couple elite seasons eventually. Odor is already a well above-average hitter and he is barely 22 years old. I really like him.

Vince plays in a 12 team dynasty league with 8×8 scoring. He submitted the next two trades:
[polldaddy poll=9405586]

Both are off to good starts this year. Moustakas is a safer bet with a lower ceiling. Pederson is the boom or bust type.

Vincent’s remarks, “Same league, but I made this mammoth trade pre-season. I’m still pretty happy with it, but definitely being outperformed by those I traded away so far. As you can probably tell, I’m in the process of rebuilding, while he is the reigning champ looking to repeat.”:

[polldaddy poll=9405590]

Lots of talent on both sides. Rizzo is the best stud in the bunch but you can’t blame the defending champ for loading up on the proven talent in this deal.

Andrew S., “I play in a 16 team league, keep 10 players, H2H , 6×6 (OBP and Holds), I have a couple of guys over-performing expectations early in the season and have a competition window expected to be 2017, I’m torn on this trade offer:”
[polldaddy poll=9405654]

That trade would have looked horrendous a year ago but now it merely shows how far Tulo has fallen in the eyes of fantasy owners today. Suarez looks really good but I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Tulowitzki the star player just yet.

Charlie sent this one in:
[polldaddy poll=9405598]

White’s star is fading. Machado is the biggest stud in the deal but I think the value is pretty much equal on both sides. I like Puig’s chances of putting together a monster season some year soon. Scherzer is the kind of beast you need if you are in win now mode. The Machado/Polanco side looks better for the long term.

Sonny L sent in two trades from his 12 team, H2H, 5×5 dynasty league:
[polldaddy poll=9405601]

Four 1st-round fantasy sluggers. Cabrera is nearing his fading years. Bryant isn’t quite as good (yet) as the other three. Goldschmidt is one of the top 3 overall most valuable fantasy players in my book (behind only Harper and Trout).

[polldaddy poll=9405605]

Kris Bryant comes and he goes just as fast. When you have a chance to get Bryce Harper just do it. Berrios is an excellent prospect. I think Richards has a shot to once again be as awesome as he was in 2014. Davis is great but relievers rarely last long. Dickerson is a throw-in amongst these guys.

Derek submitted this deal from his 12 team mixed dynasty with 25 man MLB and 20 MiLB rosters:
[polldaddy poll=9405610]

Well if you want Goldschmidt this is what it should cost. Syndergaard is all the rage so far this season but rare is the pitcher who can keep that up for more than a couple years at most. Yelich and Severino are just sweeteners in this type of deal.

Ben sent us this one: “AL-only, 5×5, keep 12. My pitching staff lacks an ace but not depth. Which side would you take:”
[polldaddy poll=9405614]

Stroman and Ventura are mid-rotation pitchers or slightly less in my opinion. Neither is nor will be an ace or even close. Stroman doesn’t strike out enough batters and Ventura walks too many. Snell will be better than both if I am Nostradamus.

Durgin plays in a 5×5 league with OBP instead of AVG, and Sv2Hld instead of Saves.:
[polldaddy poll=9405617]

Durgin’s same league again:
[polldaddy poll=9405632]

Segura has proven over the last few years that he isn’t that good despite his hot start. Blair is a good but not great prospect just breaking into the majors on a terrible team.

Keuchel won’t win any more Cy Young Awards but he should be a good SP2 for a while. Familia is a very good closer but closers come and go quickly.

These two came from Jack: “14 team H2H points league, 40 man rosters, no cost to keep players, keep 25 players at end of this season with 3 more roster spots added each additional season. I have two trades for review and am building for the future.”
[polldaddy poll=9405621]

I usually don’t recommend trading stars or semi-stars for minor league prospects, but if you are in complete rebuild mode and you can get the two best SP prospects in baseball I can’t argue with that.

[polldaddy poll=9405622]

I wouldn’t be surprised if Tomas eventually figures things out and has a couple good seasons, but I wouldn’t wait around to find out if I could ship him off for a top 25 prospect like Benintendi.

Dan wants to see how we vote on his trade. He plays in a 12 team 7×7 keeper league.:
[polldaddy poll=9405623]

Both players got off to terrible starts this year. Upton usually gets off to a hot start then fades. Freeman has heated up lately. I think both are good but not great players.

Matt plays in 12 team 6×6 dynasty:
[polldaddy poll=9405624]

Desmond was a borderline 1st round fantasy draft pick not very long ago. Soler is a former semi-elite prospect who has struggled. He is now a textbook post-hype prospect with a lot of unfulfilled potential. Can he ever get there. Can Desmond ever bounce back enough to help a good fantasy team win a championship?

Jon Smith plays in a 16 team, H2H, 5×5 (OBP) league with only 9 keepers and a 15 man MiLB roster:
[polldaddy poll=9405626]

Bautista is getting old but he can still hit with the best of them. Jason has tons of talent but disappoints every year. Benintendi is a big-name prospect but isn’t quite ranked as high as big-name prospects usually are.

AJ sent this one in:
[polldaddy poll=9405628]

Plenty of elite talent on both sides. Donaldson, Pence, Stanton and Scherzer are elite players that you don’t need me to tell you about. Gallo, Reyes and Gausman are young, risky players with upside. I’d roll with Gallo from that group.

Josh sent in this one. All of these players were in the previous deal:
[polldaddy poll=9405630]

Scherzer is a proven elite ace. Gausman and Reyes are not and probably won’t be. A bird in hand is better than two in the bush.

Max says this “Did this deal in a very deep league in the offseason. I’m a rebuilding team.
16 Team League. 22 Player Active Roster, 11 Player Reserves, 33 player minor league system (77 total).
H2H Categories:
Hitting: 2B, E, GWRBI, HR, RBI, SB, R, SF, 1B, SO, 3B, BB, Avg
Pitching: BS, GS, HLD, SV, ERA, H/IP L, QS, K, W, BAA, BB/9 Keep everyone after each year.”:
[polldaddy poll=9405635]
Torres is a very good shortstop prospect for the Cubs. Clark was as 1st round pick last year for the Brewers.

Tim says “Hey! I have two trades I’d like voted on, both from the same 20-team league. Starters have extra value due to a minimum limit of 50 innings pitched weekly to qualify for ERA and whip.”:[polldaddy poll=9405638]

Benintendi sure did get traded a lot this week. Baez is a boom-or-bust young Cub. Wainwright’s lack of strikeouts has me really down on him right now. Sell!. Peralta is quietly a very good hitter, especially if your league has daily lineup changes where you can sit him vs left-handed pitchers. O’Day is a very good set-up man.

[polldaddy poll=9405641]

Cutch is a perennial stud. Gray is very good. You flipped Peralta and O’Day quickly! I would roll with McCutchen.

Mark M sent in this one, “I had a trade recently (that was posted here) where I received Machado. Well, he didn’t last long on my team. I have now traded him for pitching. I play in an ESPN 8 team H2H league where you can keep your entire 33 man roster, and players that are kept take up that round’s draft pick. 8×8 with SVHD (OBP,BB,K & QS,H,L). Looking to compete next year.”:
[polldaddy poll=9405644]

Machado is an elite, young stud so I think the return was a little light. I really like Iglesias’s stuff and ratios but worry about his stamina over the course of a season. Giolito is by far the best pitching prospect in the game. Velasquez is a good young pitcher but not a future ace. Nunez is… decent.

Be sure to send in your trades to see how you did! Just use the form below to submit a trade you want us to vote on. Use the comments at the bottom of this page to discuss the trades above.

Submit trades here:
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Nick Doran also writes for Redleg Nation. Be sure to follow him on Twitter @BlazingFastba11.


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  1. Sonny L
    May 3, 2016 at 6:44 am

    Nick, my second trade was “Bryant, Berrios, W Davis and Dickerson for Harper and Richards.” Thanks!

  2. Andrew T
    May 16, 2016 at 2:41 pm

    16 team dynasty keep all league, 6×6, with ops and QS

    Javier Baez and Raimel Tapia


    Stephen Piscotty

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