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Stocking the Scout Team: Outfield

Here at The Dynasty Guru, we provide you with all encompassing information to better assist you in achieving world domination fantasy glory. A new series we are beginning is coverage of prospects that did not make our top 500 whom we believe have potential to be fantasy providers. Sometimes long-winded introductions are appropriate, but in this series we are bringing the hot fire right off the bat.

Leodys Taveras, Texas Rangers

Taveras is a 17-year-0ld smooth swinging switch hitter. He stands 6’1″ with a body scouts laud for being primed for future power growth. However Taveras’ main appeal is that he could be a true 5 tool player that displays average to plus tools across the board. He has yet to reach American baseball, so he remains under the radar in all but the deepest of fantasy circles.  Young athletes of this caliber can motor through systems, so consider yourself warned. Don’t be surprised if he’s up in Rookie ball later this summer (their roster presently has one outfielder listed) and scorching a path up fantasy prospect lists.

Jhailyn Ortiz, Philadelphia Phillies

While Tavares brings the across the board appeal, Ortiz is more of a one trick pony—but damn it’s a great trick. He looms in the batters box at an intimidating 6’2″ 260 pounds, while having yet to reach his 17th birthday.  With a frame like that it shouldn’t be much of a surprise when scouts are presently giving him double-plus raw power grades.  His body will always be a work in progress, he will never have even average speed, and he’s going to have to improve his hit tool, there are a lot of moving parts, in order to unlock his full fantasy potential.  But the beauty of Ortiz is that the error bars are wide, and I’d bet that he is either a good fantasy player, or a non-asset, and that kind of clarity is what I am looking for in deeper dynasties.  This is my vision of the low end Ortiz.

Magneuris Sierra, St. Louis Cardinals

Sierra slipped a lot of peoples minds in 2016 after he completely flopped in his 2015 low-A debut. He struggled to the tune of a .191/.219/.247 triple slash in 51 Low-A games. That triple slash could be a blessing in disguise because previously Sierra was a Rookie level batting champion, and in his second attempt at Low-A, he is having a much stronger showing, hitting .293/.300/.379 (as of 4/24).  Sierra is still growing, and in a great way to follow up to Ortiz’s power, Sierra is a top of the scale runner. Unfortunately his power potential is limited to gap power if he progresses as scouts prognosticate.  This could the Cardinals center fielder of the future, leading off for an always potent lineup, and a potential gold glover (my bad I’ll stick with fantasy).

Jairo Beras, Texas Rangers

If you wanted to hear someone gush about athletic Rangers outfielders, you came to the right place. Beras is fresh off a healthy .291/.332/.440 2014 in Low-A, and has continued his strong hitting in High-A this year.  Unfortunately, like many raw athletic Rangers prospects before him, his athletic prowess is not what scouts question, his hit tool and plate discipline is.  He has never struck out at a rate below 25.1%, and his 7.7% career high walk rate in 2014 isn’t earth shattering.  The upside for this tall righty is a slugging outfielder in the mold of a good Mark Trumbo, the downside is Russell Branyan if not in the MLB at all.

With that, you have the first installment.  We’re presently putting together the other positions, so if you have any suggestions for infielders, fire away in the comments, just bear in mind that we are only profiling players who did not make the top 500.

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Jack Cecil

Jack Cecil

Jack Cecil is an extravagant baller who lives a lifestyle you can only dream of. After a childhood spent on the streets, he moved some place warm, a place where the beer flows like wine, and where beautiful women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano. In his leisure time, he enjoys watching a baseball game or two, its possible he watched 337 full games at work in 2016...


  1. Connor
    May 2, 2016 at 12:37 pm

    Possible names for IF’s:

    Jermaine Palacios
    JaCoby Jones
    Adrian Rondon

  2. bgb101
    May 13, 2016 at 1:42 pm

    Michael Chavis
    Ke’Bryan Hayes
    Skye Bolt
    Kevin Newman
    Drew Jackson
    Jose Osuna

    I don’t consider all of these guys real “sneaky” or anything but they produce and they aren’t on the top 500 list.

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