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Trader’s Corner: Superstar Swapmeet

This week saw the likes of Trevor Story, Clayton Kershaw, Josh Donaldson, Drew Smyly, and Jose Abreu changing hands frequently. Lots of big names got moved in some mega-deals. There are also a couple of multi-part questions to ponder.

I will forego a long introduction and save my thoughts for commentary on the individual trades below.

You can join in the action two ways: 1) Vote on these trades to make your opinion count. 2) Submit your own trades for us to vote on in the next Trader’s Corner. Use the form below to submit your trade.

Vote for the players you would rather have.

Let’s kick off the action with a trade I made with D.J. Short of Rotoworld in the TDGX experts’ league this week. It is a 20 team 5×5 dynasty with 30 MLB and 10 MiLB rosters.
[polldaddy poll=9426415]

Chapman is an Athletics slugger ripping AA to shreds. I hated to give him up but I am trying to win this year. My team is currently in 6th place (out of 20). I have had some injuries and some disappointing performances but I think I still have an outside chance of winning. My team is aging pretty fast and this trade doesn’t help in that respect. I am giving up a very young slugger for two veterans in their mid thirties. But if my team fades from contention I can still trade Shields and Jaso for something younger later in the year.

Steve sent this deal in from his keep-forever, no salary dynasty league:
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Soler is now 24 and has so far failed to live up to the hype generated by his high-profile signing out of Cuba. He is very talented and the potential is still there. I really love Iglesias’ stuff but his durability is a big question.

Josh submitted this trade from his 12 team, H2H points league with 20 keepers per team.
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Story has cooled off from his epic start. He is likely a good but not great fantasy shortstop for a few years. Quintana has a 1.98 ERA right now but is not really THAT good. He is good but not a Cy Young type of guy. Expect him to settle in as the #3 fantasy starter that he has been the last few years.

Sean plays in a 20 team dynasty league where players can be signed 1 to 5 years once they reach majors. Can resign 2 expiring contracts at the end of each year to another 1 to 5 year deal.:
[polldaddy poll=9426426]

That is two struggling veterans and three top-notch prospects for the best pitcher in baseball.

Paul Walsh plays in a 10 team league with 29 man rosters including 22 keepers.:
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Smyly has fantastic strikeout and walk rates but struggles with the long ball. People are panicking about Harvey but his peripherals show he has pitched much better than his 5.77 indicates. He is not the superduperstar people fell in love with a couple years ago, but he is still good.

DB would like our guidance. He has given us a few options. He plays in a 12 team, NL-only league with 40 man rosters and a $300 salary cap. “In year 2 of a rebuild. Acquired in auction and dealt Kershaw and Scherzer already. Now debating dealing $43 Goldschmidt. Not a ton of good offers so far though. There is just a few really good teams, so may not be a ton bidding for Goldy’s services. Here are some options I have for trading Goldschmidt:”
[polldaddy poll=9426433]

No, Hell No and No Flippin’ Way. Goldschmidt has started off slower than normal but come on man! Goldschmidt is a superstar in the prime of his career. If you can’t get elite talent in return then just keep the guy and build around him.

Brad sent this one in from his 14 team, H2H league with 9 keepers:
[polldaddy poll=9426436]

Well if you want the reigning MVP you are going to have to pay the price.

Scott checks in from his 10 team, H2H points dynasty league.:
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Altuve has been the best player in fantasy baseball this year. Russell has been solid and will only get better. Abreu has yet to replicate his rookie sensation. Giolito has not lived up to his status as the best pitcher in the minors this year by any stretch of the imagination.

Jason sends us this intriguing set of scenarios regarding Nolan Arenado.:
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Arenado is having another fantastic season and he is only 25 years old. As long as he plays in Coors Field he will be a monster.

Chris plays in a 12 team, 9×9, full dynasty league with 25 man MLB roster and 8 man MiLB roster. The league uses real life salaries and the MLB luxury tax line as the salary cap:
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Mookie For the Win plays in a 16 team, 12×12, H2H league with 10 keepers.:
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Two great pitching prospect for an ace MLB pitcher.

Dan M is in a 12 team, 5×5 league with 6 keepers.:
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I’ve always thought Brandon Belt could be a beast if he ever escaped the pitchers’ paradise of San Francisco. E5 is a stud but aging fast. Sano is an excellent young slugger but I think he may blow up like Pablo Sandoval and Prince Fielder.
[polldaddy poll=9426448]

I like Smyly much more than Martinez. Mazara and Conforto are similar in value as young hitters off to excellent starts to their careers.

Jason plays in a 20 team league similar to TDGX.:
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Smoak and Graveman are not worth much. Glasnow and Rodgers are elite prospects. Contreras is a fairly good prospect. Donaldson and Price are MVP and Cy Young caliber players.

Ben checks in from his 14 team, keep forever, 5×5 league with 17 keepers.:
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Correa and Fernandez are excellent young players but Altuve is the best hitter and Kershaw is the best pitcher in fantasy baseball for the last couple years.

Chris plays in a 10 team dynasty league with very deep rosters but only 11 active roster spots. “My team is in great shape, with only weakness being SS, long term. I have lenty of SP and a very good mix of OF even after this deal.”:
[polldaddy poll=9426456]

Bogaerts is the best player in the deal but some nice talent is going the other way too.

Travis wants some feedback on his monster trade. It came in a 12 team, H2H, 5×5 OPS league. They use a $260 auction budget with $5 yearly salary inflation on each player per year.:
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Dan’s 15 Team AL-only league with 9 keepers:
[polldaddy poll=9426464]

Bregman looks really good and I still have faith in Buxton.

Dan’s 15 Team NL-only league with 9 keepers:
[polldaddy poll=9426465]
People are down on Puig and rightly so, but I think he will have a monster season or two eventually.

Gabe plays in a shallow 8 team league with 30 man MLB rosters and 15 man MiLB rosters.:
[polldaddy poll=9426469]

Ben sends us a full report: “2 team points league, we keep 2 hitters, 1 pitcher, and 1 reliever. I needed to clear a roster spot to activate Choo from the DL. I traded my Eugenio Suarez, Byung-Ho Park, and Carlos Rodon for his Prince Feilder and Collin McHugh.

Good buy low? Or did I make a mistake. I figure Park will get sat during interleague play like he did earlier in the year, and I didnt need Suarez; I have Starlin Castro in my 2B/SS spot. The 2 of them also strike out a TON which doesnt help. I am hoping this is the lowest point for Princess, and soon he becomes a king again.”:
[polldaddy poll=9426470]

Suarez has gone ice cold. Can Fielder be this bad all year long or will he turn it around. McHugh’s ratios don’t look nearly as bad as his ERA.

Be sure to send in your trades to see how you did! Just use the form below to submit a trade you want us to vote on. Use the comments at the bottom of this page to discuss the trades above.

Submit trades here:
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Nick Doran also writes for Redleg Nation. Be sure to follow him on Twitter @BlazingFastba11.

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Nick Doran


  1. Jak
    May 26, 2016 at 11:37 am

    Sent you guys an email about this, might as well use this for the next one and gather opinion.

    10 team league, dynasty, h2h cat. I’m rebuilding but got an interesting offer.
    Nomar Mazara and Michael conforto for Matt Harvey, yasiel puig, Alex Cobb, Javier Baez, and nick castellanos.

  2. MB
    June 8, 2016 at 8:22 am

    What do you think about this deal:

    Giving: G. Stanton, A. Rendon & S. Gray

    Getting: J. Altuve, M. Stroman & K. Herrera

    Am I selling too low on Stanton and Gray?

  3. Luke
    June 16, 2016 at 4:19 pm

    6×6 (obp & k/bb) 12 man league with 15 keepers forever.

    Trade away Marcus Stroman and Trea Turner
    Get Corey Kluber

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