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Trader’s Corner: Time to Make the Donuts

If you want to win your league (who doesn’t?) you better get up early and make the donuts. What I mean by that is you need to fix the holes in your team at the beginning of the season. Don’t wait until your team starts sliding down the standings to repair the deficiencies. The season is just starting. Opening Day is here and everyone in your league is paying attention to their teams. This is the best time of year to make trades because everyone is still excited about their teams. As the season rolls along some owners in your league will lose interest as they realize they are not going to win. You are more likely to succesfully negotiate a trade now than in the dog days of summer. The more opportunities you have to improve your team the better right? Don’t squander this opportunity. If you are a smart trader (and you should be if you read this site regularly) then the more donuts trades you make the better your team will be. Opening Week is Trading Week. Make the donuts!

This is a great time to trade away mediocre players that get off to hot starts. Some team owners are a bit gullible and will get excited about players they shouldn’t get excited about. I guarantee a couple of retread fantasy benchwarmers will go on a hot streak in early April and generate some buzz in fantasy circles. Trade those guys quickly and cash out their value while you can.

The players to watch for in the first week of the season are the guys who are unexpectedly playing larger roles on their MLB teams. Look for young players who are playing every day even if they don’t put up great stats right away. Also target proven performers who get off to slow starts. If their owner panics swoop in and steal them.

The key to making lots of trades is to propose lots of trades. Don’t sit back and wait for trade offers to come rolling in. It doesn’t work that way. If you want to win you need to improve your team by making trades. Take the time to send out trade offers frequently. You never know which ones will get accepted. Some will get rejected but a few will be successful. Don’t be afraid of rude rejections. Keep trying and eventually you will make some fun deals.

We received a LOT of trade submissions this week. There are some very interesting ones in here. Vote on these trades, comment on them at the bottom of this page, and send in your trades for our judgement.

You can join in the action two ways: 1) Vote on these trades to make your opinion count. 2) Submit your own trades for us to vote on in the next Trader’s Corner. Use the form below to submit your trade.

Vote for the players you would rather have.

It easy to see which team in this deal is rebuilding and which team is going for the championship this year. Mike sent this trade in from his 14 team, 6×6 (OPS and Holds) dynasty league with no contracts. It has 35 man rosters with 25 keepers per year:
[polldaddy poll=9374726]

Here is a humdinger for y’all. You don’t often see Mike Trout change teams. Ben plays in an AL-only keep forever league with 12 keeper slots:
[polldaddy poll=9374722]

Charlie sent this trade in for our voting pleasure. No league settings known:
[polldaddy poll=9374709]

Chris sent in two very similar deals that he is considering making:
[polldaddy poll=9374712]
[polldaddy poll=9374714]

Jack is trying hard to rebuild against some stacked teams with the team he inherited last year:
[polldaddy poll=9374716]

Ben Childs sent  in three trades for us to judge. All trades were in a 20 team 6×6 (OPS and Holds) dynasty league with 15 prospects:
[polldaddy poll=9374718]
[polldaddy poll=9374719]
[polldaddy poll=9374720]


Jackson sent this deal in from a 20 team 6×6 league. He is in rebuild mode.
[polldaddy poll=9374728]

Connor wants us to help settle an argument. This trade was divisive in his 16 team 6×6 league.:
[polldaddy poll=9374729]

Ryan submitted this trade (no league particulars):
[polldaddy poll=9374730]

Sonny L is checking in from his 12 team, H2H, keep-forever dynasty league:
[polldaddy poll=9374733]

Tyler Phillips sent this from his 14 team, H2H, 30 player keeper league:
[polldaddy poll=9374734]

SlimGallant asks us to choose:
[polldaddy poll=9374738]

SlimGallent is considering this whopper:
[polldaddy poll=9374741]

RotoLando is back with another trade from his 16 team league with 25-man farm systems:
[polldaddy poll=9374742]

Mark M sent this one from his 8×8, H2H, keep-forever league:
[polldaddy poll=9374746]

Sean submitted this deal from his 20 team H2H points league. Players can be signed to 1-5 year contracts once they reach the majors. At the end of each year two players with expiring contracts can be re-signed.:
[polldaddy poll=9374703]

Sean again from similar league. “20 team league, H2H points. Players signed to 1 to 5 year deals once they reach majors. Note: All players in this deal have not exhausted our league’s minor league eligibility rules so they have yet to be signed to a major league (1 to 5 yr deal).”:
[polldaddy poll=9374704]

Sean again, “Same 20 team H2H Points League. Players can be signed to 1 to 5 yr contracts once they reach the majors. 15 player minors farm system. At the end of each year 2 players with expiring contracts can be resigned.”
[polldaddy poll=9374705]

One more from Sean’s league:
[polldaddy poll=9374707]

Be sure to send in your trades to see how you did! Just use the form below to submit a trade you want us to vote on. Use the comments at the bottom of this page to discuss the trades above.

Submit trades here:

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Nick Doran also writes for Redleg Nation. Be sure to follow him on Twitter @BlazingFastba11.

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Nick Doran


  1. aaron flowers
    April 11, 2016 at 4:16 pm

    How do you compared these 3 pitchers: Pineda, Rodon and T.Walker

    • April 11, 2016 at 10:12 pm

      I like all three of them. It is tough to rank them because they are so close. I think Walker has the most upside, Rodon is the safest and Pineda is the riskiest. I would rank them Walker > Rodon > Pineda. All three are good long-term assets but none of them can be counted as the type of pitcher a championship-caliber team should rely heavily on this year.

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