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With $187 in FAAB dollars dished out in the first cycle alone, let’s dispense with the pleasantries and get right down to business. We’ve got a lot of ground to cover. In addition to covering the first two weeks of FAAB bidding, we will also touch on a handful of TDGX trades that have gone down early in the 2016 campaign.


Joey Rickard OF BAL

Winning Bid: $27 (Tom Trudeau & Craig Glaser, MLB.com/STATS Inc.)

I like to be aggressive in the first waiver period following the conclusion of the draft. I suspect that fantasy owners suffer from waiver wire FOMO… someone better *could* come up later. And while there almost certainly will be better value later, I’m content to swap FAB for someone I think has legit trade value. Rickard looked a lot like the O’s starting LF at the time (we know Nolan Reimold isn’t good and we think Hyun-Soo Kim is not a Major Leaguer) and I was gambling a team with holes would send me useful draft pick for him. I ended up getting what I project to be a mid 2nd Round pick for him and Alex Colome. –Tom Trudeau

Jabari Blash OF SD

Winning Bid: $27 (Tom Trudeau & Craig Glaser, MLB.com/STATS Inc.)

See previous post. I sent Blash packing for another 2nd Round pick and now have five 2017 2nd rounders. Blash seems destined to get a chance to show he can make enough contact to make his power tool playable – after all, his primary competition is Melvin Upton. I heard he whiffs in BP, though. I might have stashed if this were an OBP league. –Tom Trudeau

Juan Nicasio RP PIT

Winning Bid: $27 (Jeff Zimmerman, FanGraphs)

David Freese 3B PIT

Winning Bid: $21 (Jeff Zimmerman, FanGraphs)

Alex Colome RP TB

Winning Bid: $21 (Tom Trudeau & Craig Glaser, MLB.com/STATS Inc.)

Part of the Rickard trade that netted me a 2017 2nd round pick, I was speculating that Colome was probably first in line for early saves with an outside shot of keeping the job when Boxberger returns. Remember Boxy did that to McGee a year ago. –Tom Trudeau

Andrew Bailey RP PHI

Winning Bid: $14 (Wilson Karaman, Baseball Prospectus)

This was quickly proven to be a dumb move, but so it goes with save speculation. I have Hernandez, and hopefully still scrounge up some saves from that disgusting Philly situation with him. –Wilson Karaman

Jeremy Hellickson SP PHI

Winning Bid: $7 (Bret Sayre, Baseball Prospectus/The Dynasty Guru)

Any time you can drop a team’s fifth starter for a team’s Opening Day starter, you have to do it, don’t you? Hellickson wasn’t quite as bad as you think last year, and he was certainly better than you think after July 1. His 3.61 ERA, 51 strikeouts and 18 walks in 62 2/3 innings aren’t far from what was expected of him in Tampa Bay. Of course, even that version of Hellickson (who also pitched in a hitters’ park in Arizona) isn’t someone to rush and grab in shallower leagues, but this is a 20-teamer and I needed the pitching depth with Alex Cobb, Brad Boxberger and CJ Wilson on the shelf. –Bret Sayre

Michael Reed OF MIL

Winning Bid: $5 (J.J. Jansons, Baseball Prospectus/The Dynasty Guru)

The fact that noted Brewers enthusiast J.P. Breen hadn’t grabbed Reed at any point before I joined the league, and that nobody picked him up during the draft is probably telling, but I like Reed from a fantasy aspect. I could see him getting time in the Brewers outfield this season. He stole 26 bases and had a .371 OBP between Double-A and Triple-A last season and was a borderline Top-100 prospect for some outlets. See my two earlier pickups about how important outfield depth is in a league of this size. –J.J. Jansons

Freddy Galvis SS PHI

Winning Bid: $5 (Chris Mitchell, RotoExperts)

With the Free Agent draft being so short (5 rounds) and with my roster in flux between trying to compete now while trying to build for the future the most recent waiver wire period was focused on finding at bats and innings pitched. This is an extremely deep league and so the pickings were slim, which is why I was outbid on a few players and I bid $0 on most of my claims. I needed production but I didn’t want to risk spending money now that may prove to be important later.
In 2015, I lived on the waiver wire and made a multiple of quality claims like Mark Canha and Chris Colabello. Those don’t seem like meaty free agent additions but in a league this deep those were significant additions with a meaningful impact on the standings.
I needed a middle infielder, an outfielder and some innings pitched to fill out my starting lineup so going into the transactions period those were my targets. I targeted Jordy Mercer ($3), the only free agent I bid money on, and Marlon Byrd with Dariel Alvarez (who can be demoted to my minors) being my fall back position.
I was hoping to add Marlon Byrd because he always seems to find a way to earn at bats and when he gets them he produces but I wasn’t willing to risk budget money on him and because of that I lost out to a $6 bid. I considered Reymond Fuentes of the Kansas City Royals but looking forward I have doubts that he gets the at bats necessary to be viable and the upside to be worth waiting for him so he was low on my priority list. That left me with Mercer and Alvarez on offense.
Next, I needed to add some innings pitched and the production that comes with it and based on that limited criteria I targeted Bud Norris ($0) and Jorge De La Rosa ($0). Hardly top of the rotation dominators I realize, but if Norris can somehow turn a good bullpen arm into a serviceable starter then maybe get a little value out of him and the same goes for Jorge De La Rosa. Nobody in Fantasy baseball likes Rockies pitchers but De La Rosa has good enough stuff to be effective when he is used properly in targeted ways and at zero budget dollars he was worth a roster spot until some of my other pitchers come off the DL or are promoted from my minors. Norris will be one of my first cuts so his stay on my roster is likely to be a short one. –Chris Mitchell

Jimmy Cordero RP PHI

Winning Bid: $4 (Al Melchior, CBS)

I thought about drafting Cordero, but made the right choice by leaving him on waivers, as he was still available for the taking. Cordero has been touted as the Phillies’ closer of the future, so getting him was a cheap way to try to add saves, possibly as soon as later this season. I had been relying on Luke Gregerson and Arodys Vizcaino to provide saves this year, and while they appeared to be dubious sources this offseason, both begin the season as their respective teams’ closers. –Al Melchior

Cody Anderson SP CLE

Winning Bid: $3 (Greg Wellemeyer, Baseball Prospectus/The Dynasty Guru)

Anderson’s velocity was reportedly up this spring and this $3 investment looked a little better shortly after FAAB closed and it was announced that he earned a rotation spot. Anderson’s 4.3 K/9 in 2015 was pathetic, and the advanced metrics didn’t support his 3.05 ERA, but an extra tick or two could make Anderson a solid depth piece, with a little upside for more. –Greg Wellemeyer

Derek Dietrich OF MIA

Winning Bid: $3 (J.J. Jansons, Baseball Prospectus/The Dynasty Guru)

It appears that my bids were way too low for the outfielders that I actually liked. Lesson learned. That leaves me with Dietrich, who I actually like should the Marlins move Martin Prado at some point, freeing him up to play 3B, or an injury strikes one of their outfielders, but Stanton never gets hurt, so that probably won’t happen. –J.J. Jansons

Melvin Upton OF SD

Winning Bid: $3 (J.J. Jansons, Baseball Prospectus/The Dynasty Guru)

Picking up former Brave great/the artist formerly known as BJ Upton isn’t something that I really care to talk about at length, but the fact that I paid money for BJ–who I watched have two of the worst seasons that an outfielder who received 500ish PAs in the history of baseball for my favorite team–is all you need to know about outfield depth in this league. –J.J. Jansons

Shawn Kelley RP WAS

Winning Bid: $2 (Tom Trudeau & Craig Glaser, MLB.com/STATS Inc.)

I thought Kelley was a sneaky 2017 closer spec with Papelbon a free agent next year. He still may be, but his first appearance of the year was as a righty specialist in the middle innings (wtf?). He’s under contract for next year and I do believe he’s the Nationals best reliever. –Tom Trudeau *Editors Note: Advanced metrics love Kelley, managers not so much, apparently. 

Johan Mieses OF LAD

Winning Bid: $2 (Wilson Karaman, Baseball Prospectus)

I wrote up Mieses a couple weeks ago over at BP as my pick for a breakout 2016 campaign, and the cliff’s notes version reads like this: he shows all five tools, he sculpted his projectable frame into a grown-ass man’s body over the winter, and he’s responded positively to the Dodgers’ extreme aggressiveness in his handling thus far. I like him as a guy capable of shooting up prospect lists this year, especially if he begins with a return trip to Rancho Cucamonga in the Cal League. –Wilson Karaman

Nick Burdi RP MIN

Winning Bid: $2 (Tom Trudeau & Craig Glaser, MLB.com/STATS Inc.)

All my other favorite young closer specs were owned (Givens, Strickland, Knebel and Zych), so I’ll take my next favorite and stash him. –Tom Trudeau

Leody Taveras OF TEX

Winning Bid: $2 (Wilson Karaman, Baseball Prospectus)

Willy Taveras’ cousin is 16 years old, so…yunno. He was the 3rd ranked player in last year’s J2 class, though, as a five-tool guy with immense offensive upside. The hope here is that he beasts, forces a hella aggressive stateside debut this year, and winds up with some tradeable helium by this time next year. –Wilson Karaman

Marwin Gonzalez 1B HOU

Winning Bid: $1 (D.J. Short, Rotoworld)

Sam Dyson RP TEX

Winning Bid: $1 (D.J. Short, Rotoworld)

I figured Juan Nicasio would be too rich for me (and he ultimately was), so I was happy to get Marwin Gonzalez and Sam Dyson for a buck apiece. Gonzalez gives me some depth and versatility around the infield and it looks like he’ll have a chance to play a decent amount, at least early on. I don’t think Shawn Tolleson is a sure thing to stay in the closer role for the Rangers and Dyson could be the most likely beneficiary here. As for this past week, I secured Charlie Morton for a buck, which I’ll admit isn’t overly exciting. I’ll probably end up dropping him for the next interesting thing to come along. But hey, another rotation arm. –D.J. Short

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 7.39.48 PM

Dae Ho Lee 1B SEA

Winning Bid: $1 (Ian Kahn & Tim Mcleod, Patton & Co.)

With the final nail in the Jesus Montero Seattle coffin, Lee has some potential for value. I’m always looking for minor-league eligible guys who could break out and surprise. We’ll hold Lee and see if this 33-year-old bat can force his way into full time at bats. If not, back to the wire he will go. –Ian Kahn


Derek Hill OF DET

Winning Bid: $1 (Ian Kahn & Tim Mcleod, Patton & Co.)

In a system that isn’t terribly strong, Hill at least has some upside. His speed is obviously his greatest asset. If he gets off to a strong start in 2016, he might have some value in a trade as we get closer to the deadline. –Ian Kahn

Adam Ottavino RP COL

Winning Bid: $1 (Tom Trudeau & Craig Glaser, MLB.com/STATS Inc.)

If you have an open DL slot you could do worse. He’s in the middle of a long-term contract and looked really promising as Rockies closer-of-the-present-and-future for a few days last year, remember? –Tom Trudeau 

Chris Heston SP SF

Winning Bid: $1 (Tom Trudeau & Craig Glaser, MLB.com/STATS Inc.)

Someone in that staff is going down and then at minimum you have one half of a good starter for the home starts. –Tom Trudeau

Jumbo Diaz RP CIN

Winning Bid: $1 (Tom Trudeau & Craig Glaser, MLB.com/STATS Inc.)

Frankly, I’m surprised he didn’t get the nod over Hoover to begin with. –Tom Trudeau *Editors Note: #YCPB

Chad Bettis SP COL

Winning Bid: $1 (Tom Trudeau & Craig Glaser, MLB.com/STATS Inc.)

I can’t in good faith recommend this add due to the park, but I think he has the ability to be the nominal staff ace and a viable fantasy SP4 if things “click” for him. It is possible, technically. Remember late 00’s Ubaldo? –Tom Trudeau

Matt Cain SP SF

Winning Bid: $1 (Tom Trudeau & Craig Glaser, MLB.com/STATS Inc.)

At this point you may be wondering how I had so many roster spots – I only kept hitters, my preferred way of rebuilding. I want to get one more look at Cain before I put a fork in him. The park is too nice and the productivity was just recent enough to draw a bid. –Tom Trudeau

Zero-Dollar FAAB Acquisitions

Jahmai Jones OF LAA (Craig Goldstein, Baseball Prospectus)

I considered taking Jones in the recent draft, but thought he might be under the radar enough to get him in the first FAAB period, which worked out well. I know Angels prospects don’t get buzz, but I love Jones’ athleticism, and think he’s their best fantasy prospect by a mile. I could see him taking a big jump this year. –Craig Goldstein *Editors Note: The Angels have prospects? Had to fact check this one extensively…Source confirms…

Dom Nunez C COL (Wilson Karaman, Baseball Prospectus)

Tyler Nevin 3B COL (Wilson Karaman, Baseball Prospectus)

Rounding out my minor league system, I took flyers on a couple Rockies bats for free, because why not? Nunez is an A-ball catcher, which is not generally my forte for fantasy investment, but he was excellent last year, with pop and patience at the plate, and he’ll have an opportunity to rake at Modesto at some point this year. Nevin has power and is in the Rockies’ system. The end. –Wilson Karaman

Tony Zych RP SEA (James Anderson, Rotowire)

Zach McAllister RP CLE (James Anderson, Rotowire)

Mac Williamson OF SF (James Anderson, Rotowire)

I didn’t end up spending any cash in the first round of FAAB bidding, but it was not for a lack of trying. I wanted Jabari Blash, Juan Nicasio and company, but simply wasn’t aggressive enough to land any of those guys. Part of the reason for this was that I was pretty confident I could land some setup men I really liked for $0, which ended up being the case. Zych features a mid-90s fourseam fastball and a nice sweeping slider, and I believe he may have the best stuff in the Mariners bullpen. Throw in the fact that Steve Cishek appears primed to lose that role at some point, and Zych profiled nicely as a guy who I could slot in for good ratios in the early going, but could end up providing saves down the road.

All of the same qualifications that I mentioned for Zych apply to McAllister, as he was simply a fallback option I liked quite a bit. I don’t necessarily think Cody Allen loses that job anytime soon, but if he does, I feel confident that McAllister would get saves. In the meantime, he will offer excellent ratios, as his numbers since converting to a reliever have been nothing short of excellent. I prefer Zych of the two. –James Anderson

Mike Gerber OF DET (Greg Wellemeyer, Baseball Prospectus/The Dynasty Guru)

Albert Abreu SP HOU (Greg Wellemeyer, Baseball Prospectus/The Dynasty Guru)

Jamie Westbrook 2B ARI (Greg Wellemeyer, Baseball Prospectus/The Dynasty Guru)

Dylan Cease P CHC (Greg Wellemeyer, Baseball Prospectus/The Dynasty Guru)

Ke’Bryan Hayes 3B PIT (Greg Wellemeyer, Baseball Prospectus/The Dynasty Guru)

Oscar De La Cruz SP CHC (Greg Wellemeyer, Baseball Prospectus/The Dynasty Guru) 

The minor league system and back end of the major league roster I inherited was atrocious and I didn’t have enough draft picks to fill out my roster. These four minor league pickups rounded out my ten-man minor league requirement. Gerber is a personal favorite, with a well-rounded game that flies under the radar. Hayes will struggle to be relevant even in a league this deep unless he taps into some of his raw power but I’m willing to sit on an advanced 19-year-old hitter and see if it comes. Even though I’m not typically a big investor in pitching prospects, I needed a couple in my system and chased two who could dramatically improve their stock in 2016. –Greg Wellemeyer

Robbie Erlin SP SD (Luke Chatelain, The Dynasty Guru)

Curt Casali C TB (Chris Mitchell, RotoExperts)


Shane Greene SP DET

Winning Bid: $16 (Tom Trudeau & Craig Glaser, MLB.com/STATS Inc.)

No, I’m not back on the wagon, per se… but I do remember someone I trust calling his arsenal “Jake Arrieta-like” a year ago and yes, I did notice the spring K’s. I think a lot of people were disappointed that their $4-$10 bids were not enough to get him. –Tom Trudeau  

Dalier Hinojosa RP PHI

Winning Bid: $8 (Ian Kahn & Tim Mcleod, Patton & Co.)

Eligibility with real upside. $8 felt a bit rich perhaps when we put in the bid, but with the mess that is the Phillies’ closer situation, plus the arm, it felt like a worthy risk. Looks like we might have guessed right. –Ian Kahn

Marlon Byrd OF CLE

Winning Bid: $6 (Nick Doran, The Dynasty Guru & FakeTeams)

Jarred Cosart SP MIA

Winning Bid: $5 (Ben Carsley, Baseball Prospectus)

I actually don’t like Cosart at all, but as a young-ish pitcher with a job and some semblance of upside, he was worth $5 to me. The hope is he’s decent and I can flip him for something later in the year. –Ben Carsley 

Mike Clevinger SP CLE

Winning Bid: $5 (J.J. Jansons, Baseball Prospectus/The Dynasty Guru)

Clevinger is a guy with a bit of upside who had a great season in Double-A last year–a top 30 overall prospect according for some–and Sands is a guy who is forever away, and a prospect that nobody has as a top-100 (or probably top 200) guy at this point. Easy upgrade. –J.J. Jansons 

Ross Stripling SP LAD

Winning Bid: $3 (George Bissell, Baseball Prospectus)

The Dodgers newly minted fifth starter is the primary beneficiary of the laundry list of injuries that have beset the back end of the rotation. The 26-year-old has thrown just over 200 professional innings and zero above Double-A. This should be interesting. –George Bissell

Jordy Mercer SS PIT

Winning Bid: $3 (Chris Mitchell, RotoExperts)

Jeff Locke SP PIT

Winning Bid: $3 (Luke Chatelain, The Dynasty Guru)

With Robbie Erlin not making the Padres rotation I needed one more mediocre SP on my bench to use in case of emergency. Locke doesn’t have much upside but his floor is pretty is what I was looking for as his ground ball ways means he wont kill you and the pirates will pick him up for a win or two here and there. –Luke Chatelain

Paulo Orlando OF KC

Winning Bid: $3 (Nick Doran, The Dynasty Guru/FakeTeams)

Jake Marisnick OF HOU

Winning Bid: $3 (J.J. Jansons, Baseball Prospectus/The Dynasty Guru)

Marisnick will serve as bench depth and hopefully will get shipped out of town to a place at some point where he isn’t buried behind better options on the depth chart. –J.J. Jansons 

Daniel Nava OF LAA

Winning Bid: $3 (Nick Doran, The Dynasty Guru/FakeTeams)

Chase Utley 2B LAD

Winning Bid: $2 (Craig Goldstein, Baseball Prospectus)

Justin Grimm RP CHC

Winning Bid: $2 (George Bissell, Baseball Prospectus)

The 27-year-old former starter’s average fastball velocity has ticked up another notch to 97 mph this spring. That development juxtaposed by a monster strikeout rate (12.0 K/9) a year ago and his spot on a potential juggernaut has me thoroughly intrigued long-term. –George Bissell

Drew Hutchison SP TOR

Winning Bid: $1 (Mike Rosenbaum, MLBPipeline)

I’ve waited on Johnson for too long now, and his poor spring dropped him to the last spot on my depth chart. Hutchison was also forced to Triple-A to begin the season, but he’s a year younger and has a comparatively better track record, not to mention better stuff. Normally I try to fade 4th/5th AL East starters, but I’m making an exception here for a guy who posted a 9.0 K/9 in 184 2/3 innings in 2014. –Mike Rosenbaum 

Ramon Flores OF MIL

Winning Bid: $1 (J.P. Breen, Baseball Prospectus)

Flores appears to have won the strong side of the platoon in center field for the Brewers, and while he doesn’t profile as a power hitter, he should hit for decent average and could even swipe a half-dozen bases or more. In a deep league like this, that’s valuable enough as a bench bat. –J.P. Breen

Phil Gosselin 2B ARI

Winning Bid: $1 (Brent Hershey, BaseballHQ)

Gosselin’s impressive spring was on the heels from a teeny sample after the trade to Arizona last year. We’re still in the midst of a rebuild, so this was more about the slight chance of lightning in a bottle more than anything else. Maybe the Pollock injury ripples reach to Gosselin, but thought a $1 bid wouldn’t hurt. It may be a bit too early to give up on Ward as he’s always been young for his level, but he’s struggled to show much so far. –Brent Hershey

Danny Santana SS MIN

Winning Bid: $1 (Wilson Karaman, Baseball Prospectus)

Terrance Gore OF KC

Winning Bid: $1 (J.J. Jansons, Baseball Prospectus/The Dynasty Guru)

Gore made the Royals OD roster, and although he will likely be sent back down when Jarrod Dyson returns, I’m hoping that Gore can continue the good work he did in Double-A last season, where he hit .284 with a .367 OBP, adding 39 SB in 85 games. If he hits anywhere close to that this year over a full season, somebody will give him a chance to run wild in their OF. –J.J. Jansons 

Darren O’Day RP BAL

Winning Bid: $1 (Mike Rosenbaum, MLBPipeline)

I still had some roster spots to fill after the draft and wanted to pick up a late-inning arm, and, for me, O’Day was the best on the board. Givens is a better option to pick up saves over the course of a full season, but I like the consistency and durability O’Day offers to use him in a starting slot until some of my starters return to full health. –Mike Rosenbaum

Reymond Fuentes OF KC

Winning Bid: $1 (J.P. Breen, Baseball Prospectus)

He won’t be relevant for long, but I had the roster room and he could get me some quick stolen bases before Dyson returns from the disabled list. –J.P. Breen

Zero-Dollar FAAB Acquisitions

Jeff Manship RP CLE (George Bissell, Baseball Prospectus)

It’s easy to dismiss Manship, who posted a 0.92 ERA in 32 appearances last season as a total fluke, but given that it coincided with a legitimate adjustment (moving from the first base to the third base side of the rubber) I’m buying him in a league this deep. –George Bissell

Dioner Navarro C CWS (Ben Carsley, Baseball Prospectus)

Navarro is a major-league catcher, which makes him the best catcher on my team by a long shot. He’s a stopgap until Tom Murphy gets the call. –Ben Carsley

Andrew Aplin OF HOU (Al Melchior, CBS)

Aplin is close to major league-ready, has been good at getting on base and could provide steals. With Carlos Gomez and Jake Marisnick on the Astros’ big league roster, Aplin doesn’t figure to get regular at-bats this season, but he could still be useful in a part-time role, or as a starter in 2017. A conversation with Morgan Ensberg, now the Astros’ mindset coach, is what got me intrigued with Aplin. Ensberg cited Aplin as someone who did a great job of overcoming risks and fear of change to rework his approach to hitting in order to make himself into a potential major leaguer. –Al Melchior

Travis Jankowski OF SD (Ian Kahn & Tim Mcleod, Patton & Co.)

Like Lee before him, always looking for guys in the Majors who hold Minor League eligibility. If San Diego decides to give their kids a chance or there is an injury, we might be able to get some needed steals from Jankowski. –Ian Kahn

Steven Geltz RP TB (Ben Carsley, Baseball Prospectus)

I don’t know, you try to figure out Tampa’s bullpen. There’s a 99% chance Geltz is dropped for someone else in a few weeks, but a 1% chance he gets enough save opportunities to make him worth a different owner’s time. #TDGX mates, if you’re reading this, I will totally trade Geltz for a first-round pick. –Ben Carsley 

K.J. Woods OF MIA (Luke Chatelain, The Dynasty Guru)

A 19 year old who puts up a wRC+of 143 at A ball has some legit upside and if he can ever figure out how to cut down on the Ks he could be seriously legit. I took a gamble on him to replace some of the older minor league guys I have who have basically no upside and are just hoping to luck into an everyday job. –Luke Chatelain

Tyler O’Neil OF SEA (Mike Rosenbaum, MLBPipeline)

Ugh, I knew I should have prioritized adding Mike Clevinger more than I did. Well played, J.J. O’Neill actually was on the back end of my target list headed into the draft, so I’m happy to add him now for prospect depth. We’ll see what happens this year when he moves up to Double-A. –Mike Rosenbaum  

Ronald Torreyes 2B NYY (Jeff Zimmerman, FanGraphs)

Tyler Danish SP CWS (Jeff Zimmerman, FanGraphs)

Jorge De La Rosa SP COL (Chris Mitchell, RotoExperts)

Bud Norris RP ATL (Chris Mitchell, RotoExperts)

Daniel Hudson RP ARI (Tom Trudeau & Craig Glaser, MLB.com/STATS Inc.)

Joakim Soria RP KC (Tom Trudeau & Craig Glaser, MLB.com/STATS Inc.)

Another closer spec. Brad Ziegler “closer” just doesn’t sit right and in all his years as next-in-line, Tyler Clippard “closer” has never stuck. I can very easily see this happening. Soria is likely a drop for me in a few days after getting hit around on opening day, but I’d like to see how Royals are using him just to identify the handcuff to Wade Davis. –Tom Trudeau

Dan Straily SP CIN (Brent Hershey, BaseballHQ)

 Another dart throw that we figured we can afford. Straily’s stock has really slipped since the minor league strikeout machine he was a couple years ago, but he should eventually get some sort of shot in Cincinnati. The story last week on his increased strength/velocity did play a part in our interest, but obviously whether that’s news or noise it still TBD. And our “interest” topped out at the lowest possible free-agent bid we could make. –Brent Hershey

Matt Davidson 3B CWS (J.J. Jansons, Baseball Prospectus/The Dynasty Guru)

Dariel Alvarez OF BAL (Chris Mitchell, RotoExperts) 

Recent TDGX Trades

4/2/16 – Tom Trudeau & Craig Glaser (MLB.com/STATS Inc.) trade Joey Rickard OF BAL & Alex Colome RP TB to Greg Wellemeyer (Baseball Prospectus/The Dynasty Guru) for a 2017 2nd Round pick.

I bid on both of these players but lost out to aggressive bids by Trudeau. When he shopped the players immediately, I jumped. At the time of the deal, the buzz had just started on Rickard as a potential everyday left fielder in Baltimore. He started on Opening Day and will be productive on the basepaths even if he can’t hold down a full-time job for the duration. Colome is my fourth closer and should allow me to pad my saves total while I wait for he and Fernando Rodney to lose their jobs. The range of potential outcomes for both Rickard and Colome is pretty wide, and this deal could be a windfall or a complete bust. A pick in the back half of next year’s second round isn’t a very steep price to pay, especially for a team that needs major league depth to complement a core built for the near term. –Greg Wellemeyer

I could be proven wrong, but I think I flipped two temporarily-useful players based on specific circumstances for an actual asset. I do like Colome for 2016 and Rickard’s chances to get 500 PA, but 2017 I think we’re looking at two pumpkins. –Tom Trudeau

4/3/16 – Tom Trudeau & Craig Glaser (MLB.com/STATS Inc.) trade Jabari Blash OF SD to George Bissell (Baseball Prospectus) in exchange for a 2017 2nd Round pick.

Only A.J. Reed hit more minor league home runs than Blash (32) in Triple-A Tacoma last season. After making San Diego’s Opening Day roster as a Rule 5 pickup, there’s plenty of incentive for the Padres to give Blash as many plate appearances as possible, just to see what they have. In a 20-team dynasty league, this is the type of high-risk prospect I love to take a chance on. There’s substantial risk, but I’m willing to embrace it. If Blash can even modestly control the strike zone at the major-league level, he’s an impact fantasy outfielder given his raw power. Let’s see what happens. –George Bissell

See Rickard/Colome trade. Hard to imagine Blash is more than a lefty-masher long-term. –Tom Trudeau

4/3/16 – George Bissell (Baseball Prospectus) trades Kyle Hendricks SP CHC to Greg Wellemeyer (Baseball Prospectus/The Dynasty Guru) in exchange for Mychal Givens RP BAL & Chris Young SP KC.

Hendricks is a player I’ve warmed up to the more I’ve studied him. I don’t need him to take a step forward, I just need him to be a stable mid-rotation starter for a staff that’s pretty soft after Dallas Keuchel and Adam Wainwright. I hate to give up Givens because I think that he’s a future closer and can pile up high-value innings in the meantime. Alas, he’s a reliever and it’s never wise to cling too tightly to those. –Greg Wellemeyer

George Bissell is a writer at Baseball Prospectus. You can follow him on Twitter @GeorgeBissell

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