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Trader’s Corner: #TDGR

Trader’s Corner is back after a brief vacation. Did you know that there is a DynastyGuru readers’ league that mirrors TDGX? The format is exactly the same, including the Invisible Hand bid process for the initial draft. This week, we received two big trades to post from that league. It’s a 20-team dynasty with 40-man rosters…

Trade 1- Team 1 is in 18th place (rebuilding), Team 2 is in 10th place (2-year window).

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Trade 2- Team 1 is in 7th place. Team 2 is in 19th and rebuilding.

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Feel free to send in your pending and completed trades to I’ll reply to as many emails as possible and post each trade as a poll for our readers. Here are this week’s trades…

Trade #1

10 team salary full keeper

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Trade #2

10-tm H2H standard scoring. 22-man roster, 10 keeper slots and 5 prospect slots (can’t start them). I’m 12-1, next team is 9-5 but he’s loaded with talent. I’ve got good hitting and decent pitching with Wainwright and Tanaka. Looking to lock up the ship this year…

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Trade #3

10×10 10-team league with 30 roster slots. I am in 2nd place and on the cusp of 1st. The other team is loaded at 1B but is middle of the pack and weak elsewhere…

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Trade #4

I’ve been offered Posey for Profar and Kaminsky. You don’t get to keep guys forever, it’s a contract system. I can keep Posey a max of 6 more years after this one (although it’ll be expensive from years 3-6). Kaminsky and Profar can be kept for a max of 11 (will be cheap years 1-7) more years. My current catcher situation is Sal Perez and Carlos Santana. My 2b situation is Dee Gordon but I also have Mookie Betts in my minors.  I feel like I don’t need to do it, but I like the idea of getting good value for Posey.

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Trade #5

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Trade #6

20 team H2H dynasty, 6×6 with OPS and Holds added

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  1. July 9, 2014 at 11:39 pm

    Having a hard time with this trade offer in my dynasty league: His Evan Longoria and Kolten Wong for my Jon Singleton and Joey Gallo. I’m not great at valuing prospects. Its a 10-team H2H Points League (standard espn scoring), I’m 8-6 and looking to make a run to the playoffs.

    My big question here is how good is Gallo going to be, and is it worth it to trade him for Longo?

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