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#TDGX Transaction Report: Endy Times, Man.

You’ve been following TDGX. You love TDGX. We all love TDGX.  And every week here at The Dynasty Guru, I am going to be bringing you commentary from our flagship experts’ league, directly from the participants themselves.

The goal here is to give you insight into the moves made by our group of experts so that you can use this information the next time you need to make a trade or prominent FA move in your league. So let’s not mess around with too much longer of an introduction. We’re going to break this up into three sections: trades, major league additions, minor league additions.


Alex Kantecki trades Matt Garza to Wilson Karaman for Sean Manaea and Drew Pomeranz

Alex: “Stuck in the middle of the pack, Garza was a player I was very willing to move. He has lost a little something on his fastball, and the strikeouts have come down too. For me, Manaea was the headliner in the deal. Even if the timetable is later rather than sooner, he’s fully healthy and performing at an elite (ish) level. He was in the debate for the No. 1 overall pick in the 2013 draft, so the price to pay didn’t seem harsh on my end. Pomeranz, meanwhile, is a serviceable starter in a league with 20 teams, and I’ll be pulling for him to do it in Oakland despite the A’s recent acquisition of two-fifths of the Chicago Cubs starting rotation.”

Wilson: “After entering the season expecting my rotation to be a primary strength only to watch it quickly burst into flames, I’d been looking to add a quality arm to bolster my depth. I’d had my eye on Garza for a few weeks as a solid second-tier starter who may be available in our league on account of Alex gearing towards the future. He’s a guy who despite frustrating Brewer fans far and wide has actually pitched quite a bit better than his ERA would indicate this season. He was victimized by some pretty shady defense behind him in several starts, and nothing in his profile suggests he’s really been a much different pitcher than he was after coming back from injury last year when he was on pace for a top 60 season. At 30 years old I like him to provide dependable #3 starter numbers in this league for the next handful of years, and that’s tremendously valuable in a league this deep.

On the flipside Manaea hurts a bit to give up, as I like the upside he’s demonstrated while staying healthy thus far at High-A. He should be a consensus top 50 prospect by this off-season, and I think he has the arsenal and pedigree to develop into a #2 or #3 starter in the league by the time Garza’s window of productivity is starting to close. But given my interest in making a push this season and next, the inherent volatility of pitching prospects, and the value of added present production for Garza over the next couple years I was willing to move him. Pomeranz is an exciting arm whose breakout this season fits into the “post-hype” mold. But I’m not convinced he ultimately stays in the rotation, as his shallow arsenal suggests a better longterm fit in the bullpen. I got a strong return on my FAAB investment in him in the first half, and now I’m willing to wager on Garza as the safer bet for rest-of-the-season performance.”


Nick Shlain adds Endy Chavez for $21
Nick Shlain adds Jake Petricka for $18

“Last week I spent too much on Endy Chavez and Jake Petricka because, well, why not? My players are starting to get injured and nothing special is available anymore.”

Luke Chatelain adds Zach Putnam for $5

“Decent peripherals and a chance at the CHW closer gig. Sure, let’s toss $5 bucks at him. It wont get you a lap dance but it might get us a decent closer.”

Luke Chatelain adds Aaron Harang for $2

“Sub 4 ERA/FIP/XFIP, only $2? Let’s do it, hopefully he can help bridge us until Jordan Lyles or Jaime Garcia are back. Also Harang used to be my favorite underrated pitcher of the early 2000s.”

Bret Sayre adds Chris Parmelee for $1

“With a few injuries adding up, I was happy to grab Parmelee who is seeing pretty consistent playing with Mauer on the shelf. He’s nothing special, but he’s playing.”

Craig Glaser/Tom Trudeau add Andrew Miller for $1

Jake Ciely/Chris Mitchell add Ender Inciarte for $0


J.P. Breen adds Dallas Beeler for $3

Nick Shlain adds Brandon Guyer for $2

“Speaking of players going down I’m starting an injured guy this week and I also picked up Brandon Guyer as a fill in. #deeplgproblems abound.”

Ian Kahn/Tim McLeod add Brad Boxberger for $2

“Turned out I had a free spot last week, and if they were going by stuff, Boxberger would set up shop in the 9th for Tampa. I figured it would be wise to buy him early and cheap. A flier.”

Ian Kahn/Tim McLeod add Tony Watson for $2

“Found success with getting the handcuff for Grilli in Melancon, so now figured there would be wisdom in getting the Handcuff for Melancon.”

Bret Sayre adds Mike Aviles for $1

“Another week, another injury (this time to Michael Bourn). This time I’m at least keeping it in the Indians’ family as Aviles should pick up some playing time in Bourn’s absence. Also, the fact that he’s eligible literally everywhere also helps my flexibility.”

Wilson Karaman adds Pat Neshek for $0

“I continue to lag a bit more than I want to in the pitching rate stat categories, so I figured a low-cost (read: free) investment in a reliever or two could be a just what the doctor ordered for a quick marginal boost in that area. I was beaten out on a couple other guys, but I’m happy to acquire Neshek. I’m perfectly happy to ride the wave of a hot-hand reliever while his surf’s up, and he’s already provided a nice return with a vulture Win among a couple scoreless appearances.”

Jason Hunt adds Sam Fuld for $0

“With the Astros calling up Domingo Santana for exactly four games this time around, I was looking for another outfielder who might get playing time a few games a week. Fuld has been starting in center field with Aaron Hicks in the minors, and unless Hicks starts crushing everything, he could be starting for a while.”

Craig Glaser/Tom Trudeau add Enrique Hernandez for $0

“Enrique Hernandez hadn’t been a league average hitter in the minors since 2010 until this year, but maybe that was due to his relatively young age at each level. It’s more likely that he’s not very good, but we’ll burn the roster spot on him to find out.”

Ian Kahn/Tim McLeod add Gavin Floyd for $0

“Very unlikely that Floyd is one of my 33 keepers, but zero chance that Rondon would be. Had an open Injury spot, and Floyd looked good pitching for the Braves this year.”

Jason Hunt adds Ryan Flaherty for $0

“The goal here was to get a middle infielder that was actually in the majors, and playing on at least a semi-regular basis. If he provides 2-3 games a week, that’s an improvement on the current roster.”


Ian Kahn/Tim McLeod add Travis Shaw for $9

“That’s all for Bubba. Grabbed Shaw who is back from a rough 2013, and just landed on some top 50 lists after a strong AFL campaign, and a continuation in Double A, and now in Triple A. He just picked up a 3B glove, and he’s a big bat looking for a spot in The Show. A definite upgrade from Bubba who has fallen too far.”

Craig Glaser/Tom Trudeau add Sean Coyle for $5

“Sean Coyle followed up a disappointing 2012 with a good-not-great 2013, but this season he has managed to cut down on the strikeouts while sporting his usual mix of power, speed and patience.”

Luke Chatelain adds Renato Nunez for $0

“20 year old Nunez is slamming his way through A+ ball for the A’s with 20 HRs and a wRC+ of 132. A promotion to AA at such a tender age would be a huge step for him in terms of organizational confidence and path to the majors. Expect him to be promoted in the next month or two.”

J.P. Breen adds Jose Pirela for $0

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