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Statcast is great. I love Statcast. Who doesn’t love Statcast? As I sit here in my hotter than the devils drawers of an apartment, I found myself perusing the Statcast leaderboards and some things caught my eye. I thought it would be fun to explore who Statcast thought performed better

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It’s always difficult to make heads or tails of spring training stats, but sometimes they can offer you a glimpse into the direction a player is trending. As we round the Grapefruit/Cactus League corner into the home stretch and into Opening Day, let’s take a dive into some stat lines

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Bold Predictions

Now that Spring Training is fully in gear and we are squarely in the middle of #DraftSZN, I thought it might be a good idea to review some fellas I think will outperform their recent production. I also wanted to put it down into writing so later in the season

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