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2020 Dynasty Baseball RankingsDynasty Prospect Rankings

How to best make sense of the recent proliferation of information on minor league hitters, specifically power metrics? This is a question I’ve been struggling with in the last few weeks/months (does anyone keep track of time anymore?) regarding minor league fly ball distance, exit velocity, and exit velocity on

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Last week, I generated an expected home runs per fly ball measure (xHR/FB) for minor leaguers based on their average fly ball distance and average exit velocity. The logic is this: a minor leaguer can be expected to hit a certain number of home runs per fly ball given their

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Dynasty Baseball

For an explanation of league rules, see the introductory post. Week 12 was pretty quiet in terms of volume, but featured our largest bid this season. One player went for $42, out of a total season FAAB budget of $100. In fact, that bid was mine, along with the second

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