The 2014 and 2015 NBA Draft Classes: Buy, Sell, Hold, or Drop

Disregarding the big names who have already broken out and become established stars. These players are ones to target now before they firmly establish their value.
TJ Warren: Started off the season hot, went down with an injury, and has been up and down since his return. What he showed in the beginning of the season was no fluke. He may only excel in one category, but he’s scoring 20 points per forty minutes which makes him a relatively cheap, reliable source of points.
Elfrid Payton: Struggles to shoot the basketball, but the only thing keeping him from being a double digit assist player is his supporting cast. When Serge Ibaka is currently leading your team in 3PT%, it’s going to be difficult to rack up assists. On the season, Payton has a 16.01 PER and a 3.1 A/T ratio. He is only scratching the surface of his potential at 22 years of age.
Cristiano Felicio: Taj Gibson is a free agent at the end of the year and is rumored to be on the trading block, Mirotic has struggled, and Robin Lopez is Robin Lopez. Felicio may not be an all-star talent, but it may be wise to acquire him now as there is a potential minutes increase coming his way as soon as February. Granted, it is a small sample size, but this season Felicio is averaging 10.9 points and 13.9 rebounds per 36 minutes so he could prove to be an asset down the stretch.
Others to consider: Rodney Hood

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Top 25 Dynasty Basketball Rookie Rankings, #11-25

This is part two of the top 25 dynasty rookie rankings. For part one, please click here. For our complete #Dynasty200 rankings, which differ from this list, please click here.

Tier 2: “Low Floor, High Ceiling” (Continued)

  1. Deyonta Davis, Memphis

The physical profile stands out. Davis checks in at 6-feet-10, with 7’2” wingspan, and a solid 240 pound frame. That impressive size is combined with exceptional quickness and fluidity for a big. In terms of athleticism, the only other big men in this draft who can compare to Davis are Chriss and Bender. Davis only played 18.6 mpg in his lone season at Michigan State, so he is definitely in need of seasoning, but even if his offensive game never develops, he still has the potential to be a force defensively.

Furthermore, the fit in Memphis is a positive one as the club is one of the few in the league that operates inside-out instead of outside in. Zach Randolph is nearing his end in Memphis and JaMychal Green is merely a placeholder.

Stat to Know: 3.9 blocks per 40 minutes

Prime Statistical Projection: REB, BLK

Tier 3: “Contributors with Questionable Upside”

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Top 25 Dynasty Basketball Rookie Rankings, #1-10

The 2016 rookie class was declared a two-player draft (Simmons and Ingram) by many experts, but at least for fantasy purposes, that list should be expanded to three by adding Kris Dunn. For reference, you can find our complete #Dynasty200 rankings written by Tom Trudeau, which has Dunn ahead of Ingram. Here I have broken down my Top 10 dynasty prospects into two tiers.  Tier 1 contains the aforementioned 3 players.  Tier 2 contains players with flaws and lower floors, but also tantalizing upsides.  These rankings reflect my philosophy that dynasty owners should look for the greatest potential payout in the future.  Don’t be afraid to draft a bust!  Playing it safe won’t help you unearth a superstar, such as a Paul George or Kawhi Leonard.

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