2023 Mid Season Rankings Update

Checking in on the Kids: AL East Edition

As part of our new mid-season rankings update, we wanted to shine a light on some of the recent call-ups or hidden gems in each division. This week we are focusing on the AL East. Like a parent checking in on a suspiciously quiet five-year-old in the next room, we here at TDG want to check in on our “kids” and see what they`re up to.


Davis Schneider, 24, Blue Jays, 2B/OF

I want to admit something to all of you while I have your attention, I love cold-weather prospects, I mean absolutely adore them. They are just a bevy of untapped potential I believe just due to the lack of opportunity to play year-round. Schneider hales from New Jersey where he was drafted out of high school by the Blue Jays.

In `22 Schneider started out in High-A and by the end of the year was in Triple-A, the once missing piece of power was suddenly found, having hit 18 home runs throughout the levels. This year has shown that the power spike is no fluke as he has hit 15 home runs in just a little under 300 at-bats. He`s always been a pull side hitter (46%) with a high fly ball rate (49%) and with his newfound power, a steady eye at the plate (double-digit walk rates his whole career, now up to 16%) and good ability to make contact there may be a bit of a breakout for the 24-year-old.

He`s a darkhorse candidate to be called up this year if the Jays make a push for the playoffs and decide that they want to upgrade their bench (since Merrifield, is begrudgingly having an OK season), because no one wants Cavan son of Craig or Espinal as a bench bat.

(Ryan Epperson)

Jud Fabian, 22, Orioles, OF

Mark my words, Fabian will be a top 50 prospect by next year, because of course the Orioles are able to draft exceptional hitters (seriously, what the fudge.) Picked in one of the competitive balance rounds of last year`s draft, Fabian headed right to complex, crushed there, went to Single-A, crushed there before scuffling just a tad at High-A to end the year (he still had an excellent 16% walk rate.)

This year he only spent 56 games in High-A before getting the call to the real test, Double-A. The numbers at Double-A so far mirror when he first got his chance at High-A in `21, a .160ish average but with a good walk rate of 12%. The profile that Fabian had coming into professional baseball was that he had good control of the zone (check), a good line drive swing (check)with a potential to start getting to more in game power as he matured as professional (check.) The last part is what`s most impressive, he hit 9 home runs in High-A before being promoted and even though he has been scuffling a bit in Double-A he now has 4 home runs stretched across 17 games.

If he can keep that power, to go along with his eye he will rocket up the prospect lists soon. This is most likely your last chance to get him at a discount. BUY! BUY! BUY!

(Ryan Epperson)

Everson Pereira, 22, New York Yankees, OF

When chatting about our ‘check-ins’, Ryan and I decided we wanted to give a li’l love to those prospects that don’t seem to get the dyno buzz like we feel they should. Everson Pereira is an almost universal top 50 prospect, but not only that he’s a top 50 prospect who plays for the Yankees. And one who just got promoted to Triple-A to boot. But yet, he seems to get ignored when it comes to the online hype machine. 

But not here, not by this Guru. Just like with our real-life children, we all have favorite fantasy prospects. After slamming 20 homers in less than 50 games in ‘21, Pereira has nearly been as revered in my eyes as my oldest child. Only nearly. But unlike my daughter, I think Everson’s first cup of coffee is right around the corner.

I mentioned Pereira’s Triple-A promotion, which came after he hit 10 homers and nabbed 7 bags in only 46 games at Double-A. Since the pandemic, he’s never had a minor league stop with a wRC+ less than 119. And that cup of coffee I think will be in short order? He hits all the ‘call up’ requirements: He’s producing statistically. He’s on the Yankee’s 40-man roster. And the struggling Yankee’s lineup starts Jake Bauers and Billy McKinney in their outfield on a regular basis. Things are looking good for Pereira in ‘23.

(Chris Knock)

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