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Post NFL Draft Rookie Positional Rankings

The NFL draft is over and man did we seem some shocking moves and great landing spots. Of course we also saw some players land in spots where well as a fantasy player we would have preferred they not. All in all it was an amazing draft in Dallas and with its conclusion we turn to what we all really care about, our dynasty rookie drafts. Rookie drafts are the key to dynasties. Whether it is rebuilding an aging team or adding good young depth for another championship run. These rookies will soon be making huge impacts for our fantasy teams for years to come.
In this article we will be breaking down our rookie rankings by position. I’ll give you some thoughts on each pick. Be sure to check out our tiers article that came out before the draft to see just how much guys have shot up, like Braxton Berrios.

Quarterback Rankings

Baker Mayfielddrafted by the Cleveland Browns.
I absolutely love this pick. Baker has been my number one quarterback since the combine. Baker joins, wait for it… a loaded Browns offense. He’s extremely competitive and although he’s supposed to sit this year don’t be surprised if he ends up the starter week one.

Lamar Jacksondrafted by the Baltimore Ravens
Jackson is an intriguing prospect. He has the tools to be a true fantasy stud and deadly quarterback. He is a little slight of frame and needs to work on his accuracy. He’s a stash in dynasty he’ll be the guy after Flacco retires or leaves likely by next year.

Josh Rosendrafted by the Arizona Cardinals
Rosen has widely been considered the most pro ready QB. He goes to the perfect situation. Sam Bradford is likely going to be injured by the 2nd quarter and Rosen will be the starter. His wr core and offensive line are questionable. However, he has DJ in the backfield and a good young rookie wr to grow with.

Sam Darnolddrafted by the New York Jets
Darnold is believed to have the highest ceiling of all the quarterbacks in this class. Darnold has a good arm and when he’s on his game looks like a great pocket passer. He has the ability to create whether moving in the pocket or running. The Jets will likely let him sit the year and commit to him next year, the biggest question will be will he be working with a new head coach next year?

Mason Rudolphdrafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers
Big arm big body quarterback. Rudolph is a good passer does a great job with anticipation throws. He needs to work on mechanics some and will likely sit behind Ben for 2-3 more years. However, the offense that will likely be around him makes him very intriguing.

Josh Allendrafted by the Buffalo Bills
Allen is the hardest quarterback to analyze for me. He has the perfect QB body and a rocket for an arm. He’s struggled mightily with accuracy. Right now will likely sit behind McCarron, but not a good offense around him. He’s the biggest boom or bust of this class.

J.T. Barrettundrafted signed by the New Orleans Saints
If you look at all the metrics Barrett has played and shown he can be a viable quarterback. He doesn’t posses great arm strength. He is a great leader and can maneuver in the pocket and out of it. Brees will likely retire in 2-3 years. With Peyton as his coach Barrett has a chance to be a good QB. He’s a stash player for me.

Running Back Rankings

Saquon Barkleydrafted by the New York Giants
Saquon landed in the perfect spot. He has a veteran quarterback in Eli Manning who can still play. He has the dynamic receiving threats in OBJ, Engram, and Shepard, which means most teams won’t be able to stack the box against him. Barkley will be a serious mismatch verse most defenses he’ll be fun to watch this year.

Derrius Guicedrafted by the WashingtonĀ Redskins
Guice is your power back runner with a chip on his shoulder. Valued as a first round talent and plays like one as well. He’ll likely be the day one starter with really not much competition besides Chris Thompson. A poor offensive line could limit some of his upside.

Royce Freemandrafted by the Denver Broncos
Freeman is one of the backs who can do it all. He can catch the ball and handle being the bell cow. He’s a little patient running the ball sometimes too patient, he will likely lose some receiving work to Booker but honesty think he’ll take over as the full time back sooner rather than later

Nick Chubbdrafted 35th by the Cleveland Browns
Chubb is one of the many backs who got drafted into a tough position. As of right now he’ll be sharing carries with Hyde and losing receptions to Duke. I also worry about his long term health as you have a better chance of EE-injuring an ACL if you’ve already torn it. Chubb will likely be the full time back by next year in Cleveland but long term health could hurt his value.

Ronald Jonesdrafted by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
I have been high on Jones from the start, and believe he can be a serviceable RB2 in fantasy. He’ll likely be the first and second down back for Tampa. Will lose receptions to Barber. Jones has the ability to be the starter in Tampa and if their offense can bounce back will be a solid fantasy option.

Nyheim Hinesdrafted by the Indianapolis Colts
Hines is the best satellite back in this class. He’s a dynamic receiver out of the backfield and is a good pass blocker as well. If Luck is he’ll thrive in this offense.

Sony Micheldrafted by the New England Patriots
Michel is an all around talented back and was considered in the top 3 until the reports about his bone on bone injury came out (what Jay Ajayi suffers from.) His landing spot doesn’t help him either as New England is known for using multiple backs all the time. Michel should be the number one as he is by far the most talented of the group. Top offense and top weapon who excels at receiving will be hard to pass up.

Rashaad Pennydrafted by the Seattle Seahawks
Penny is a good all around back. Decent vision and a good receiver out of the backfield. Seattle hasn’t done much to improve their line so not sure how well he’ll do rushing. He had a heavy workload in college, he could work well with Russel Wilson I would avoid him.

Kerryon Johnsondrafted by the Detroit Lions
This pick confused me a little bit. Kerryon is decent in both facets of the game but not spectacular. He likely won’t be the one to break the 1,000 yard rushing mark for the Lions. Ameer Abdullah will likely be traded allowing Johnson to split carries with Blount. Crowded backfield and decent skills, Johnson looks to be more of a rotational back for the near future.

Mark Waltondrafted by the Cincinnati Bengals
Walton had a great junior year but suffered a devastating ankle injury dropping him down boards. Walton will likely win the backup job to Mixon if he’s healthy, who himself has had a few injury issues. He can catch the ball out of the backfield. Giovanni Bernard is only under contract for two seasons and could possibly be gone after the 18 season, allowing Walton to move full time into that role.

Kalen Ballagedrafted by the Miami Dolphins
Full transparency I’m not a Ballage fan. He has the tools, size, and physicality to be a top RB. Even with that he’s under-performed every where he’s been. He’ll have a good shot to do something in Miami more than likely starting off as a rotational back with Drake and goal line back. Ballage could end up taking the starting role from Drake but I think he’ll end up more like Knile Davis.

John Kellydrafted by the Los Angeles Rams
Kelly is an underrated talent. I feel he’s a much better receiver than rusher. It’s hard to project much having to sit behind the reigning fantasy MVP in Gurley. If used in the passing game he could be a good flex, worth a stash or backup for Gurley.

Chase Edmondsdrafted by the Arizona Cardinals
I’m a big fan of Edmonds however, his landing spot could hurt his value. He’s clearly better than everyone else on their depth chart outside of DJ. Edmonds could spell DJ and is an underrated receiver. If used right he could be a a ppr stud, but doing anything in an offense with DJ will be hard. He’s worth a stash.

Jordan Wilkinsdrafted by the Indianapolis Colts
Book it now he’ll be starting over Mack at some point this year. Marlon Mack is beloved by his owners for being mediocre in my opinion. Wilkins proved he could do it all in College. He missed a whole year in college due to an administrative error. He’s a great runner uses patience and does a good job of avoiding big hits. You’ll likely be able to get him after or in the 3rd round.

Justin Jacksondrafted by the Los Angeles Chargers
Jackson was a huge producer in college and will be the primary satellite back for the Chargers. I would think he’s going to be used more in the receiving game than rushing. Though he can do both. If you own Melvin Gordon pick him up, he’ll be a more explosive version of Ekeler.

Ito Smithdrafted by the Atlanta Falcons
Smith is another satellite back that will likely have a good role in the NFL. Smith is a stash for now as he will likely be behind Freeman and Coleman. However, Coleman is a free agent after this season and Smith can do what Coleman does and possibly better. I would imagine Coleman leaves after this season allowing Smith to plug into his spot.

Bo Scarbroughdrafted by the Dallas Cowboys
Scarbrough will likely be a goal line back for the Cowboys which could be some bad news for Zeke. Scarbrough is a physical freak and will probably spell Zeke a time or two but unless an injury happens I don’t see much value as of

Josh Adamsundrafted signed by the Philadelphia Eagles
I’ve been high on Adams since the start of the college year. He was in the running for the Heisman and even in consideration with Barkley until he hurt his ankle. In my opinion he’s the Eagles future. Ajayi could be done within the next couple years and a tandem of Adams and Clement could be deadly. Trust me draft him in the 4th round and stash him.

Akrum Wadleyundrafted signed with the Tennessee Titans
Wadley was one of the top satellite backs going into the draft process. A bad combine and pro day dropped him significantly. His landing spot doesn’t help him much either being stuck behind Henry and Lewis. However, both struggle with injuries so if he makes the roster he could be a pleasant surprise.

Phillip Lindsayundrafted signed by the Denver Broncos
Lindsay will be the new Booker. He’s more explosive and a much better catcher than Booker. Lindsay should make the roster or possibly be put on the practice squad. Him and Freeman look to be the future of this backfield.

Wide Receiver Rankings

D.J. Mooredrafted by the Carolina Panthers
Moore is still the most explosive reciever in this class. He should compliment Funchess and honestly take over the #1 role this year. Cam Newton can sling it but struggles with accuracy. He may not be the #1 rookie WR this year but he is far and away the favorite to be the best in this class when it’s all said and done.

Christian Kirkdrafted by the Arizona Cardinals
I love this fit for Kirk. He’ll be able to learn from one of the best at the position in Larry Fitzgerald and grow with Rosen. Kirk will likely take over on the outside immediately and can stretch the field or play short. Once Fitzgerald is gone Kirk should move into the slot and should dominate.

Calvin Ridleydrafted by the Atlanta Falcons
This is another great fit. Ridley will likely move into the slot in Atlanta. Though some believe he’ll struggle for receptions with Julio and Sanu blocking him I disagree. Ridley is one of the oldest WR in this class and has time to perfect everything he does. I believe he’s already better than Sanu and will command the short and intermediate targets. Could be a redzone threat as well when Julio is doubled.

Anthony Millerdrafted by the Chicago Bears
Mitch Trubisky has to be jumping for joy. Miller will move into the #2 with the Bears and should thrive. Miller is faster than Arob and plays the ball in the air better than most.

Courtland Suttondrafted by the Denver Broncos
Sutton is a little raw but has exceptional potential. He’ll likely slot into the #2 role with Sanders being in the slot. Sutton can run with the best of them and has good hands. If one of Sanders or Thomas leaves Sutton will boost to a top reciever in the game.

Michael Gallupdrafted by the Dallas Cowboys
Gallup will be an immediate starter and likely the Cowboys #1. Gallup is a little raw but an all around good prospect with no real weakness but not overall flashy.

James Washingtondrafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers
Washington should step right into the vacated role of Martavius Bryant. Should be a decent deep threat in a good offense, could be productive with coverages shifting to Brown and JuJu.

Antonio Callawaydrafted by the Cleveland Browns
Callaway is the best WR in this class. However, off field issues caused him to fall and could knock him out of the league. He joins and already loaded core, but I think could easily beat out Coleman. If he can keep his off field issues in check he could be a true #1 talent.

Dante Pettisdrafted by the San Francisco 49ers
Dynamic returner and set NCAA records for punt returns. Should be able to move into the slot role for the 49ers. With his speed could take short routes to the house.

DJ Charkdrafted by the Jacksonville Jaguars
Struggles to produce in college because of bad quarterback play. He has joined a team with bad quarterback play. He’s a dynamic talent but upside will likely be limited with Bortles.

DaeSean Hamiltondrafted by the Denver Broncos
Great athletic prospect and should be a great possession slot WR. Likely won’t produce till either Sanders or Thomas leaves next season.

Keke Couteedrafted by the Houston Texans
Coutee is an explosive slot reciever, which likely means the end for Braxton Miller. Coutee needs to work on his route running but should be an upside play in a young explosive offense.

Tre’Quan Smithdrafted by the New Orleans Saints
Explosive down the field threat, but likely won’t produce much until they move on from Ted Ginn after the 18 or 19 season.

Deon Caindrafted by the Indianapolis Colts
Big body speed wide reciever. He should be able to compete for a starting spot opposite of Hilton, if luck is healthy he could produce this year.

Equanimeous St. Browndrafted by the Green Bay Packers
One of my favorite WR of this class. He has the size speed combination to be an elite WR, yet has failed to put it together. However, falling to the packers for me is the perfect spot. He’ll be playing with one of the best QB in the game in Rodgers who should demand the most from him.

J’Mon Mooredrafted by the Green Bay Packers
Big and quick and should be can compete with the best in college. Once Cobb is gone he’ll be a legitimate deep threat for Rodgers.

Jordan Lasleydrafted by the Baltimore Ravens
Was the most productive WR in the NCAA when on the field. Off field issues are his biggest concern. If Baltimore can keep him in check he could quickly become their #1.

Marcell Atemandrafted by the Oakland Raiders
Ateman is a possession WR who should be able to play in the slot. Limited physical strengths may limit him.

Braxton Berriosdrafted by the New England Patriots
Berrios is a great slot WR and New England does a great job of getting these guys to thrive. Had him as a sleeper going into the draft he could step in and be the new Amendola day 1.

Auden Tatedrafted by the Cincinnati Bengals
Big size WR who doesn’t flash. A lot of recievers in Cincinnati so may not be relevant for a year or two.

Justin Watsondrafted by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Excellent size and got everyone’s attention at the combine. Penn’s leading WR and could easily replace DeSean Jackson when he leaves.

Trey Quinndrafted by the Washington Redskins
Great quickness and hands. Should thrive in the slot role especially if Crowder leaves after this year.

Tight End Rankings

Dallas Goedertdrafted by the Philadelphia Eagles
Could be the next Gronk. He’s blocked by Ertz right now, but the Eagles use enough two TE sets he show out sooner rather than later.

Hayden Hurst drafted by the Baltimore Ravens
Willing blocker and should start right away for the Ravens. Should produce this year.

Mike Gesickidrafted by the Miami Dolphins
Physical freak at the TE position but still needs a lot of work. Could be fantasy relevant this year as he has no real competition.

Ian Thomasdrafted by the Carolina Panthers
Has the best skills next to Goedert of this class. He’ll need time to develop which he should get behind Olsen.

Mark Andrews drafted by the Baltimore Ravens
Was used more as a WR at Oklahoma compared to TE. Can catch and should be fantasy relevant but will be competing with Hurst who is more polished.

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  1. carter waller
    May 8, 2018 at 4:26 pm

    Nick Chubb’s injury did not include the ACL. He torn up everything except for the ACL, a saving grace for his career.

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