“Punt to Win” – 10 Dynasty Basketball Punt Category Stars

If you’re in a competitive head to head league, addressing your team’s weaknesses can be misguided. For example, if you’re struggling in blocks, acquiring shot blocking at the expense of a strength may have the unintended consequence of diminishing your ability to take the five categories you need to win each week. As such, I prefer to dominate five or six categories, which tends to mean that there are categories I neglect and even a category that I punt entirely.

Punting a category has the added benefit of allowing dynasty owners to acquire players at a discount since a category assassin’s market value tends to be less than the same player’s value to a willing category punter. The exception tends to be high usage, turnover machines. Few owners are dying to ditch Harden or Westbrook in spite of their turnover issues.

Here are some of my favorite dynasty assets to look at for punting free throw or field goal percentages. 

Punt Free Throws All-Stars

  1. Giannis Antetokounmpo – Any punt free throw veteran will tell you the hardest part of rounding out a team is finding guards that fit the system. It’s rare to find a guard that becomes more valuable if you’re punting free throws, which makes Giannis an elite punt free throw asset even though other young bigs like Jusuf Nurkic get a better player rater boost when discounting free throws.
  2. Andre Drummond – Drummond’s elite steal rate from the center position makes him valuable second fiddle for a punt free throw team. His youth means there’s upside for more efficiency and volume gains.
  3. DeAndre Jordan – The starting point for any punt free throw team in terms of must-win categories are blocks, boards and field goal percentage. Jordan excels at all three, making him a top five redraft player among punt FT players for nine category leagues.
  4. Elfrid Payton – After Giannis, Elfrid Payton gains the most value from punting free throws among guards.
  5. Draymond Green – among all non-power forwards and centers, Draymond Green is second only to LeBron James at increased value when punting free throws, but his elite steals and block combination solidifies the must-win categories even better than LeBron can.

Redraft Honorable Mention: Rajon Rondo’s dynasty value is sketchy, but his utility as a guard that will help you take five categories is high, because he helps lock down steals and is a plus rebounder and field goal percentage guard.

Punt Field Goal Percentage All-Stars

  1. Russell Westbrook – Fantasy’s volume king becomes about 50% more valuable in nine category leagues if you’re discounting field goal percentage.
  2. Paul George – George is awesome as part of a volume-first, guard-skills centric team. Among all non-guards, George is the biggest gainer in punt field goal percentage.
  3. Kevin Love – It’s tough to beat anyone in field goal percentage when you’re starting a power forward who shoots in the low 40’s from the field. Love can make your punt field goal percentage team deadly from points, dimes, threes and free throws, while contributing with modest steals.
  4. Marc Gasol – Gasol has taken four and a half threes per game in the early going, causing his field goal percentage to dip even further from his career low of 46.4 percent last year, which makes him a sweet target for owners punting FG%. Plenty of guards get bigger boosts when discounting their bricks, but Gasol is a rare center that becomes more valuable with the punt FG% strategy.
  5. Emmanuel Mudiay – Mudiay is somehow shooting even worse from the field than he did last year in the early going. If you want to benefit from the things he does well, like volume stats, you’ll need to take the sack in field goal percentage. The improved free throw stroke is encouraging and is a sign that he could provide more threes down the line.

Redraft Honorable Mention: After spending years as fantasy’s most consistent player, Wes Matthews is now a shaky field goal percentage menace. Check in to see if his owner is “out” on him, because he’s attempting nine and a half (!!!) threes per game right now and can be a worthy role player.

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Tom Trudeau

Tom Trudeau


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  2. Adam Hinson
    November 7, 2016 at 12:06 am

    Boogie Cousins at a career 46% FG but 70%+ FT is great punt FG% guy too. 46% isn’t THAT low, but it’s well below the standard for a big guy

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