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Trader’s Corner: Your Trades, Your Votes

This week I will skip the long introduction and add some commentary on each trade instead. We’ve got all sorts of trades in all sorts of leagues this week. Let’s get straight into the action…

You can join in the action two ways: 1) Vote on these trades to make your opinion count. 2) Submit your own trades for us to vote on in the next Trader’s Corner. Use the form below to submit your trade.

Vote for the players you would rather have.

Pudge plays in an 18 team dynasty league and wants our opinion:
[polldaddy poll=9390335]

Is it just me or is Hunter Pence an underrated fantasy star every single season? He is the type of guy who doesn’t stand out in any category but contributes above-average numbers in all of them.

Evan B is checking in from his 14 team dynasty, H2H, Daily Moves, 38 player roster, Keep 17 (10 MLB, 7 Minors per year):
[polldaddy poll=9390337]

Even though I am a Reds fan I was still skeptical about Eugenio Suarez’s bat after last season’s success. Now I am quickly becoming a believer. Reyes’ arm excites me but his weed suspension makes me afraid he will flame out and fade away, and that was not meant to be funny. It is a sign of immaturity and low intelligence, and players like that usually fail to get the most out of their talent and potential. Love me some Brinson.

Kyle made this deal in his 10 team roto scoring H2H dynasty league with no salaries:
[polldaddy poll=9390345]

Piscotty is the type of grade B prospect that ultimately flourishes in St. Louis. Garcia has always been very good in between injuries. Hoffman would be a great prospect but he is a Rockie’s pitcher so I won’t touch him. Stephenson has a great arm and solid stuff but poor control.

Matt sent in the next two trades from his 12-team dynasty, keep forever (no salary or contracts), H2H, 8X8 (5X5 + K’s/OPS/XBH for hitting and QS/HR/Holds for pitching) league:
[polldaddy poll=9390353]

Lots of talent on both sides of this trade. Braun may be a PEDer but he is still a superstar hitter when fully healthy. Everyone loves Seager and Russell. I still think KK will eventually put together a couple of fantasy-worthy seasons at the plate to complement his fantastic defense. I love Gerrit Cole as a long term fantasy starting pitcher to build your staff around for the long haul.

[polldaddy poll=9390354]

DeGrom is a top-flight young pitcher with great ratios and is backed up by a good team. I still like Puig as a very good if not great hitter for the next several years. Last chance to buy low on Puig? This is an interesting trade to me. It is hard to make a choice here.

Maxcd99 sent in this trade from a Yahoo 12 team, H2H, 6×6 league with 26 keepers, 30 player active roster, 5 minor league slots and a 5-man DL:
[polldaddy poll=9390356]

McMahon is an excellent prospect if he stays in Denver, but he is blocked by a star and wouldn’t be as attractive in another ballpark. Schwarber is out for the entire season and might not catch anymore. Conforto can hit but does he have any star potential? Benintendi looks solid but is the Boston hype real?

Kman wants our help on his potential deal in a 14 team, H2H, points league:
[polldaddy poll=9390357]

Sweet juxtaposition. The #1 prospect in all of baseball vs the defending AL Cy Young Award winner. Can Seager convert prospect hype into real stardom? Can Keuchel ever have another magical season like he did last year? Who ya got?

TDG writer Jack Cecil chimes in from his 6×6 (OPS and K/BB) 14 team keep forever league with 36 keepers:
[polldaddy poll=9390359]

You already know what I think of Reyes. I strongly believe in Byron Buxton both as a real player and a fantasy player. He does everything on a baseball field extraordinarily well when he is healthy, but he usually isn’t. Wade Davis is fantastic but he is a reliever, which means he probably will have a short career at the top. Corbin, Shark and Eaton have shown flashes of fantasy stardom amid long stretches of bench-worthiness or injury. I would roll with Buxton here.

DB sends in three potential deals. “I’m a rebuilding team looking at 2017 to contend. 12tm, NL only, 40man rosters. $300 salary cap. Prices increase $2/yr for guys in majors, no salary increase for minors.”
[polldaddy poll=9390367]
[polldaddy poll=9390368]
[polldaddy poll=9390370]

The most important thing in these deals is the money. If you are rebuilding to compete next year I would not make any of those deals. I think you should wait until better offers come along for Kershaw and Scherzer. If you have those two stud aces you are in the position of being a king maker in your league. I would package them together and sell them to the highest bidder. Auction them off now while there are plenty of contending teams in your league. All the other teams will know they must either pay up now and win the league or else kiss the title goodbye and wait a full year for another chance. Don’t wait for offers to come in, be proactive and sell them for top dollar.

Jason Collier submitted this one:
[polldaddy poll=9390372]

$17 for Martinez seems cheap to me. Jay Bruce seems to have made some adjustments. Check out that link if you want to see my ugly mug. Gotta like Crawford in real baseball but not 100% sold on him in fantasy yet.

Max plays in a 5×5, H2H Standard league:
[polldaddy poll=9390377]

I still believe in Freeman even though his counting stats will suffer in Atlanta’s terrible lineup. Don’t forget about Longoria, he is not done yet by any means. In case you hadn’t noticed, home runs are rare these days — unless you have Chris Davis.

Andrew Theus made three deals in his 6×6 (OBP and QS) 16 team forever dynasty with up to 7 prospect spots.

[polldaddy poll=9390380]

Don’t care about Hernandez or Bassitt. Grichuk is quite good. VV is a good young pitcher but is he THIS good? Sell high? Mateo can burn but can he do much else?

[polldaddy poll=9390384]
Archer and Betances are studs, ’nuff said. Hechevaria and Valbuena are end-of-roster fodder in a 16 team league. Cano is still a semi-stud but getting old in a pitchers’ park. I really, really like what I see when Cody Reed pitches. I think he is the Reds’ best prospect over Stephenson and Winker.

[polldaddy poll=9390385]

Both prospects are ranked similarly. I usually prefer the hitter when compared to a pitcher ranked similarly, but Meadows will play in a pitchers’ park and could be blocked in Pittsburgh. De Leon has ace upside and one of the best arms in the minors. I lean De Leon here because I think he has a better chance of becoming a star, although Meadows is the safer play. Stars win championships. Safe plays become rebuilding chips.

Carl sent this in from his 12 team dynasty league with 40 man rosters:
[polldaddy poll=9390390]

Arenado will be a superstar as long as he plays for the Rockies. Frazier is streaky but can carry your team when he is hot. Gordon is a superstar in two categories and a dud in two categories. Ziegler is a low-tier closer for a short while. Judge is a high-risk hitter with Stanton upside but a low chance of getting anywhere close to it.

Craig E submitted this trade from a 12 team, H2H, keep-forever dynasty league with no salaries:
[polldaddy poll=9390392]

I have been down on Teheran for years. Harvey is very good but perhaps not as good as the reputation he build before his surgery. Giolito is the next Gerrit Cole. Yu Darvish is a #1 ace when healthy. Verlander is a shell of his former self but pitchers have bounced back before.

Chris plays in a 20 team, H2H points league with $150 budget for keepers:
[polldaddy poll=9390394]

I think both players are overpriced in a league with a $150 cap. White is off to a hot start but I don’t believe in his power. Give me Severino here.

Kent sent in this deal from his 12 team, 6×6 redraft league (not a dynasty):
[polldaddy poll=9390398]

If you have a chance to get Mike Trout just click Accept and then dab repeatedly. Arrieta is unbelievable but he won’t be in a couple years. Story is making history and breaking records but so have other guys that we soon forgot about (Marcus Thames anyone? 8 HRs in 7 games in 2008, never heard from again). There is lots of talent on both sides of this trade, but go with the young Hall of Famer.

Matt Roberson sets this one up for you “I’m in a 7X7 format league. Offensive categories include R, 2B, 3B, HR, RBI, SB, and OBP. This trade went down in my league between two teams that don’t include me. So who got the better deal?”:
[polldaddy poll=9390402]

You can’t go wrong with that trade. Both are young superstars in the making.

Ben posted this one from his 20 team dynasty league:
[polldaddy poll=9390405]

Reed has a big bat and is close to the majors. We won’t know as much about Benintendi until we see him play some more in the pros. His prospect stock is already high but I am not sure he has quite earned his lofty ranking just yet. Volquez has value in a 20 teamer.

Matt G posted this one: “10 team league with 5 keepers, keep forever league with 6×6 (OBP & L) and players that are kept take up that round’s draft pick.  I already have Corey Seager as a late round pick so I would like to get good value for a young, talented shortstop.”:
[polldaddy poll=9390406]

I have a lot more faith in Archer’s arm than Lindor’s bat. Both offer excellent value at those draft prices.

Be sure to send in your trades to see how you did! Just use the form below to submit a trade you want us to vote on. Use the comments at the bottom of this page to discuss the trades above.

Submit trades here:
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  1. Robert
    April 19, 2016 at 7:29 pm

    I need a quick response to a trade offer I just received.

    I get Mike Trout, Freddie Freeman and Kyle Schwarber, while I give up Bryce Harper and Joey Votto. It’s a 7×7 keep forever dynasty league where BB’s and OPS are the extra categories.

    I am borderline here and don’t really know which side to take. I never thought I would be dealing Harper, but then again, I didn’t know I would get an offer that would make me think this hard about it. Your thoughts?

    • April 19, 2016 at 8:06 pm

      You can’t go wrong either way. I love all those players. Trout and Harper are pretty much equal in fantasy value. They are the two best young hitters in baseball. So the decision comes down to Votto vs Freeman/Schwarber. Votto is very clearly the best side of that deal this year for certain. Next year the trade evens out. After that the Freeman/Schwarber side would prevail. So my advice is if you have a real chance of winning your league this year or next you should keep Harper and Votto. If you are rebuilding/reloading you should take the Trout, Freeman and Schwarber side. Anyone else want to chime in on this one?

      • April 20, 2016 at 2:49 am

        I think you summed it help pretty darn well.

  2. April 23, 2016 at 7:01 am

    […] means unique to him, he articulated it perfectly. You can test this perspective in the polls of the Trader’s Corner pieces Nick Doran writes here at TDG– many trades have a clear winner or loser, but the best trades […]

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