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Trader’s Corner: Time to Take Action

This is the time of year when many team owners decide to start building for the future. As soon as you realize your team is not going to win the championship it is time to start hustling for trades. If you are going to sell you need to do it while there are still several teams in the race. The more potential buyers there are the better trade deals you are going to get. If you wait too long not only will there be fewer buyers, there will be more sellers too. If you sell early you are likely to get a better deal than if you sell late. But be careful, I have seen a lot of teams go into rebuild mode when they still had a realistic chance of winning the title. Sometimes you just have to forget about tomorrow and go for the win today!

If you are going for it this year, upgrade your team now. Don’t wait. The earlier you bring in those veteran producers the more time they will have to fill up  your stat sheet. If you have a hole in your starting lineup fix it today. Don’t wait for the trade deadline. Make something happen. You don’t win by watching, you win by grabbing better players.

Be bold. No matter if you are going for the championship or trying to rebuild you have to be aggressive. You have to be smart about it, but you have to take action one way or the other. One sure way to guarantee failure is to do nothing. Fantasy rosters need frequent moves and adjustments or else they slowly but steadily degrade. Don’t sit around and wait for trade offers to come in. Seek out trade partners, initiate negotiations, discuss potential deals and send out lots of trade offers. Be active, be aggressive, be bold. Win!

Use the form just above the comments section at the bottom of the page to submit your trades for us to vote on next week.

As always, vote for the players you would rather have…

The first two trades for us to vote on were submitted by Dee from a 10 team dynasty league with 33 keepers and a 15 man minor league roster:

[polldaddy poll=8940558]

Same league as above:

[polldaddy poll=8940559]

Submitted by Joe from a 20 team dynasty 6×6 H2H league:

[polldaddy poll=8940564]

Next two trades were submitted by Sonny L. from a 12 team dynasty H2H with traditional 5×5 scoring and no contracts:

[polldaddy poll=8940568]

Same league as above:

[polldaddy poll=8940569]

Submitted by Mitch from a 10-player keeper league with 6×6 scoring:

[polldaddy poll=8940573]

Submitted by Evan from a 12 team, 7×7, H2H league where you keep 10 players with no contracts:

[polldaddy poll=8940575]

Sent in by Joe who is rebuilding his team in a 13 team 5×5 mixed dynasty league. Keep forever and no contracts:

[polldaddy poll=8940577]

Next two trades sent in by gregorvi in a 6×6 dynasty league:

[polldaddy poll=8940582]

Same league as above:

[polldaddy poll=8940583]

Sent in by Magnus from a 15-team mixed dynasty league with 30 active slots and 20 minor league slots. No salary and you keep players forever:

[polldaddy poll=8940585]

The next five(!) trades were sent in by Tim Johnson. No league info provided:

[polldaddy poll=8940592]

[polldaddy poll=8940605]

[polldaddy poll=8940610]

[polldaddy poll=8940612]

[polldaddy poll=8940613]

Submitted by Matt, no league info provided:

[polldaddy poll=8940617]

Discuss these trades in the comments at the bottom of this page. Were these good trades, dumb trades, lopsided trades? You can ask my opinion on a trade as well. Follow me on Twitter @BlazingFastba11.

Want us to vote on YOUR trade? Send in any trades you want us to consider and I will put them in the next Trader’s Corner column. Be sure to include any background info that could affect the trade. Submit your trade using this contact form:

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Nick Doran also writes for Fake Teams and Redleg Nation. Be sure to follow him on Twitter @BlazingFastba11.

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  1. Bigdon84
    June 22, 2015 at 6:57 am

    12 team league, 10×10 scoring with H, TB, XBH, BB, and OPS for hitters and CG, SO, BB, HD, and K/9 for pitchers as extra cats. Keep 10 each year with no penalties. Dealt Gerritt Cole and Starlin Castro for Tulo. Would love opinions on this.

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