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Going Deep: Recap of a 20 Team Dynasty MiLB Draft (Picks 41-50)

We’ve reached the penultimate installment breaking down an offseason minor league dynasty draft of a man who will soon be issuing a sandwich power ranking column that will draw the ire of just as many Facebookers as his normal MLB Power Rankings on Fox does, Craig Goldstein. Hopefully the players drafted are of interest to you in your league, and this information can be used as a resource for your future drafts. Part one featured the rundown of the rules, particularly of note that no in-season adds of minor leaguers are allowed in this league, which certainly makes for a more entertaining offseason draft:

41. Baltimore Orioles  – Dariel Alvarez (OF, Baltimore Orioles)

Perhaps the Orioles owner thought that it was a requirement to draft a player from the actual Orioles, I’m not real sure. Alvarez did have a decent year in the minors last year, granted it came as a 25 year old, but you would have to think that if the Orioles viewed him as any type of realistic option they would have called him up at some point since signing the Cuban in June of 2013. There are about a hundred better options for this pick than Alvarez here.

42. Chicago Cubs  – Marcos Molina (SP, New York Mets)

Scouts are somewhat torn on Molina ending up as a starter or as a reliever, but getting him here at number 42 is a coup. Regardless of his long term outcome, he’s a good trade asset in the short term as he figures to move up prospect lists this year if he puts together another year like he did in 2014, and that should be what you’re looking to accomplish at this point in the draft. He could appear on top 100 lists as soon as midseason and that certainly generates value in trade discussions.

43. Cincinnati Reds  – Dermis Garcia (SS, New York Yankees)

In a league like this where there are no minor league players added in-season, you usually have to get in early on the July 2 guys and Baseball America rated Garcia as the ninth best prospect from the 2014 class.  Adding players like this in the later rounds of a dynasty draft is a solid strategy that can be applied to both rebuilding owners looking for long term assets to hold for a few years and owners looking for players who could rise up prospect rankings in short order once they start getting their feet wet professionally.

44. Houston Astros  – Erick Fedde (SP, Washington Nationals)

Stockpiling Tommy John ‘victims’ is another strategy that seems to be rising in popularity in offseason drafts, and Fedde is a solid target for owners seeking a player whose amateur draft stock dropped because of the surgery. Getting a borderline top-10 talent in June’s draft at this point is nice, if you can patiently wait for Fedde to throw a pitch professionally.

45. Tampa Bay Rays  – Tyler Beede (SP, San Francisco Giants)

The Vanderbilt product ended up with a good fit organizationally that should be able to coax the talent that many saw as a potential top five overall pick during his sophomore year. Beede wouldn’t last until number 45 in most drafts, but we’ve already established that this league is probably a bit deeper with options than yours.

46. Colorado Rockies  – Francelis Montas (SP, Chicago White Sox)

Montas is the type of profile that you want to gamble on in dynasty leagues, because even if it doesn’t work out as as a frontline starter, or as a starter in general, it should work out as a late inning bullpen option. Mix in Don Cooper and you have a recipe for a nice pick here in the third round in getting a true flamethrower, even if Montas doesn’t really know where his 100+ MPH gas is going at this point.

47. San Diego Padres — Casey Gillespie (1B, Tampa Bay Rays)

Taking Gillespie is buying into the fact that the Rays know what they are doing, but there is certainly a long list of naysayers about Gillespie’s fantasy outlook. When the best case scenario is reportedly James Loney, that’s not the profile of a first baseman that you usually want to invest in. Perhaps AJ Reed would have been a better use of a draft pick if you really needed to pick a college, 1B-only bat, at least Reed has power.

48. New York Mets  – Jorge Mateo (SS, New York Yankees)

This is a great pick any way that you slice it. Mateo should benefit from the New York hype machine this year more than perhaps any other Yankee farmhand. That alone will boost his value in dynasty leagues, but that combined with a healthy season should do wonders for Mateo owners, especially once Yankee fans realize that Didi Gregorius is nothing more than a stopgap option at SS. The clamoring for the ‘shortstop of the future’ should start around early May for Yankee fans. This is the type of profile that should be continually targeted in the later rounds of any dynasty draft.

49. Atlanta Braves — Chance Sisco (C, Baltimore Orioles)

Minor league catchers are among the most volatile dynasty assets to own, but Sisco is a player whose value has jumped this offseason and getting him here is a nice value, regardless of how you feel about my previous Thong Song jokes.

50. Los Angeles Dodgers — Wilmer Difo (2B/SS, Washington Nationals)

Difo was a popular name this winter in offseason minor league drafts, because he was largely unowned towards the end of last season. With the Nationals potentially having two open spots in the middle infield heading into 2016, Difo is a player who will have a lot of eyes on him this year as the 23-year old should actually play at an age appropriate level at some point this year in the minors.


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