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Trader’s Corner: TDGR Trade Deadline

If you are a regular reader of TDG, then you are aware of the TDGX experts’ dynasty league. It’s a 20-team dynasty league with 40-man rosters of which we protect 35 players. What you may not know is that a group of readers set up a league that mirrors TDGX and is made up of readers from this site. The TDGR league recently had its trade deadline, just like TDGX, and we were sent some of the moves that were made for this post.

For some more league context the 40-man roster consists of 14 hitters, 9 pitchers, a 7-man bench, and 10 minor league spots. The bench can be composed of either major or minor league eligible players. Scoring is standard 5×5 categories and there is one catcher slot along with two utility slots. Players may be kept forever with no penalty or contract system in place. A big thank you to TDGR member ‘Kris’ for sending in what I think are some really interesting transactions. Here are the trades…

Trade #1

[polldaddy poll=8249402]

Trade #2

[polldaddy poll=8249405]

Trade #3

[polldaddy poll=8249406]

Trade #4

[polldaddy poll=8249407]

Trade #5

[polldaddy poll=8249409]

Trade #6

[polldaddy poll=8249412]

Trade #7

[polldaddy poll=8249416]


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  1. August 22, 2014 at 4:15 pm

    That first trade wasn’t even close

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