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A Podcast For Your Eyes: The 2014 Top 10 Fantasy Prospects Edition

As I hinted at in yesterday’s post on projecting the Top 10 fantasy prospects at this time next year, Ben, Craig and I tried something interesting on Wednesday night as we sat down on gchat and conversed for almost an hour and a half about the topic at hand. The following conversation has not been edited, abridged or otherwise touched (besides cleaning up our names so that it’s easier to read).

Without any further introduction, I present to you the Episode 1 of A Podcast For Your Eyes. If you like it, tell us and we’ll do them more often. If you don’t, tell us and we’ll forget this whole thing ever happened. And we’re off..

Bret:  whats going on guys?

Craig:  watching O’s/Rays over here

Ben:  watching NYY/BOS

Craig:  also eating a peanut butter and jam sandwich, because I’m 12

Bret:  i’m watching the mets start their WS run

Ben:  sooo playing MLB the show?

Craig:  I was going to say…can we have a moment of silence for Bret’s sanity?

Bret:  my sanity has been missing for a long time

Craig:  touche

Bret:  alright, so you guys have the consensus list, right?

Craig:  yes but I just dripped jelly on my shirt so I’m in crisis here

Bret:  save that gold for when we’re “recording”

Craig:  hahaha. ok problem solved, but you feel free to include it

Bret:  fair enough, i’m going to do an introduction, and then we’re just going to jump right in and ben and i can fawn over xander bogaerts

Ben:  im super good at fawning over bogaerts

Bret:  ha, i’m sure you are. alright, let’s do this

Bret:  Welcome everyone to what will eventually reveal itself as either a fun experiment or a train rolling off the tracks. What we’re planning on doing here is recording a gchat conversation and then posting it, unedited, for your viewing pleasure. If it isn’t an abject failure, it will be an ongoing series called “A Podcast For Your Eyes”. And if it is, we’ll never speak of this again. Joining me tonight is Craig Goldstein and Ben Carsley. Gentlemen?

Craig:  Hello

Ben:  Great to be here.

Bret:  Ben’s classy

and Craig has jelly on his shirt

Craig:  only one of those things is true and I do have jelly on my shirt.

Bret:  Regardless of who may or may not have jelly on their shirt,  yesterday, we posted our consensus (and invidivual) top 10 fantasy prospects for 2014 and now we’re going to talk about it

wow, it didn’t even take me two minutes to abandon the caps to start a sentence

it was an ambitious goal anyway

Craig:  RIP. We will always cherish and remember it’s time here

Ben:  this is going really well.

Bret:  people are totally going to enjoy this

Craig:  if Ben would stop getting us off topic, maybe


our #1 prospect is Xander Bogaerts

and he is amazing

Craig:  /thunderous applaus


Bret:  we all know why he should be #1 on the list, so let’s see why Craig didn’t have him atop his


what say you?

Craig:  In a topic we’ll cover more in depth later, I had Oscar Taveras on top of my board

so, no slight to Bogaerts, I just like Taveras more and think he will retain his rookie eligibility this season

Bret:  fair enough

Ben, as the resident Sox fan, here’s your platform to talk about Bogaerts

please don’t get a restraining order


Ben:  I came really, really close to ranking him above Jurickson Profar on my personal Top 150, if that says anything

I saw him in Portland last August, and was expecting to see a Jhonny Peralta body type

but what I saw was a shortstop.

Bret:  this leads perfectly into the next question

what percentage chance do you think he has of being a shortstop in 2016?

Craig:  I was just about to ask that type of question

Ben:  That’s an excellent question, and really tough. But in 2016 he’ll still be 24, so I’ll go 65%

Craig:  Do you see a Hanley type decline from the position, if I can reference a former Red Sox prospect?

And I don’t mean that in a bad way, but more in that Hanley was a competent SS for a bit, but has since fallen off

Bret:  I think that’s a fair guess – mine’s a little lower, but it’s definitely higher than it was at this time last year

mine would be just under 50%

Ben:  they’re really different as you know, and Hanley always projected as the better defender. but I guess from a non-scouting standpoint, yeah, I could see a decline coming in his mid-to-late 20s that leads to a move

Craig:  Gotcha. Yes, I didn’t mean in body types or athleticism, but more in a defensive career arc

Bret:  the tough thing with him moving is that if he does, I think he’s more likely to end up in the OF with the presence of WMB on that team

is that fair?

Craig:  I’m not a Red Sox expert, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Middlebrooks was traded when he gets more expensive

Ben:  I agree, and WMB is an underrated defender. But if he’s a good defensive right fielder with his type of bat, how is he any worse than Wil Myers?

Bret:  that’s the thing, right? bogaerts can be great for fantasy even as an OF

he’s just special if he stays at short

Ben:  you’re talking 1/1 potential if he’s a SS, 1/5 if he’s at 3B and first round if he’s an OF. the upside is that big.

Bret:  i’m with you on that, i love the guy

Craig:  seconded (thirded?)

Bret:  while i’m sure we could talk about bogaerts for a long, long time, let’s move on to our #2 prospect

Ben:  thirded. your counting skills are on par with your ability to consume jelly


Bret:  the first of three pitchers on this list is Seattle righty Taijuan Walker

now, I was the low man among all of us with Walker

I was the only one who had him outside the top-4

Craig:  You’ve got some ‘splaining to do

Bret:  so I guess I have some ‘splainin to do


Craig:  oh god

it’s happened. Ben, run before it’s too late


someone doesn’t understand the rules of jinx

Craig:  I’ll buy you a soda?

Ben:  jynx was a crappy pokemon

Craig:  it was all about Charizard

Bret:  i have to say your name before you can speak again

Craig:  oh fine.

Bret:  you’ve already tempted fate by DESTROYING THE FABRIC OF THE JINX, so i’ll just move on


I like Walker a lot – it was just honestly a bit of a hedge

if he’s amazing this year, I think he spends the last 2-3 months of the season in the majors

and if it’s another developmental year, I think he’s still a top-10 prospect, but just not a top-5 guy

Craig:  That’s understandable, though I think the Mariners have some depth in the pitching staff that they wouldn’t need to put him on the 40-man quite yet

Bret:  how confident are both of you that he’ll be the #1 fantasy pitching prospect in 2014?

Craig:  Losing Jose Fernandez due to eligibility makes me feel pretty good. I’d say 85%

Ben:  nowhere near that. 20%, because of all the variables involved. promotion is a possibility with him, as are command issues

Craig:  I’ve been on the bandwagon for a while now, so I guess I might have some bias there

Bret:  and you guys are still on board with Walker as a potential ace even though his raw numbers weren’t overly impressive in Double-A


Craig:  Ha

I am 100%. He’s got a really solid repertoire and he was young for the level

that’s really important. He’s got good control, though as Ben said, the command needs work

Bret:  i am as well, just wanted to throw it out there since it’s a question i get asked

Ben:  now im 85% that he’s an ace. super athletic, repeatable delivery, fast arm. love him.

Craig:  That and the recent reports from Parks and others from Arizona have me salivating

Bret:  someone get craig another sandwich

#3 – Christian Yelich

let’s start off with a question i want to discuss

does the promotion of jose fernandez cause you to think it’s more likely that we see Yelich this summer in Miami?

because I do

Craig:  Honestly I don’t know what to think. I want to say yes, because that would be logical…but the promotion of Fernandez is so illogical to me that I can’t believe they’d do it with Yelich too

Ben:  i think predicting consistent behavior from the marlins in any regard is impossible. so no. i dont think well see him before august, if at all

Bret:  i’m getting to the point where i really would not be surprised to see him in july

i wouldn’t put money on it, but it would not surprise me

Craig:  I’m at the point where either everything Marlins do surprises me, or nothing does…I just don’t know which

Bret:  fair enough, let’s move on to Yelich the player

chances of him winning a batting title before he turns 30?

i say 20%

Ben:  i mean i can’t put a percentage on it, because the percentage for any player is, what, like 0.25 percent? (i suck at math)

Craig:  The last player I felt that way about was Howie Kendrick…so I’m going with 10%

Ben:  but he’s as good a bet as any in the minors to win that sort of title, I think. other than Oscar

Bret:  ok, so let’s phrase it like that

is he the 2nd best option to win a potential batting title in the minors, behind taveras?

i agree with that – it’s either him or profar for me

Craig:  I think so, at this very moment. But I wouldn’t want to be held to that

Bret:  consider yourself held to that

Craig:  crud.

Bret:  consider all of us held to that

Ben:  remember that time craig guaranteed that Yelich would win multiple batting titles?

Craig:  no! you guys! it’s a trick

he’s trick you!

ugh. tricking*

Bret:  i do remember that time craig guaranteed yelich would win multiple batting titles

it was glorious

Ben:  it was now.

Bret:  #4 – Javier Baez

Craig:  You guys are the worst. I hope I’m right.

Bret:  could you make the argument that Baez has more fantasy upside than anyone in the minors?

bcarsley22@gmail.com:  i can’t put him ahead of taveras or bogaerts, no

Craig:  I can’t put him ahead of Taveras

but right next to Bogaerts? Yeah

Bret:  that’s fair – but baez has speed that taveras and bogaerts doesn’t have

Craig:  that’s IF it all clicks. But he’s maybe the most beta type prospect out there

Ben:  i haven’t read anyone projecting him for more than 15-or-so SB

Bret:  that’s still more speed than either guy though

and better eligibility to boot


of course, he’s not all that likely to hit his crazy ceiling

Craig:  The thing with Baez is that he could be a 70 hit/70 power guy if it all clicks…but he could flame out in AA due to his approach

Ben:  so i can see the 70/70, but i think bogaerts could basically be 65/70 and he has a better chance to do so

and i think taveras could be 80/65

Craig:  Agreed Ben, and the only reason I put him next to Bogaerts is because Bret was asking about pure ceiling

Bret:  absolutely – he has a sizable flame out risk

yea, i’m just talking about pure ceiling

Craig:  I absolutely think Bogaerts has a massive edge on security

Ben:  so i guess in the strictest sense, then yes the upside is higher. but nowhere near high enough to outweigh the risk, IMO

Bret:  clearly, i don’t think he’s a better prospect than either taveras or bogaerts

so we’re all in agreement that he could be amazing or he could suck?

Ben:  sorry im just defensive about bogaerts

were bogaerts composed of jelly, i would spill him on me on purpose.

Bret:  that’s, like, deep

Craig:  Understood. That way he will never leave your clothing

Bret:  #5 – Miguel Sano

the man with the monster power

craig – why he no make your list?

Craig:  He was right on the edge for me

The power is obviously massive and I know the hit tool isn’t bad. But we’re projecting out a year, and if there’s a guy I can see stumbling developmentally…it’s Sano

I’m not saying I think that will happen, but we’re playing probabilities, and I think his swing has the potential to get exploited

Ben:  I’m with Craig here. Every year I don’t like how highly I rank Sano.

Bret:  i understand that argument, but i think he’ll become a better hitter as he makes his way up the chain

Ben:  I also don’t think we’re talking about a 3B, so the bat will have to really play. honestly, there is Adam Dunn potential here.

Bret:  i don’t think his hit tool is that bad

i think he’s more of a .260 hitter, not a .220 one

Craig:  I see conflicting reports on the defense. Some say 3B is impossible…others say it’s not that bad. I’m not sure what to make of it really. But a guy his size, it’s a concern

Bret:  with potential to be a .280 guy

Craig:  You had me til .280

Bret:  i’m not projecting it, i just think it’s possible

Ben:  I guess I was thinking peak Dunn, a .260 guy with 40 homers. not White Sox “dear god shield your eyes” Dunn

Craig:  I think he’s a .260 guy when it’s all said and done too…but I also think that’s one potential outcome, and more of them line up below that than above that

Ben:  yeah i cannot project .280 either

Bret:  but these days, isn’t a .260 hitter with 40 HR power in the outfield a top-25 player?

Craig:  Sure is

Bret:  is that so different from what people think stanton is?

Ben:  that’s why he’s in our Top 10, no?

Bret:  absolutely

Ben:  very interesting. I was just about to bring Stanton up

Sano is definitely less athletic/handsome, but the end result might not be too different

Bret:  exactly – you’d never confuse them on the field, but maybe on the stat page

and just to throw the question out there – anyone else in the minors with sano’s power?

Ben:  gallo maybe

Craig:  Good call

Ben:  not there yet, but could be

Craig:  I think he has the same raw

But he has even MORE swing and miss which is scary

Bret:  yea, he’s the first guy who comes to mind for me, but it’s ALL projection with gallo at this point

#6 – Addison Russell

are you guys surprised that he’s starting the season in the Cal League?

Craig:  It’s aggressive, that’s for sure

Ben:  it’s not where i wouldve started him but im not surprsied

Bret:  on that note, knowing the assignment, when do you think we see him in the majors?

Craig:  I think a return to Burlington would have made the most sense – he only had 60 at-bats there in 2012

If I’m going to be conservative? May 2015

Aggressive? July 2014

Bret:  i can see that – the aggressive one

Craig:  I’m not saying that’s how I would do things necessarily…but the A’s are clearly fast tracking him

Bret:  the A’s just seem to think he’s an old baseball soul and can move really quickly for such a young player

Craig:  And he’s done nothing to prove them wrong thus far

Ben:  i think he’ll hit the AA wall pretty hard

even if he does well at A+

Craig:  I know they invited him to Spring Training because they thought he was mentally ready for it, and they love his make up. That says to me they’re going to push him and push him hard

It wouldn’t shock me Ben, despite my adoration of him

Ben:  Jonathan Schoop syndrome

Craig:  Oh we can’t start talking about him, because I honestly cannot figure out what the hell they’re doing over there

Bret:  i think he’ll hit a wall at some point as well – but who knows when that’s going to be

could be right now

yea, let’s not get craig started on schoop – we’ll never stop

#7 – Jorge Soler

craig, how close was he to making your list? was he in consideration?

Craig:  Honestly, without having my list in front of me…I thought he was on it

Ben:  typical craig

Craig:  so yes, he was a very close consideration

Bret:  haha, fair enough

Craig:  I love Soler a lot and I can’t tell you why he doesn’t deserve to be in consideration

Bret:  it’s tough to really discuss soler, as we clearly all need to see more from him

but, one question we can ask

Ben:  right, but has anyone read a bad report yet?

Bret:  still confident soler is the better prospect than puig?

Craig:  Not I

Bret:  not i either

Craig:  my answer was in regards to the bad report

Bret:  (so was mine)

I still prefer Soler to Puig

though the gap has closed a bit

Ben:  i still prefer Soler to Puig as well

Craig:  I do prefer Soler to Puig…but am I confident? I don’t know about that

Seeing Puig in person will change a man

Bret:  well, yea – how confident can any of us really be with small samples everywhere

Ben:  exactly. so this is more me sticking with my process and not flipping my rankings based on one spring training

Bret:  indeed

#8 – Billy Hamilton

Craig:  He fast.

Ben:  the poor man’s Roman Quinn

Bret:  this one is interesting, but not from a skills perspective


Craig:  I just dropped my spoonful of jelly.

Bret:  oh god, ben and his roman quinn

Ben:  you just need to give him time guys. roman wasn’t built in a day.

Craig:  /throws shoe

Bret:  /throws craig’s jelly

Craig:  Hey I wasn’t done with that!

Bret:  i love hamilton as a fantasy prospect, but think he’s going to be in the majors during the second half

ben, i assume you feel the same way?

(as we were the two who didn’t rank him)

Ben:  yes, especially with the ludwick injury

otherwise I’d have him as No. 2

as in, ranked No .2. not as in poop.

Bret:  I’d have him #1

and thanks for clarifying

Craig:  To be fair, I did rank ahead of the Ludwick injury

Ben:  you can make a very reasonable argument for him being 1

you probably won’t, but it’s possible

you can make an argument for him being 1 now

Craig:  So I guess I’m alone in thinking he’ll be prospect eligible then?

Bret:  i’d take him over bogaerts because he can single handedly win you a category

though, in H2H leagues, i’d rather have Bogaerts

Hamilton should be roto gold

Craig:  To clarify – I ranked him 8 in my ranking as a hedge in case he was called up. If I knew he was going to be eligible, I’d rank him considerably higher, as you guys are saying

Bret:  i’m going to ahead and combine the last two, since they’re both pitchers and we’re running over

#9 – Jameson Taillon

#10 – Kevin Gausman

how much should we factor in the leagues and the parks that these two will pitch in when determining their rankings? because their environments will be very different

Ben:  you definitely do need to factor them in, but I think Gausman is just flat out better. I”m aware that I’m somewhat lower than many on Taillon, although I still like him. he’s on my short list of players to see this season

Bret:  I think I’m going to be alone on this one

Craig:  It obviously has to matter. But as I’ve discussed with Bret before, I prefer to rank on talent and let the rest sort themselves out. And as Ben said, I think Gausman is just straight up better

Bret:  I prefer Taillon to Gausman, even with the same park/league

Craig:  I’m not sure I can figure why that is?

Bret:  it mostly comes down to the curve

Craig:  Calm down Clint


Ben:  so how long do we let Taillon go without being dominant before we call into question his ceiling? because other than 17 Double-A innings, he’s never been great

Bret:  i think some of that is on the pirates and i think he takes a big step forward this year

Craig:  That’s where I am Ben. I was ALL ABOUT Taillon for a long while. Preferred him to Cole. But I’ve backed off that recently for the exact reason you said

Bret:  i’m coming around on Gausman, but not enough to slot him above Taillon

Craig:  Not that Cole has been as dominant as I want either

Bret:  who, in all fairness, I ranked above Walker

Ben:  that’s why I want to see Taillon. I was skeptical about Cole until I saw him and now I am in love.


Bret:  I did. I think Taillon is the #1 pitching prospect in the game next year

Craig:  Even with Walker eligible??

Bret:  yes

Ben:  I think Taillon is the #1 pitching prospect for the Pirates next year

Craig:  I…I’m speechless


I dunno Ben, Glasnow looking pretty good…


Bret:  I very much want to see Taillon this year too

Ben:  honestly though, I think Taillon looses eligibility this year which is why he didn’t make my list. He would’ve been No. 9 otherwise

Bret:  hoping to get that chance in the next few months

that’s fair – i could see that

especially if the pirates are in contention at all

Ben:  I think they’ll be close enough that they can’t resist calling up Taillon in July

and I think we see Cole by early June

Craig:  I do think he somewhat legitimized himself with his showing in the WBC, even though I wasn’t floored by it

Bret:  I think we’ll see Cole by early May

Craig:  I assumed Cole wasn’t listed because we all thought he’d lose eligibility

Bret:  affirmative

anyway, this is going WAY longer than i had initially thought

Craig:  I’ll shoulder that blame

Bret:  as much as I’d love to continue this conversation for much longer, we should get to the lightning round

we’ll be able to dig deeper on some topics in future installments

Craig:  let’s do it

Bret:  so let’s go to our top ranked guys individually that didn’t make the list

craig – you mentioned yours already, so let us have it

Craig:  Oscar Taveras

I just think the Cards are stacked and he doesn’t see enough time this year

Bret:  fair enough – he’s clearly #1 with eligibility for me

Ben:  same

he’s my #1 right now

Bret:  not much more needs to be said about taveras – he’s otherworldly

i’ll go next, my #2 prospect didn’t make anyone else’s list, quite to my surprise

and it’s Anthony Rendon

i’m curious to know what makes you both leave him out of the top 10

Ben:  eligibility

Craig:  Opposite of Taveras, I think he sees plenty of time in the bigs this year

Bret:  fair enough

and if he did have eligibility?

Ben:  No.3 if he’s healthy

Craig:  Yup 3 for me, ahead of Yelich

Bret:  what odds do you put on him seeing time at 2B this season?

Craig:  similar players, better eligibility for me

Ben:  65%

Craig:  maybe 75%? I’m pretty sure he spends some time there

Espinosa isn’t a paragon of health

Bret:  so you both think he enters 2014 with 2B eligibility?

Ben:  he is a paragon of facial hair tho

yes i do

Craig:  depends on the league – Yahoo? Definitely

Ben:  but i dont think he stays there for long


Craig:  that’s right, it’s lightning

Bret:  i’m with you guys that if he loses his eligibility for prospect lists, it will be at 2B

and ben – it’s now your turn

Ben:  Gary Sanchez

highest upside of any catcher in the minors — d’Arnaud and Zunino included — and should reach AA this season

Craig:  He’s a good choice who I didn’t consider but should have

Bret:  i agree on the upside statement – he was a late cut for me

Craig:  he has the potential to absolutely explode

Bret:  i just worry about him defensively still

Ben:  he could follow a Napoli career path where he moves off in his late 20s/early 30s, but I think he’s good enough to stay at C for a while

i think he’s pretty similar to Carlos Santana in a lot of ways, but with a better pure hit tool

Bret:  there you have it, ben predicts that gary sanchez’s hip will explode

Craig:  the defense doesn’t bother me enough to push me off him as a prospect – it’s not so bad that the Yankees will move him. His attitude in general is a bit of a concern for me

Better pure hit than Santana, but not nearly the approach at the plate

Ben:  if my prediction comes true can we say my hips didnt lie?

and i agree with that, craig

Bret:  you can say whatever you want, as long as you duck

Craig:  I’m going to call you She-Wolf preemptively

Ben:  im upset that i get that reference

Craig:  I’m upset that I made it, so

Bret:  i’m glad you both are in agreement on this

and to wrap things up, let’s each throw out a couple of names of players who didn’t make our individual top-10’s who could surprise and get there

Craig:  PUIG

I really like Yasiel Puig and I’m not sure if anyone is aware of that so there now I said it

Bret:  i guess Craig is going first

Ben:  Aaron Sanchez

Craig:  oh just a phenomenal pick

Bret:  love the upside of both puig and sanchez

i’m going with two names

and they won’t surprise either of you very much

Ben:  perks of being the boss i guess.

Bret:  i told you 2 names were allowed!

Craig:  I have another, but I’m waiting


Bret:  Max Fried

Craig:  I’m not surprised you love him, but you see a potential top 10 for him?

Bret:  i think he could just explode and be a top-10 guy

Ben:  i had him as my No. 10 too

Bret:  i really wanted to make room for him on my list, but just couldn’t

Craig:  interesting. I’m a fan, but can’t really anticipate that type of season

Bret:  i know, i was jealous when i saw that

Craig:  I guess I’m not as big a fan of Fried as I thought I was…

Bret:  i’ve said this before, and it’s crazy to say, but i see a little bit of kershaw in him

Craig:  you hush your mouth

Ben:  i don’t think he’s quite AS good as kershaw, but I think he’s the best LH prep SINCE kershaw

Craig:  I can get behind that, Ben

Ben:  sometimes i use CAPS to ACCENTUATE my points

Bret:  i think we’re all in agreement

that is what i meant by “a little bit of kershaw”

Craig:  I do wish gchat had italics

Bret:  not the whole clayton

Craig:  “the whole Clayton” = something I’m saying from now on

Bret:  i like it

Craig:  your second guy?

Bret:  Brian Goodwin, of course


Bret:  he should be right on the edge of the majors at that point

Craig:  oh lord

Ben:  I’m going to call my boss out in public. I think you are making the previously underrated brian goodwin somewhat overrated.

Craig:  /complicit silence

Ben:  and i love brian goodwin. i hate what you’ve done to me.

Bret:  heresy!

Craig:  I don’t see him on the verge of the majors by early 2014, I’ll say that much

Ben:  I do, but with Werth/Harper/Span i dont know where he plays

Bret:  i think he’ll be in Triple-A by the end of the season

Craig:  That’s awfully aggressive for a guy who stunk in AA last year

Bret:  me neither, but that’s not goodwin’s problem

he’ll play somewhere

whether it’s in washington or not

Ben:  no, but it’s a prob if these are Fantasy rankings

Craig:  I don’t understand why Washington would be so aggressive

Bret:  i don’t think the nationals, a contending team, will just keep an asset in the minors because they don’t have room for him

Craig:  Goodwin beat up Lo-A as a 21 year old

Bret:  if anything, i’d think they deal him

Craig:  that’s good but not great

Ben:  I would like to agree with you, but see: Olt, Mike and Profar, Jurickson

Craig:  he stunk in Double-A in a not that small sample size

Bret:  the rangers are weird

Ben:  p.s. Profar Jurickson could totally be a name

Bret:  and the nats have a history of it with the Gio trade

anyway, we don’t need to get into all of this now – i just love Brian Goodwin

Craig:  and I’m convinced that the only reason they skipped him over Hi-A is the awful condition of the field in Potomac

Bret:  either of you have another name you want to throw out before the closing ceremonies?

Craig:  Archie Bradley, Jr

Ben:  Alex Meyer

Bret:  just don’t call him ABJ


Craig:  We already have JBJ

that’s enough for me

Ben:  i will prove my gentlemanly worth and eschew the easy joke here and just say that I had Bradley as my No. 9, which is why I cannot list him here.

Bret:  i can confirm this

Craig:  Ahhh. I was going to say I am surprised I was alone there

but I’m glad I’m not

Bret:  well gentlemen, this was a lot of fun

i’m sure we’ll hear from people whether this was a complete waste of everyone’s time once it goes up

Ben:  if we eventually do a podcast we sort of have to call it A Transcript For Your Ears now, don’t we?

Bret:  i am absolutely on board with that

Craig:  Jokes on them. They don’t know how little my time is worth.


I guess Ben’s not just a pretty face

Ben:  let’s hope Xander agrees

Bret:  anyway, let us know whether you (the readers) like this format

if you do, we’ll do it more in the future with other topics

so, on that note, goodnight ben and craig

Ben:  thanks for having me!

Craig:  goodnight guys, this was fun

Bret:  indeed

and that’s a wrap

Ben:  woot!

we were only 45 minutes over!

Bret:  well done us

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  1. Jason N.
    April 5, 2013 at 8:06 am


  2. RotoLando
    April 5, 2013 at 8:32 am

    Profar, Son of Jurick.

  3. Mike
    April 5, 2013 at 8:45 am

    Love it! Do lots of these! Daily! Forever! Longer too!

    If we can make requests I’d like to hear (read?) you guys chat about the Astros minor leaguers. Give a poor ‘Stros fan some hope for the future.

  4. ryan
    April 5, 2013 at 9:16 am

    enjoyed it, would like to see more.

  5. April 5, 2013 at 11:52 am

    Thanks for the feedback guys! It was definitely fun to do. We’ll see what we can do for the future 🙂

  6. JT
    April 5, 2013 at 12:15 pm

    Interesting and Informative. Would love to see more. It would be a great way to discuss the progress of these prospects as the season goes on.

  7. Josh
    April 5, 2013 at 12:40 pm

    Great stuff, guys. Definitely something to repeat

  8. April 5, 2013 at 1:13 pm

    Thanks everyone for the feedback – it’s definitely something I’d like to keep doing. If you have topics you think would be interesting for this format, let us know either here in the comments or by email.

    • RotoLando
      April 5, 2013 at 1:44 pm

      I loved it. For the next one, how about the middle- to back-end of the top 100 prospects who could be big jumpers by next year?

  9. April 5, 2013 at 3:45 pm

    I really liked it too. good work!

  10. Josh
    April 10, 2013 at 10:34 am

    Future Topic:

    A discussion about what you think separates “Toolsy” type players (ex. Bubba Starling) from “across the board” (ex. alberto Almora?) type players. Which would you rather have as a fantasy owner? Which would you rather have if you were a GM? Personal Favorites? Predictions about who makes the adjustment to become a top prospect and players that just never figure it out/hit AA wall, etc.

  11. Jack Cecil
    April 12, 2013 at 10:29 am

    This was great. Could you review your lists later in the year in this format?

    • April 13, 2013 at 8:07 am

      Thanks – I anticipate that happening as the year progresses.

  12. robertjbaumann
    May 15, 2013 at 12:24 pm

    gchat _does_ have italics: You just put whatever you want in between underscores and when you hit enter it coverts that text to italicized text.

  13. July 4, 2013 at 1:24 am

    Good answer back in return of this question with firm arguments and describing all
    regarding that.

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