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Trader’s Corner: Playing For the Future

Dynasty Leagues are a lot like life. Life can be about hope. Dynasty Leagues should ALWAYS be about hope. Are you in position to win in 2013? That’s the best way… you are hopeful for now. However, if you aren’t in a position to win, you can have hope. Hope for the future. Hope is good.

I took over a Dynasty League team late last season that was in need of an overhaul. I’ve made many trades since taking the reins of this team, but this was one of the most important. It was a big trade that was recently consummated with The Great Tim McLeod (2013 Tout Wars participant) that hopefully helps both sides achieve what they are hopeful for. Tim, 2013…Myself, 2015 and beyond.

I give:

Carlos Gonzalez
Carl Crawford
Alcides Escobar
Jason Castro
Jeff Keppinger


Matt Kemp
Salvador Perez
Billy Hamilton

Timmy is a great player. I know Timmy well. I have spoken to him numerous times on the phone, and I know his passions and his desires… Timmy wants to win NOW. He needed some depth in this 15 team league. He is also a “Speed Fiend”, and loves getting out ahead of the pack in steals.

I had just moved Ryan Braun in a deal earlier in the week to get Cargo and a lot of other pieces. (A trade that will perhaps be examined in a later post). I am a big Matt Kemp fan. Other then the Rhianna season and his bout with injury, Matt Kemp is a STUD. I love Matt Kemp. Couldn’t move Braun for him, the value wasn’t going to be there. Cargo? He was a good fit. I am a fan of Cargo, no doubt — I had him on two teams last year. But Kemp I like more.

I was due to get something else back in that spot. I wanted Hamilton, and I agreed to Escobar immediately, because Tim needed speed back. I like Escobar, and I’m keeping him in another league. The next piece was going to be an outfielder we spoke of Drew Stubbs. Timmy’s partner Kevin Orris upped the ante when he asked for Carl Crawford (in January, Crawford was on his way to health). I then broached the idea of Salvador Perez.

I knew from talking with Tim on the phone that he was a fan of Jason Castro as a sleeper this year. I am a fan as well, ridiculous Spring Training numbers aside. I also knew that he valued Jeff Keppinger for his multi-positional eligibility. Timmy was filling a lot of holes while getting players that he liked, while I was accruing value for the future with a still uncertain Kemp, A young possible stud catcher, and a pretty interesting lottery ticket in Hamilton.

In a Dynasty League, the key is to be all-in or rebuilding. I am clearly rebuilding having taken over that bottom dwelling team in late July of 2012, my trading partner is all-in for 2013.

The key thing with a trade is both teams making their squad better. Some people felt that this deal was a major win for Tim. Others felt that I had gotten the better end of the trade. The key is to find the right partner to trade with, and then get guys that will help your long-term plan come to fruition. If I had a chance to win this year, it would have been tougher to make this move. My window in this 15 team NFBC style Dynasty league with a 15 player minor league system is 2015 and beyond. Minor leaguer hitters like Jurickson Profar, George Springer, Gary Sanchez, Travis D’Arnaud, David Dahl, Addison Russell, Jonathan Singleton and Nick Franklin make this a team for the future. Pitching prospects like Jose Fernandez, Dynasty Guru site faves Lucas Giolito and Max Fried, Casey Kelly and Alex Colome make patience and hope virtues.

You have to know where you want to go and then find your trading partner that is going the other way. Everyone is happy moving forward, and the roads of communication stay open for future deals. As always, accrue value and win.

“If a man knows what harbor he seeks, any wind is the right wind.” – Seneca

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Ian Kahn

Ian Kahn

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  1. Brian
    March 22, 2013 at 1:07 pm

    Nice deal, I’m surprised you were able to pull it off. In most of my leagues, Sal Perez and Hamilton are already near untouchable.

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