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Last time I looked at the Statcast barrels statistic. That’s fun and all, but this time I want to look at some stats that encompass a little more of player performance. Once again I’m going to look at first and second half splits, but this time I only looked at

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Predicting Power: Part 1 Juiced ball or not, there was an increase in power across the MLB in 2016. Will pitchers adjust? Will more batters swing for the fences? To help wrangle in some thoughts on the power surge, Statcast gives us the barrels statistic. A quick look at the leaderboard

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Bryce Harper, Giancarlo Stanton, Joey Gallo, and Miguel Sano are the obvious names, as their 80-grade power has already been shown in the MLB. And while true top-of-the-scale power is a rarity, impact power is the most significant single tool when it comes to dynasty evaluation. Finding power bats early

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