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The 2018 leaderboard for barrels per batted ball event (min. 50 batted balls) reads like a home run derby bracket, or maybe a list of baseball’s strongest men. That’s especially true for the first 17 names. But at No. 18, right ahead of reigning American League MVP Mookie Betts, is

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Rankings Counterpoint

On Monday, fellow colleague Nick Doran introduced a “Rankings Counterpoint” series at TDG, imploring you to sell high on the Rays’ Matt Moore. In piggyback fashion, I’m here to tell you to do the opposite with the Athletics’ Sonny Gray, whom the TDG staff collectively ranked 35th among starting pitchers.

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With the Winter Meetings a little less than a week away (Dec. 9-12), baseball’s hot stove wasted no time cranking up the heat; numerous free-agent deals of the big and small variety have already been agreed upon, and a trade no one saw coming–possibly including one of the two teams

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The innate ability of Billy Beane to consistently make trades that bring back quality pitching prospects in the low minor leagues is nothing short of a gift, and it has allowed the Oakland A’s to flourish despite the perpetual need to trade pitchers before they become expensive. One of the

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