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Dynasty BaseballInjury Report

Greg Bird Bird is out with the same injury that cost him much of the 2017 season. Last year, Bird underwent surgery on July 17th to remove a bone spur on the same foot (in the same location, near what is called the tarsal tunnel).  The good news is that

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Dynasty DynamicsThe Dynasty Guru Experts League

The following is an overview of The Dynasty Guru Experts League (Volume II) initial draft. This is a 20 team, 5×5 league that utilizes OPS and SV+HLD instead of AVG and SV. We thought it might be good to put our money where our mouth is and have a league

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From the 21st of January to the 20th of February, the writers at TDG will be taking you through our rankings position-by-position. As I mentioned in the primer, this year we’re doing things a little differently. Instead of having my personal rankings up on this site, like last year, these

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