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Week 5 was defined by injuries, which means, frankly, we’re not looking at injury replacements today. We are not sheep! We do not do the easy thing! We look where others don’t bother to look, which, too often, is at what’s in front of our faces, so let us turn

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2019 Dynasty FootballDynasty FootballDynasty League Football Rankings

Continuing the process of ranking players, we come to the Wide Receiver group. You can find our QB Rankings here, our RB rankings here, both include 2019 Rookies.   These rankings are based off team position, age, production and future prediction on production. Trades & injuries are unpredictable but will

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Dynasty FootballDynasty Football Buy/Sell

In this article series, I am going to go over some players I have ranked higher than the Expert Consensus Rankings (ECR) on FantasyPros. I will highlight three players in the coming days, then another three who I have ranked lower than the ECR. While ECR and Average Draft Position

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