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Disaster struck my squad in Week One. I sat in 17th place out of 20 in the TDGX league, with some significant warning lights flashing already. My first round draft pick, Ryan Braun, can’t feel the thumb on his throwing hand. More importantly for our purposes, that thumb happens to

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We here at The Dynasty Guru are nothing if not opportunists, so instead of a look at a fairly ignored starting pitching prospect (Luke Jackson), you, our loyal reader, will be treated to the topic du jour: WHAT DO I DO I JUST LOST JASON FREAKING HEYWARD FOR THE REST

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Not much of an introduction here for Part 2, as we’ll just jump right into the fold. The only thing to note is that here is where the underbelly of the position rests, and it causes there to be a minimal difference between a lot of players on this list.

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