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Back at the outset of the season our Great Leader Bret had all of us here at Dynasty Guru jot down some bold predictions for the season. You can find my original list with context and argument here. Then I checked in on how things were progressing in June, and

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The Dynasty Guru Experts LeagueUncategorized

You’ve been following TDGX. You love TDGX. We all love TDGX.  And every week here at The Dynasty Guru, I am going to be bringing you commentary from our flagship experts’ league, directly from the participants themselves. The goal here is to give you insight into the moves made by

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Let’s just cut right to the chase here, because I’m jonesing to unleash these lil’ jewels on the world. 1. LaTroy Hawkins will lead the Rockies in Saves Yesssss. We’re starting with a bang, baby. Rex Brothers spent the entire offseason as the sexy pick to take over for the

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The Dynasty Guru Experts League

Last week, I went through the first ten picks of my TDGX draft. This week, I’ll talk about the rest. I’m still amazed how quickly we finished this draft–it was finished in under three weeks, which worked out to over two rounds per day! So rather than spread this out

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