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I love it when a plan comes together to write an article about two (or more) players that I’ve mentally attached at the hip. The two Dodgers sluggers, Yasmani Grandal and Yasiel Puig, have long held my attention for being able to hit the ball so damn hard, yet have

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One of the most exciting things in baseball (or really any sport) is the rookie who comes up to the big leagues and dominates right out of the gate. The Mike Trouts, the Stephen Strasburg’s, the Yasiel Puig’s, the Jose Fernandez’s…elite talents that burst onto the scene and impact the

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If you would have told me four months ago that I’d be writing for some of the same sites I read each day with my morning coffee, I would have said that you were insane. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to provide content here at The Dynasty Guru. I’ve

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It’s only natural that as the resident Dodgers fan here at The Dynasty Guru that I would write about the Dodgers other Rookie of the Year candidate: Hyun-Jin Ryu*. Entering the year there were a lot of questions about Ryu and the type of fantasy value he could provide. Much of this

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I know I shouldn’t. I really do. I have an analytical mind. I’m aware of what a small sample is. I know what Spring Training statistics are good for. There are a thousand things that I know which all should prevent me from joining the growing ranks of Puig-A-Mania, but

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