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The 2018 leaderboard for barrels per batted ball event (min. 50 batted balls) reads like a home run derby bracket, or maybe a list of baseball’s strongest men. That’s especially true for the first 17 names. But at No. 18, right ahead of reigning American League MVP Mookie Betts, is

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Hi. My name is Jim. I write about launch angles, exit velocities, expected on-base averages, barrels and all manner of things that try to answer the question “why?” Why do baseball stats like batting average, WHIP, home runs, earned run average, isolated slugging percentage and on-base percentage become what they

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Predicting Power: Part 1 Juiced ball or not, there was an increase in power across the MLB in 2016. Will pitchers adjust? Will more batters swing for the fences? To help wrangle in some thoughts on the power surge, Statcast gives us the barrels statistic. A quick look at the leaderboard

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