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Now that I have seven 2024 Dynasty league teams (I didn’t mean to join so many, I swear), let’s take a look at the guys who are rostered on the most. Usually, I don’t try to roster a lot of the same guys (outside the studs of course: Acuña, JRod, etc. – unlucky for me, I don’t have a team with Ohtani (:sad face:) since having diverse rosters makes me track a lot more players, but there are a few guys I make an effort to grab on all my teams, and here they are.

I wrote up Nolan Gorman as a 2B target, so click it and read it to find out why (then come back and read on!). Astute Dynasty leaguers saw Anthony Volpe go 20/20 albeit with a .206 batting average, and licked their chops. I’ve seen him as a second SS on a lot of teams so if his current manager would deal him, I would be sending an offer; heck, I’d send one anyway, see if you can get him talking. As a Cubs fan, I was in on Matt Mervis earlier than most in my leagues, so that’s why he is still here. His value hasn’t been lower, so no reason to trade him for little, better to hope and pray the Cubs give him a shot in 2024. Here’s hoping tfor a big spring from Never Nervous Mervis.

One prospect is more well-known of the two prospect pitchers I roster on a few teams; Cubbie Ben Brown and much lesser-known Josh Stephan, a part of the Rangers system. The 24-year-old Brown, averaging a prospect rank just inside the top-100 (of the nine prospect lists surveyed) came to Chicago from the Phillies in a trade deadline deal in 2022 for reliever David Robertson. Brown has a minor league K/9 of 11.85 (and since 2022: 12.75) though with a walk rate of almost four. He missed the month of August due to an oblique injury after being promoted to Triple-A Iowa, and when he returned for September the team was patient with him, allowing Brown to only throw 7.2 innings. Triple-A may be rough going to start the season, so a small buy window may open up.

The 22-year-old Stephan doesn’t have overpowering stuff, throwing a low 90s fastball with a changeup and slider in support. His career minor league numbers spent mostly at Single-A, yielded a very promising 10.41 K/9 and my favorite stat, a 2.57 BB/9. Stephan was injured in July though and his last appearance in 2023 was July 4th, his only start after being promoted to Double-A. Only rostered in 13% of Fantrax leagues, he very well may be available in yours (but not if you’re in a league with me).

Reynaldo López is a pitcher I am very intrigued by, and he has joined many of my teams this offseason. Atlanta signed López to a three-year, $26 million contract this past November, and then announced he would compete with Bryce Elder and AJ Smith-Shawver for the #5 spot in the rotation. That alone is worthy of a roster spot; he is coming off a very solid season in relief for three teams, with 83 Ks in 66 innings pitched and a 3.27 ERA. That comes on the heels of his 2021 and 2022 seasons when he posted an ERA of 3.43 and 2.76, respectively. López’s walk rate of 4.64 last season was not in line with his prior ones, so improvement to that category is likely, and walking less guys rolls downhill into more Ks and a better ERA. Even if he doesn’t win the fifth starter role, he can still provide good ratios and Holds, if nothing else. Worth an add off the wire.

Another Braves pitcher who features prominently on multiple teams of mine, Max Fried is getting faded this offseason and I can only speculate as to why; maybe it’s his K/9 under 10.00, with a career rate of 8.84; maybe it’s cause he crossed the dreaded age 30? Or maybe it’s that he started the season on the IL and only made 14 starts in 2023? Huh? Fried crushed those 14 starts: 2.55 ERA, 1.13 WHIP, 9.27 K/9 and 2.09 BB/9. In our startup 16-team Dynasty draft among TDG writers this off-season, I took Fried in the 7th round, pick 93 overall. If his shortened 2023 season created a discount it’s a worthwhile ask to see if you can acquire him.

One more bonus, lesser-known Tampa Bay Ray Austin Shenton. He’s a bit of an older prospect at 27 years of age, but let’s look at the pudding proof. He’s never had a wRC+ lower than 100 and has a career slash line of .290/.395/.534 with 58 homers in 1,181 AB. In 2023, splitting time between Double-A and Triple-A, (and his Triple-A numbers were better) Shenton hit 29 homers and had 201 R+RBI. His K rate has always been high, above 25%, but a near 14% walk rate is excellent. The lefty slugger won’t steal any bases, and played 3B in the minors, but is most likely a 1B/DH. The Rays added him to their 40-man roster in November, so they’re going to utilize him in 2024, and he’s someone definitely to keep an eye on (and in deep leagues, add him up).

Any guys you roster on multiple teams (with good reason – cause, you know, sometimes you’re just stuck with)? Let us know in the comments!

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