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The prospect mavens have been working hard over the past few months here at the TDG offices to bring you some of the best consensuses at least in our opinion rankings of the top and not-so-top prospects in the game that will hopefully give you a leg up on your competition that just looks at the MLB.com rankings (with all due respect of course.) If you`ve been with us for a while you will generally see the same rollout as past years, one week will focus on outfielders, next on shortstops, and so forth.

This year however we decided to break down our rankings into tiers and provide commentary for each tier as a whole with multiple Guru`s chiming in where they see fit. This will provide more than just a single voice to the readers while letting the authors offer their opinions on players they deem worthy enough to write about. Hopefully, it will be a fun, informative read and you will come away with an idea of how a certain player is looked at by the industry.

As always, our rankings are geared towards a 15-team OBP roto league with a three to five-year view on our team.

This week we`ll be looking at the third base position.

Tier 1

1Junior Caminero
2Coby Mayo
3Colt Keith
4Noelvi Marte

This tier is standing at the peak of the mountain and everyone is climbing over each other, or even throwing elbows from the top rope trying to get one of these players. Junior Caminero is the top dog here and boy did he blow the doors off of the minors in 2023. At High-A and Double-A, he hit .324/.384/.591, for an OPS of .976. He destroyed 31 home runs but isn’t plagued by high strikeouts like some players and can even take a walk if need be. Oh, and he hits missiles with high exit velocities. Basically, he can do it all, except for adding a decent stolen base total. He is still the crown jewel of third base prospects and a must-get in dynasty leagues (Daniel Labude).

Whenever the sun sets on the 2024 fantasy baseball season, if your goal is to be sitting on the front porch and polishing your trophy, then this tier of prospects will be of importance to you. All four are major league-ready and should provide considerable value to any fantasy team. Caminero, Mayo, and Keith are big power hitters with very good bat skills who should be able to hit for average in the bigs. Marte will give you more stolen bases out of the group, but not much in the power department. The knock on this tier is, where they are going to play in the majors. In Cincinnati, Marte is blocked in the infield and might have to move to the outfield just to find some at-bats. Caminero has played mostly third base and Tampa Bay has Isaac Parades holding down that position. DH looks open, which could allow Caminero to see time there, or for the Rays to slot Paredes at DH and give him third base. Mayo is looking blocked everywhere on the diamond and will have to outplay someone to get at-bats. Keith has second base and third base open in Detroit and may have the easiest path to early at-bats. All that said, Caminero is the foundation you want to build your team around, he is worth the cost and if you have an opportunity to get him, it’s almost a must and worth an overpay (Brian Labude).

This first tier is a no-brainer and offers up some of the best prospects in fantasy baseball. I would be happy with any of them, but I LOVE Coby Mayo and he has been my darkhorse AL Rookie of the Year pick for this season dating back to last summer (Ryan).

Tier 2

5Ronny Mauricio
6Curtis Mead
7Orelvis Martinez
8Thomas Saggese
9Brady House
10Tyler Black
11Brock Wilken
12Graham Pauley

This might be my favorite tier of the group. If you can’t swing one of the top 4 prospects at third base, this tier has just about everything you could be looking for. Orelvis Martinez figured some things out in 2023 and could be a phone call away from Toronto this season. He has massive power, a solid hit tool, and improving plate discipline. Ronny Mauricio shouldn’t be overlooked because of his injury that sidelines him for this season. He is a power/speed threat and will put it on display when he comes back from the injury. Brady House has the hit tool, but we are still waiting on his power. It should come, hopefully, sooner than later. The one prospect that could surprise and move quicker than expected is Brock Wilken. Coming from college in 2023, he has massive power and a good feel for getting on base. If he starts 2024 hot, he could see Triple-A in no time (Daniel Labude).

This second tier is almost as loaded as the first. Mauricio is my guy here, as I believe he would have been pushing Caminero for the top spot if it were not for his knee injury in the Dominican Winter League. As for the rest of the tier, I can’t just pick one. Everyone has plus or better power and good to great hit tools (Orelvis with possibly the worst hit tool of the bunch). If you can get anyone in this tier, you can rest easy, knowing you have a stud third baseman nearing the bigs (Brian Labude).

In the first tier, I mentioned my AL Rookie of the Year candidate was Coby Mayo, well this tier features my “outside chance” pick for NL Rookie of the Year in Thomas Saggese. Goose, as he`s affectionately known around some parts does everything slightly above average. He isn`t going to hit .300, maybe .270. He won’t hit 25 home runs or steal 30 bags but he could go 20/15. He only had a brief showing in Triple-A last year, but a good start to the season and perhaps a need on the infield by the Cardinals may hasten Saggese`s call to the Majors (Ryan).

Tier 3

13Justyn-Henry Malloy
14Bryan Ramos
15Yohandy Morales
16Sterlin Thompson
17Michael Busch
18Sal Stewart
19Cam Collier
20Luke Adams
21Deyvison De Los Santos
22Ignacio Alvarez
23Andres Chaparro
24Aidan Miller
25Zach Dezenzo

Another top-notch tier full of players I am looking to roster. Yohandy Morales and Sterlin Thompson are the ones that stand out though. Morales is a big-body monster who may struggle to stay at third base, but don’t be deceived by his lack of power in 42 games after being drafted in 2023. He hits the ball exceptionally hard and has excess power. The biggest takeaway from his pro debut was his success at getting on base and racking up the hits. The power will come for sure. Thompson has been a bit of a hot topic in debates, but here is a quick rundown. He hits the ball hard, has a great feel for hitting, and was lighting the world on fire before an elbow injury derailed his 2023 season. He still had success after coming back and made it to Double-A, but he really wasn’t the same player at times. In 2024, watch for him to continue lowering his ground ball rates, translating more balls in the air into more home runs. At a minimum, he is a good hitter who will get on base with a good average and provide some power/speed production. (Daniel Labude).

I’m always looking for prospects that will not only be fantasy baseball relevant but also rise in value. This tier holds a number of those that fit both criteria for me. The top four, Malloy, Ramos, Morales, and Thompson really stand out in their potential to rise and join the second tier. If I’m picking one it’s Morales, his hit tool coming out of college is above the other three. If he can show that the power translates to wood bats, then I’m banking that he moves up a tier by mid-season (Brian Labude).

The Author

Ryan Epperson

Ryan Epperson

Lead prospect analyst and managing editor for The Dynasty Guru.

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