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Mid-Season Rankings Primer

Before we release the articles and lists for the inaugural edition of our midseason rankings, I wanted to write a quick primer on what you all can expect in the coming weeks. Taylor and I wanted to do something different than what we and many other sites have done in the past, where we release an updated list with maybe a little commentary and that’s it. For full disclosure, and in case this idea implodes once it hits 8,000ft below sea level, it is primarily the result of my ADHD-riddled brain, so don’t blame Taylor. Instead, all hatred and blame can be directed towards me *he did give his blessing and support though, so maybe a little blame.*

[Taylor enters the room, scribbles something illegible on a small notepad, glares in Ryan’s general direction, and leaves in a huff.]

[Ryan presses forward]

We will focus on two divisions each week, starting with the AL East & Central. During the week you will see an article highlighting a player or two (or more) from each position in the division and why they are moving up or down our rankings. We will also have articles on interesting prospects in each division, discussing how they’ve done since they were called up, or just guys we feel you should know more about.

You can also expect to see a redo of an FYPD from us, along with roundtable discussions on the various hits and misses we’ve had so far in the season for each league.

[A door slams somewhere in the distance. Across the house. Maybe across the world. A slam that, if you listen closely, might just maybe be the echo of a man still processing why he didn’t trade up to draft Jackson Holliday this offseason. Ryan turns slightly, curious, but unphased.]

[He continues.]

Here’s the catch with the rankings, *this is where my hair-brained idea takes hold* you will not be privy to our actual complete rankings until the last division is published, except if you are a member of our Discord (donate here to join!)  they have access to our rankings as soon as we finalize them. The good news is, is that there is still time for YOU to join the Discord (assuming you’re reading this before the first article posts) and if you join now, you also will automatically have a chance to win an Oneil Cruz bobblehead along with all the other great perks of being a member. Seriously, for just 15$, you too can have early access to rankings, find new leagues, get trade and draft advice writers and other Discordians, plus help feed hungry Gurus the world over *cue Sarah McLachlan music.*

[Ed. note: feel free to donate more if you so choose, who are we to judge]

If you’ve made it this far, I want to thank all the readers sincerely for hanging out with us, without you we would just be old men yelling at clouds, and that just doesn’t stroke our egos enough. Please feel free to harass me on Twitter (@ppenayr) or reach out to the TDG Twitter (@dynastyguru) if you hate the idea, love it, or just don’t really care either way.

I hope you enjoy the series.

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Ryan Epperson

Ryan Epperson

Lead prospect analyst and managing editor for The Dynasty Guru.

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