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TDG Is Looking For New Writers

Hello Dynasty Enthusiasts!

This is your friendly neighborhood dynasty dad, Taylor Case. The baseball postseason may be crawling to an end, but if you’ve read our site before, you know that our work has just begun. Our team works tirelessly to produce our dynasty baseball rankings (which you can find in here) as well as brainstorm content for the next year. To say nothing of our basketball and football coverage!

And now is your chance to join us.

TDG was founded by Bret Sayre, who you may recognize as the president and CEO of Baseball Prospectus. Other TDG alumni include Craig Goldstein, Ben Carsley, Jeff Quinton, Wilson Karaman, Greg Wellemeyer, George Bissell, J.J. Jansons, Nick Doran, Shelly Verougstraete, Joe Drake, and Jesse Roche. If you’re a new dynasty enthusiast who is interested in developing your writing, or an established writer looking to enlarge your visibility, TDG could be a great opportunity for you. This goes especially true for women, BIPOC, and gender non-conforming writers. Your voice is a welcome addition to the fantasy sports landscape and one to which we would love to give a platform.

Here’s how to apply:

– If you are a writer with experience at either your own blog or another site, send us an email with links to your writing, some information about yourself, and why you’d be a good fit at TDG.

– If you are a dynasty league player without writing experience, send us an email explaining why you think we should consider you for a writing position at TDG. We will assign you a writing assignment of approximately 500-600 words on a given topic as part of the review process.

We could use writers for baseball, football, or basketball, so don’t hesitate to drop us a line!

I look forward to hearing from you!



Taylor Case

Content Manager

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Taylor Case

Taylor Case

Taylor Case can't get enough baseball. A lifetime Padres fan, he's a big believer in beating the shift and letting the kids play. But if the strike zone turns into a robot, well, he might not play anymore.

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