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Jared’s Jet Setters: Miami Marlins Prospect Eury Perez

Welcome to the first edition of #JaredsJetSetters on The Dynasty Guru! I am so excited for the opportunity to bring you this segment. We have a fun prospect to kick off this week in Miami Marlins top pitching prospect Eury Perez. The 18-year-old has been impressing everyone all year long. The Marlins were very aggressive with his assignment and started him in Low-A this year. They also have a great track record of developing pitchers, so I am paying attention to any rising pitching prospect in the Marlins organization. 

Perez has thrown 38 innings, accumulating a 1.71 ERA, 0.95 WHIP with 77 strikeouts and 20 walks for an impressive 36.7% strikeout rate and 9.5% walk rate. To go along with that, he really stands out with his 6’8, 200-pound projectable frame. He has already reached 97.6 mph on his fastball, showing that his 60-grade fastball is legit. I watched a video of him from about two months ago. He possesses a smooth delivery and has great control of his body that is coupled with solid secondary offerings he is still developing. His curveball has some great spin to it and he can throw strikes consistently, although I’d like to see his 3.42 BB/9 come down a bit. 

He had his most dominant outing of the minor league season in his last start, going five innings, giving up just two hits, walking none, and striking out nine. The zero walks are a great sign that his command and control are slowly improving. The fact he is putting up these ridiculous numbers at such a high level at 18 years old makes you believe that the future will be extremely bright.

When I was watching the video of him, the player he reminds me the most of is Yordano Ventura. Ventura was much shorter but possessed that same high-octane fastball, the amazing ability to miss bats and pound the strike zone. His size led to many questions about his durability to sustain a 162-game season. You won’t have that issue arise with Perez. He is eight inches taller and weighs more, and that should make every fantasy baseball owner feel heart-eye emojis.

The key factor to him taking off and becoming a top-tier pitching prospect will be experience. He has already received praise as the most impressive pitcher in the Marlins’ camp during Instructional League. Once he gets more innings under his belt and tightens up command of his pitches, we are going to see Perez become the next pitcher the Marlins have developed into an absolute stud. If it isn’t too late, get him rostered in your dynasty fantasy baseball league as soon as possible. His value is going to skyrocket in the next year or two. 

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