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Trader’s Corner: TDGX 2.0

Welcome to Trader’s Corner, located at the corner of first base and opportunity. This week, I’ll be analyzing the preseason trades that took place in TDGX 2.0, much to my co-workers’ chagrin, I’m sure. In the future, we’ll be evaluating trades sent in by all of you, our wonderful readers. If you’d like your trade to appear in next week’s installment, drop it in the comments below (along with any relevant league information)!

  • 3/13: Merkel sends SP Corbin Burnes (R) to Melichar for OF Eric Thames

Melichar sends the Badass and acquires what he hopes will be a strong three-category contributor in Burnes. He has rocketed through the minor leagues so far, posting a 1.67 ERA across two levels last year, finishing the year in Double-A Biloxi. He’s slated to begin the year at Triple-A Colorado Springs, which won’t be pretty. However, the numbers don’t match the scouting reports, which peg him as a future mid-rotation starter. Mid-rotation starting prospects are aplenty in the league, but few are as advanced as him and feature as close of a proximity to the Majors.

How you feel about Thames depends on how closely you value monthly splits. He hit 11 of his 31 homers in April but posted a solid .247/.359/.518 triple slash with 83 runs scored. He has good standing in the lineup, outfield eligibility, and has shown mammoth power. Pitcher’s adjust to hitters, but hitters can also learn to adjust back. You’ll learn more about Merkel’s rationale for trading him below.

  • 3/14: Merkel sends Kris Bryant to Ryne for Cody Bellinger

This trade was confusing at first. If Merkel wanted Bellinger, he could’ve just taken him in the draft. Instead, he chose Bryant and flipped him to Ryne, who took Bellinger three picks later. It’s common to have doubts in your draft strategy immediately after, but not with your first pick! It turns out that Merkel had no qualms taking Bryant in the first round. He was shopping for a replacement for Ian Desmond at first base, a late round desperation draft pick made to fill a position. In a panic, he acquired Thames and decided to trade for Bellinger, preferring the starting combination of Matt Chapman at third with Bellinger at first to the duo of Kris Bryant and Ian Desmond. Look past the screwup and commend this man for a job well done! That only leaves one more issue…

  • 3/15: Merkel sends 1B Ian Desmond to Patrick for Shane Bieber

BAM! Problem solved. Good job, Merkel. Let’s see what it cost you…

Merkel forfeits:
Corbin Burnes
Kris Bryant
Ian Desmond

Merkel receives:
Eric Thames
Cody Bellinger
Shane Bieber

The only guy you’ll “miss” is Corbin Burnes, which isn’t a lot to surrender for such a drastic miscalculation. Take note, readers: not everyone can be as lucky as Merkel.

  • 3/18: Kaz sends Lonnie Chisenhall to Ryne for Sal Romano

Chisenhall posted a career-high wRC+ last year due to an 80 point increase in ISO. He has plenty of warts. He’s a platoon bat, hasn’t eclipsed 400 plate appearances in two of the last three seasons, and doesn’t hit in a run-producing spot in the lineup. But, this is TDGX, and you can’t be picky in a league of this size. Chisenhall offers potential power, AVG, and maybe some runs and RBI with a little luck.

Sal Romano throws hard, has a slider, and spotty command. Good luck with that. This profile is extremely common and most of them end up in the bullpen. I can safely say his “reminding me of Sal Fasano tool” is better than anything he offers on the mound.

  • 3/28: Grella sends Jake Faria and a 2019 2nd round draft pick to Ryne for Didi Gregorius.

I loved Didi coming into this season. I think the power is a legit fantasy asset as long as he stays in New York. He’s hitting in a lineup LOADED with on-base machines, and he plays a premium position. On the other hand, I did see Faria pitch against Boston last week and I liked what I saw. He averaged nearly a strikeout per inning at 23 years old and shows good movement on the curve and split. With that being said, the tie goes to the position player despite Faria being four years younger because pitchers can blow up at any moment. Props to Grella for going out and getting his man.

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