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Touch Em’ All – TDG’s Weekly Roundup

As TDG gears up for a new baseball season, we are promoting a new weekly feature providing the most interesting and informative baseball articles from across the internet.  These pieces will not be limited to dynasty formats or fantasy baseball.  In addition, we will provide a brief synopsis of the articles and our hot take on the article.  However, our primary goal is to grow your interest in all facets of baseball in an effort to aid decisions related to your fantasy team.

Also, one of our fearless update members – comprised of Patrick Brennan, Johnathan Merkel, Patrick Magnus – will provide a monthly feature challenging the ideas and opinions of our selected articles.  Too often the echo chamber mentality can be prevalent in fantasy baseball sites.  We want to provide you – the reader – a different mindset as you navigate the waiver wire and trade offers.

Do not hesitate to comment if there’s an article we missed, a piece for us to challenge, or a site we should include.

Baseball News

Data Driven Fantasy Analysis

Player Write Up’s

  • Austin Slater: Great Name, Great Investment:
    “Not only does the name sound great, but he could also be a valuable asset to your dynasty team. I am a firm believer that Austin Slater (and his great name) deserve a little more discussion within the dynasty baseball community.” –Patrick Magnus
  • Chris Taylor: The Buy-High Candidate:
    “We all know that the arrow is down, but your Chris Taylor owner is likely to misjudge how far down it should go. Research by psychologists Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky shows that we almost always overshoot the direction of probabilistic misjudgments like these. This is to your advantage as a buyer.” -EJ Fagan 
  • 2018 Player Profile: Xander Bogaerts:
    “The underlying data suggests that Bogaerts may not have as much upside, in the short-term or long-term, as is commonly believed, particularly with regards to his power potential.” –Anthony Franco
  • Bryon Buxton’s Seccond-Half Surge:
    “Of course, you know that once I’m on board with Buxton, his cost has to be through the roof since my barrier to entry was set so high. The market is currently taking him as the 50th player off the board. I get it. I can’t see myself doing it, but I get it. I’m a “get your guys” drafter, even if it means bucking ADP by a few rounds. Just be reasonable.” –Paul Sporer

Fantasy Strategy/Draft Strategy

  • Reality as a Fantasy Lesson:
    “Occasionally, a fantasy owner will decide they want to sell a specific player in a specific time period. In my observance, this usually leads to a suboptimal return. It’s always best to sell when there is peak demand for your asset. If you have to push the deal uphill, chances are you’re coming out on the wrong side of it. Reality has supplied us with a fantastic example.” –Brad Johnson
  • Tank To Win: My Rotowire Dynastic Invitational Draft
    “When BP’s Greg Wellemeyer invited me to participate in James Anderson’s 20-team industry dynasty startup, I only had one condition – we had to intentionally tank for two seasons.” –Tom Trudeau


  • Top 50 Dynasty Catchers ($):
    “Catchers! Catchers! Catchers! Exclamation points attempt to make it more exciting, but don’t really help. You need to roster one unless you’re unfortunate enough to need to roster two.” –Bret Sayre
  • Cleveland Indians 2018 Top 50 Prospects:
    “While not developing as many top tier prospects as those franchises rated at the top, the Indians have consistently been improving their minor league outlook the past several seasons. They now boast a number of young players that may be in position to help the major league club in the foreseeable future.” –Donovan Scotch
  • 2018 Fantasy Baseball Top 100 Prospects:
    “Top 100 prospects. The concept shouldn’t be lost on you. It’s a numbered list of prospects, ordered by preference. It’s not all the prospects. It’s only 100. The best 100. Some might even say the top 100.” –Scott White
  • Projecting the 2018 Toronto Blue Jays, Part 2: Catchers
    Martin is king catcher and probably one of the most secure players on the roster. However, Patrick Marsh suggests the Jays need to be looking elsewhere. “The Blue Jays should pursue either a backup catcher for Martin or someone who can split the time and eventually take over for him by 2019.”  –Patrick Marsh


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