Trader’s Corner: Open For Business

We all love a good fantasy baseball trade. That’s why I’m going to set up shop on the Trader’s Corner here at DynastyGuru. Do you like my hand-painted sign? I’ll update you on trades in #TDGX and go into some detail about my own moves in that league. I’m hoping you’ll submit your trades as well. We’ll bat them around with some of the other writers and we’ll even post a poll for the readers to have their say. There seems to be a lot of “Do I pull the trigger?” questions in fantasy, so I think this will be a useful exercise that can both promote discussion and give some insight on players’ perceived values.

If you’d like to submit a pending or completed trade for us to talk about, email me at If you include some details about your league format as well as the rest of the rosters for the teams involved, that would give us a lot more to talk about and help us inform our opinions.

While we wait for the queue to fill, here are ten characters you might come across while navigating the trade waters. See if you recognize anyone and feel free to add some of your own characters in the comments.

Let’s take a look at some trading partners you may (or may not) want to cut a deal with in part one of this two-part series. Each character is given a frustration rating on a 1-5 scale, where 1 isn’t that bad and 5 makes you want to tear your hair out.

The Historian
The Historian likes to remind you how you acquired every player on your roster in order to gain an edge in negotiations. His elephantine memory is admirable, but also frustrating. Historians can be found in their natural habitat, the keeper league, but are especially annoying if they find their way into a dynasty league. “Why would I give you top dollar for Player X now when you only gave up a minor league pick for him back in 2007?” Thanks for remembering! Frustration Level: 2 Moving on…

The Negative Nelly
Negative Nelly appears harmless at first glance, but when you start up trade negotiations, watch out. Remember that team you drafted and felt pretty good about? Negative Nelly will be sure to destroy all of that. You see, when Negative Nelly negotiates, all of your players suddenly become 6-foot piles of manure and no combination of them could even come close to the amazing team of all-stars that Nelly has on his hands. You’re sitting on a bunch of over-rated hacks and he’s got players with gold-plated sacks. Not only will you not get a deal done, but you’ll leave with the self-esteem of a pimply faced 13-year-old with orthodontic headgear. Frustration Level: 2

Captain Blueballs
The Captain will be happy to take your calls. He’ll respond to all of your email requests. He’ll even negotiate with you, bouncing trade offers back and forth…back and forth…back and forth. The problem is nothing ever happens. Captain Blueballs has perfected the art of wasting your time. Sit back and watch as dozens of perfectly reasonable, completed deals pass through your inbox while Captain Blueballs tells you he “needs to think about it”. Frustration Level: 5

Mr. Contingency (AKA: The Politician)
A distant relative of Captain Blueballs, Mr. Contingency will negotiate with you all day long. He’ll have no problem being polite, compromising, and doing all the other good things that should happen in trade talks. One small problem. Unlike Captain Blueballs, the deal will get done…but only under one condition. This is when the whole thing falls apart, because you’re not willing to accept the deal with an insurance plan, three asterisks, and a footnote section as long as your forearm about a player to be named in 2019. Frustration Level: 5

The Hothead
The Hothead is an interesting bird. Sometimes trade talks get started with a bad/low-ball offer just to get things rolling. Happens all the time. Please don’t make this mistake with the Hothead. If the Hothead even thinks a trade offer may appear lopsided in your favor, he will send you an email reply that would make Andrew Dice Clay blush. By offering him Jason Kipnis and a closer for Robinson Cano, you have somehow insulted him, his intelligence, his family, his country, and the entire human race. Never engage the Hothead by commenting on his team. Just smile and say “You should be running away with this thing” and get the hell out of there. Frustration Level: 2

Part two next week. Send me your trades!

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63 comments on “Trader’s Corner: Open For Business

  1. RotoLando says:

    What do you do when you have a crappy team and need to trade your way out of it?

    I hate sending (and getting) “quantity for quality” offers, but what if you don’t have any single player that can get a stud in return?

    How can you still send out 2-for-1 offers without becoming that guy who no one wants to see in their inbox?

    • Mike Buttil says:

      Hey RotoLando,

      It’s tricky. I think you want to leave all of your doors and windows open and listen to what each team is “saying” with their roster. If trading is going to be your way out, then relationships with other league members is going to be very important and you want your offers to be appealing because they will fill a need for them.

      A lot of times I sell on closers and steals guys. In dynasty leagues it’s pitching prospects. I find that they make nice sweeteners when you’re close to sealing it up but don’t hurt your rebuilding effort too much in the long run.

      This is the part that takes more work, but finding a projection system you believe in that assigns dollar values. That way you can (as best you can) see which 2-for-1 deals will net you smaller gains in value and work your way up the ladder by flipping players. This strategy worked for me when I needed to rebuild. I stopped chasing big names, but the guys I was acquiring didn’t stay on my team very long as I looked to flip them for better and better pieces.

      Thanks for reading. Hope this made sense🙂

  2. Chad says:

    Ended up with a trade I couldn’t refuse. 100% dynasty. My RPs are bad. Only had one C (Santana) and the team wanted a guy he dropped and I grabbed when Latos went down. I gave Archer for Soriano and Mesaroco. No $ or years. Have plenty of SP depth, esp when Lat returns but after recent outing by Archer I am wondering if that was a bad move. Thoughts? Thanks TDG!!

    • Chad says:

      Only start 2 SPs and 2 RPs a week. Fieri is only decent closer. Have Waino Zimm Teharen tanaka Salazar Latos Twalker and grabbed E Ramirez after trade. To give better idea!

    • Mike Buttil says:

      Hi Chad,

      IMO Archer is the best player in the deal, but the bottom line is you improved your team with this trade and that’s all that matters. Saves are saves, and while Soriano is dicey, he’ll fill that void for you at least temporarily. From your wording, I am guessing that you are in a two-catcher league, and having Santana and Mesoraco is a great pairing. Mesoraco is a nice piece in that format. Looks like you have a lot of pitching as well, and I’m never shy about trading arms given the chances for injuries and the number of pitchers out there.

      • Chad says:

        I agree Archer is prob best player but as a waiver pu I am ok with getting a good closer, yes dicey at times, and a C I had in his minors days. It is a one catcher league but my 3b is suspect this year and if Mez can produce I would love to have him and Carlos playing. Thanks for your input and I will hope for the best, or that Archer doesn’t become a top 10 guy, ha!

    • Mike Buttil says:

      anytime. Yeah, you’ve got lots of pitching already so don’t stress it. You’re filing needs on your team.

    • Mike Buttil says:

      I like Heaney more than Jones and Erasmo in dynasty. I think if you are hurting for saves and you have any doubts about Soriano you might want to hold on Jones. Otherwise, grab Heaney.

      • Chad says:

        Sorry mike- quick thought. On the dropping of jones potentially, should I drop Parnell or him? Have Rex and Hoover for now to go w raf Soriano and fieri. Thank you!

    • Mike Buttil says:

      Eh, this is why I hate closers. I’d probably lose Parnell before Jones. Sounds like Broxton is going to be the man when he gets off the DL, so you might want to consider that with Hoover. I’m not sold on Lindstrom and Parnell has a tear in his elbow, so I’d cut Parnell.

      • Chad says:

        God bless you mike, am thinking of grabbing Brox in the coming weeks as details of a return happen. The format is more closer driven w only 2 starters a week! Take care mike & I got Heaney, very pumped!

    • Mike Buttil says:

      Haha right on man. Good job getting Heaney. Yup, go snag Brox. He’s going to be the man for saves in Cincy.

  3. RotoLando says:

    Tanaka for Jay Bruce, straight up. 12 team points league. HRs weighted high, but Ks, QS and Wins also score lots of points.

  4. New to Keeper says:

    5×5 12 team roto 6 Keeper 1st year

    Daily Lineup

    C – Rosario/LucCroy
    1B – C.Davis
    2B – Gyorko (2B/3B)
    3B – Prado
    SS – Andrus
    CI – Freeman
    MI – Al.Ramirez
    OF – Ellsbury/Rios/De Aza/Martin/Pence
    UTIL – Bonifacio
    BN – Revere/Kemp

    P – Ventura/Wilson/Straily
    P – Brothers/Melancon/Strop
    P – Allen/Paxton/Quintana
    BN – Huddy/Lackey
    DL – Hamels

    With 6 keepers, what direction do you like taking with the team?

    Cost = draft pick.

    This is my first ever keeper league.So any advice/tips would be appreciated.

    • Mike Buttil says:

      Hi New,

      Great team! Like any league, it’s about value, so keeping the guys that you think are the best values compared to their draft slots is the way to go. Since it’s only 6 keepers, you’ll want to keep the top end performers from the first few rounds and then a couple value plays.

      Biggest thing I see is your pitching could use a boost. That said, you’ve got pieces to trade. No reason to carry two catchers in a one-catcher league IMO. Ride Boni for now, but i don’t think he’ll keep it up and you can get those same steals numbers from Revere, who has a clearer path to playing time as the season progresses. I like your outfield and your offense seems fine for a 12-teamer, so I’d shop for a nice arm. Lucroy, Boni…these are pieces you can shop. Maybe shop De Aza since he’s hot and you’ve got Kemp coming back. Those bats should get you a arms that can help you staff, and you won’t miss them in your offense. I might even explore offers for Ellsbury with Kemp coming back and Revere on your bench.

      • New to Keeper says:

        Sorry for late reply – for some reason email subscription didnt notify of respnose

        Dropped Bonifacio for Russell – With Revere having a better SB/AVG didn’t see need to have a poor AVG sb on bench. Duplicity for no reason.With Alexi not being a keeper Russell gives me insurance at MI or a trade chip later.

        What would an offer look like here, as he makes some sense as a trade partner.

        C – Ruiz/Castillo
        1B – Goldschmidt
        2B – Miller
        3B – AmRam
        SS – Simmons
        CI – Rizzo
        MI – Walker
        OF – Doumit/Soriano/Reddick/Carter/Lake
        UTIL – Arenado
        BN – LaRoche/Ichiro/A.Escobar/
        DL – Bourn

        P – Wainwright/Felix/Kimbrel
        P – Jansen/Gio/Holland
        P – Miller/Grilli/Moore
        BN – Nova

    • Mike Buttil says:

      No worries. He looks thin in the outfield. I’d try to get one of his aces. Maybe offer Ellsbury since you have Revere to replace the steals you’ll lose from him.

      • New to Keeper says:

        How long should i wait in “seeing where my team is” terms? As I’ve just gotten Kemp back and i’m still a while away from getting Hamels back. Don’t want to make a move for the sake of making a move.

        How much of a need is a power bat somewhere? Or am I just reacting to sample size when I see De Aza having the same # of HR as my entire team combined?

    • Mike Buttil says:

      I don’t think you have a big need for power. Don’t make a move just to make one. Only make moves to help your team win. Use the extra offense to help your pitching improve, but don’t give pieces away for less than you feel they are worth. Giving it some time this early in the season is never a bad idea.

  5. Broker says:

    2nd year 20 team dynasty league with 20 man milb roster

    My Roster:
    Chris Carter
    Donaldson/Todd Frazier
    Hanley/Desmond/Segura (Yes I own 3 shortstops)
    Alex Gordon
    Dexter Fowler
    Corey Dickerson

    Strasburg/Cliff Lee/Teheran/AJ Burnett/Wily Peralta/Carlos Carrascos
    Melancon/Farquhar/Hoover/David Carpenter/Alex Torres

    Bradley/Russell/Alfaro are my top prospects

    Trade 1 (completed)
    I traded Shane Victorino, Kevin Siegrist, and Arodys Vizcaino
    I received Oswaldo Arcia and Gary Brown

    Potential trade
    I give Jean Segura, Archie Bradley and Jorge Alfaro
    I receive Yu Darvish
    thoughts on this one?

    Trade 2 (pending)
    I trade Nate Schierholtz
    I receive Derek Norris
    planning on picking up jaso to platoon with norris

    I probably should look to trade a SS for an upgrade at first base and outfield

    • Mike Buttil says:

      Thanks Broker,

      I’m an owner of three shortstops as well…(Hanley, Segura, Miller). It’s a good problem to have and I agree you can use one of them to upgrade elsewhere. I don’t think I would do that potential trade where you send Segura and Alfaro though. Darvish is a nice arm, but Alfaro could be special and I believe in Segura as a top shortstop talent moving forward (he’s young, too).

      I really like the trade where you received Arcia and Brown.

  6. Braves22 says:

    I have Allen Craig on my team, but have solid players in each of his 3 eligible spots (1B/LF/RF). What should I do with Craig? I know his stock is as low as it’s been since 2012, but could I get anything significant for him?

    A. Stick with him and hope he turns it on, at least somewhat.

    B. Put out feelers for him trade-wise. Hope someone else sees this as pure SSS, and is banking on him doing well (and could use the positional flexibility).

    C. Wait it out, and trade him after his first hot streak.

    League is H2H 7×7 (OBP, SLG – QS, IP) 12-team, 12-keeper league. Thanks.

    • Mike Buttil says:

      Can we do a hybrid of A and B? I would put feelers out to see who is interested in Craig as a player for futures trades, but I think you need to hold and let him do his thing. Peaks and valleys, but it’s hard to suffer through the valleys when it’s happening right out of the gate.

      • Sean says:

        I found someone in my league who doesn’t have a backup for 1B or LF, so they mentioned wanting a player with positional flexibility in the trade block. Also on their trade block, they have Hamels set as available to trade. I sent him an email letting him know I am interested in Hamels. Was wondering if you could help me find a reasonable offer to send. Also, maybe comment on my strengths/weaknesses. Thanks again.

        HIS TEAM
        C Carlos Santana, Cle C, 1B
        1B Jose Abreu, CWS 1B
        2B Ian Kinsler, Det 2B
        3B Josh Donaldson, Oak 3B
        SS Erick Aybar, LAA SS
        LF Alex Gordon, KC LF
        CF Andrew McCutchen, Pit CF
        RF Giancarlo Stanton, Mia RF
        UTIL Billy Butler, KC DH
        Bench Torii Hunter, Det RF
        Bench B.J. Upton, Atl CF
        Bench Mike Zunino, Sea C
        Bench Dan Uggla, Atl 2B
        Bench Grady Sizemore, Bos CF
        DL Jose Reyes, Tor SS

        SP James Shields, KC SP
        SP Adam Wainwright, StL SP
        SP Yordano Ventura, KC SP
        RP Rafael Soriano, Wsh RP
        RP Huston Street, SD RP
        P Drew Smyly, Det RP
        P David Carpenter, Atl RP
        Bench Martin Perez, Tex SP
        Bench Zack Wheeler, NYM SP
        Bench Joe Kelly, StL SP, RP
        DL Cole Hamels, Phi SP
        DL Josh Johnson, SD SP

        MY TEAM
        C Wilin Rosario, Col C
        1B Anthony Rizzo, ChC 1B
        2B Daniel Murphy, NYM 2B
        3B Ryan Zimmerman, Wsh 3B
        SS Elvis Andrus, Tex SS
        LF Allen Craig, StL 1B, LF, RF
        CF Adam Jones, Bal CF
        RF Jason Heyward, Atl RF, CF
        UTIL Alexei Ramirez, CWS SS
        Bench Evan Gattis, Atl C, LF
        Bench Brian Dozier, Min 2B
        Bench Chris Johnson, Atl 3B
        Bench Brett Gardner, NYY CF, LF
        Bench Andre Ethier, LAD CF, RF
        Bench Chris Colabello, Min 1B

        SP Chris Sale, CWS SP
        SP Justin Masterson, Cle SP
        SP Dan Straily, Oak SP
        RP Kenley Jansen, LAD RP
        RP Addison Reed, Ari RP
        P Michael Wacha, StL SP
        P Scott Kazmir, Oak SP
        Bench Mark Melancon, Pit RP
        Bench J.J. Putz, Ari RP
        DL Clayton Kershaw, LAD SP
        DL Eric O’Flaherty, Oak RP

      • Sean says:

        Also, the guy I mentioned above said he was interested in Allen Craig or Elvis Andrus in a trade.

    • Mike Buttil says:

      Hi Sean.

      I’d be hesitant to trade Andrus just because your middle infield isn’t really a strength. I really like your outfield.

      I actually think you’ve got plenty of pitching and don’t need to make either move for Hamels.

  7. New to Keeper says:

    5×5 12 team roto 6 Keeper 1st year

    Daily Lineup

    I am in 1st right now.

    2 C league (failed to mention in other post)

    C – Rosario/LucCroy
    1B – C.Davis
    2B – Gyorko (2B/3B)
    3B – Prado
    SS – Andrus
    CI – Freeman
    MI – Al.Ramirez
    OF – Ellsbury/Rios/Kemp/Martin/Pence
    UTIL –De Aza
    BN – Revere

    P – Ventura/Wilson/Straily
    P – Brothers/Melancon/Strop
    P – Allen/Paxton/S.Kelley
    BN – Huddy/Lackey/Quintana
    DL – Hamels

    Haven’t done anything major since I last posted.Wanted to give Kemp a couple of days of ab to see how he was.Spec grabbed Kelley for some SV potential for a week or 2. Am capable of pressing the drop button with Kelley.

    I am giving myself until Hamels gets back before I do any trading. Which should give me some time to see Ellsbury and Kemp health/reliability. Also see how my rotation develops.

    I am seeing lots of intriguing options with my team. In terms of what to do this year, and setting my core up for future years.

    What do you do if you are me?

    Being a new to keeper guy these 3 things stand out. Could very well be missing/over thinking etc.

    1)OF – SP swap: What can I do that won’t put me in a buyer position in 2015 or 2016 for the majority of my OF? Not to mention the health bug at the start of the season with all things pitching

    2)Get depth at 2B/3B : Gyorko and Prado are my only options. One is struggling, and 1 is not a keeper.

    Sano,Davidson,Bryant,Moran,Cecchini,Plouffe,Franco/Asche are WW options at 3B for keeper’s sake.

    3)Get more reliable/younger at SP – How much of this is solved by #1? Hamels is my only starter in his prime.Everyone else is either Pre-Prime or Post-Prime. Only 6 keepers, so I don’t know if both this and #1 need to be done.

    Anything you add or replace on these 3? Do you do any now or wait on the Hamels date to see where i am?

    • Mike Buttil says:

      Thanks for letting me know it’s 2C, obviously that changes my previous comment about trading one of Rosario or Lucroy. Hold onto both. Couple things…since it’s a 12-teamer you are going to find pitching on the wire. Being smart about streaming can be just as beneficial to your team in that size league as having one reliable arm, but it takes a little more work. So I agree you shouldn’t go trading away a nice outfield piece for just any starter. I’d want a guy I can build my staff around in return. Waiting on Hamels and giving your team time to play is a good idea. Take a look at where you’re at as the calendar turns to May to really have an understanding of what you need to compete. Sometimes I don’t make any big trades until the end of May when guys have had a chance to really show me what they’ve got.

      I wouldn’t gamble on stashing prospects if you only get six keepers and there is no minor league/farm system in place.

  8. Jerry says:

    20 team h2h

    Arcia/Austin Jackson/Blackmon/Schierholtz/Ruggiano/Abraham Almonte/Chris Carter

    Garrett Richards
    Taylor Jordan
    Farquhar/Hoover/Alex Torres/Nate Jones

    My farm:
    Carlos Correa, ss/Astros
    2. Kyle Zimmer, sp/Royals
    3. Garin Cecchini, 3b/Red Sox
    4. Roughned Odor, 2b/Rangers
    5. Arismendy Alcantara, ss/Cubs
    6. Mitch Nay, 3b/Jays
    7. Luiz Gohara, sp/Mariners
    8. Trevor Story, ss/Rockies
    9. Nick Williams, of/Rangers (97, 88, NA)
    10. Joe Ross, sp/Padres
    11. Reymond Fuentes, of/Padres
    12. Jesse Hahn, sp/Padres
    13. Kevin Plawecki, c/Mets
    14. Stetson Allie, 1b/Pirates
    15. Jeff Ames, sp/Rays
    16. Jin De Jhang, c/pirates
    17. Elier Hernandez, of/Royals
    18. Drew Vettleson, of/Nationals
    19. Martin Agosta, sp/Giants
    20. Nathan Karns, sp/Rays
    21. Zach Walters, ss/Nationals
    22. Carlos Moncrief, of/Indians
    23. Kennys Vargas, 1b/Twin
    24. Steven Souza, of/Nationals
    25. Roenis Elias, sp/Mariners

    I was offered Adrian Beltre, Anibal Sanchez and my choice of Bryce Brentz or Dariel Alvarez or Cody Anderson or David Holmberg or Jose A. Ramirez
    I will give medlen, gohara, roenis elias, and rougned odor, what do you think? I’m looking to deal gohara especially if people value him this highly, he’s just too young for me to want to wait around. Medlen won’t help this year, Elias was a minor league pickup.

    Also completed this trade:
    I give Matt Davidson and Seth Mejias-Brean
    I receive Mitch Nay and Zach Walters

  9. New to Keeper says:

    5×5 6 keeper

    1st year 2 C league

    C – Rosario/LucCroy
    1B – C.Davis
    2B – Gyorko (2B/3B)
    3B – Prado
    SS – Andrus
    CI – Freeman
    MI – Al.Ramirez
    OF – Ellsbury/Rios/Kemp/Martin/Pence
    UTIL –Revere
    BN – De Aza

    P – Ventura/Wilson/Straily
    P – Brothers/Melancon/Strop
    P – Allen/Kennedy/Cook
    BN – Huddy/Lackey/Quintana
    DL – Hamels/Paxton

    There is a 1700 IP limit, and I am already at 101 IP.

    My concern is adding another pitcher in a trade for a bat, coupled with getting Hamels and Paxton back, I will eat too much too soon into the IP limit.

    At the same time, my offense really isn’t lacking that much. Aside from possibly a power 3B, and bench depth.As with only 6 keepers I don’t know how much “getting younger” is a need.

    Am I over thinking IP limit this early, and it will work itself out? or do i need to start making other moves to allow myself to be able to take on another arm later?

    Some bats available (* = wire claim needs to be made)

    Schoop,Hart,Reynolds,C.Johnson*,Semien, Loney,
    Pollock,Span, Uggla,Alonso,Willingham,Asche,

    • Mike Buttil says:

      I wouldn’t sweat the innings limit this early. You can always play matchups later to keep an eye on them. I agree your offense looks fine. Not sure I would go after those guys on the wire in a six-keeper.

      • New to Keeper says:

        What kind of return could i get in a straight 1 for 1 (or both for 1) for either Alexi or Rios that fits the description of “Power bat” or “SP with decent K-rate”?

        Don’t like to trade this early, but good opp for me to sell high here.

    • Mike Buttil says:

      It’s hard to say without knowing your league’s tendencies/personalities. I’d suggest putting them on the block and just see what kind of interest / offers you get and go from there.

      • New to Keeper says:

        Know it’s early in season to rely on sample size.My main concern right now is the 4.5 in HR and 5 in RBI in the standings. K’s (7) i’m w/o Hamels and Paxton so that is less of an issue. As only 1 owner has less IP and more K’s. Know based on age i’m not keeping either anyways. So trying to see what I can get while their value should be high.

  10. New to Keeper? says:

    5×5 Roto 6 Keeper

    Was offered Hosmer/E.Santana for my Rios.

    The way my team is constructed, I don’t need another 1B (Have Freeman + Davis)..Also don’t know, if Ervin wouldn’t be a drop for me when I get an SP off of DL.

    Hosmer isn’t a bad piece, just not something i’d necessarily need as constructed. Unless I do a few other trades.Since right now Hosmer would be my UTIL guy.


    C – Rosario/LuCroy
    1B – C.Davis
    2B- Gyorko
    3B – Prado
    SS – Andrus
    CI – Freeman
    MI – Al. Ramirez
    OF – Kemp/Ellsbury/Rios/Martin/Pence
    UTIL – Revere
    BN – De Aza/Kubel

    P – Wilson/Ventura/Straily
    P – Brothers/Strop/Melancon
    P – Allen/Cook/T.Hudson
    BN – Quintana/Lackey
    DL – Paxton/Hamels


    C – Mesoraco/Weiters
    1B – Votto
    2B – Pedroia
    3B – Lawrie
    SS – Hardy
    CI – Howard
    MI – Johnson
    OF – Cespedes/Jackson/Trumbo/E.Young/BUpton
    UTIL – Napoli
    BN – Hosmer/Melky/Sizemore/Infante

    P – Bumgarner/Sanchez/Archer
    P – Peavy/Axford/Soriano
    P – Papelbon/Santana/Lohse
    DL – Jo.Johnson

    Based on his rotation, don’t see me aquiring any of his big 3 arms. Though, until I get updates on Hamels or Paxton, don’t know if acquiring an arm is prudent. With my # of RP a closer pickup isn’t super prudent either.

    Am I missing something here or just cancel and move on?

  11. Jim Bravico says:

    whats you thoughts on this trade
    Send Andrew McCutchen, Pit CF from CF to RTB
    Send Alex Rios, Tex RF from OF to RTB
    Send Anibal Sanchez, Det SP from SP to RTB
    Receive Brandon Belt, SF 1B from RTB to Bench
    Receive Jacoby Ellsbury, NYY CF from RTB to Bench
    Receive Yu Darvish, Tex SP from RTB to Bench

  12. Jim says:

    Is Robbie Ross for real seem like a lot of guys sending me offers. I have no clue with him.

  13. Jim says:

    Morning Mike,

    in a points dynasty league I have Stanton. I have an offer sitting infront of me sending me J-up for Stanton. my OF consists of Cargo, Ellsbury, Stanton, Bruce, K. Davis with a back up of Jenning/Arcia/Trumbo. I like J-up a lot but don’t want that to effect my decision. What would you do Mike? Don’t know if I have the time offer expirers today.


  14. Jim says:

    Morning Mike,

    I took your advice and stood with Stanton. Thanks again
    On another move I have someone who wants Alvarez and is asking which pitcher I would want along with Chase Headley my choice being Sonny Gray or Cashner or Hammel being a points league Cashner dosnt seem to get the run support that gray gets.

    my team is below remember dynasty points league I put an ** next to guys I also would move who would u keep out of them

    Pedro Alvarez, Pit 3B **
    Eduardo Escobar, Min SS **
    Khris Davis, Mil LF **
    Jacoby Ellsbury, NYY CF**
    Desmond Jennings, TB CF **
    Brandon Crawford, SF SS **
    Tom Koehler, Mia SP **
    Hector Rondon, ChC RP
    Oswaldo Arcia, Min LF **
    Chris Archer, TB SP **
    Hector Santiago, LAA SP**
    Adrian Gonzalez, LAD 1B**
    Nick Tepesch, Tex SP
    A.J. Pollock, Ari CF**
    Mike Zunino, Sea C
    Eric Hosmer, KC 1B
    Danny Espinosa, Wsh 2B
    Jose Reyes, Tor SS
    Brian Dozier, Min 2B
    Giancarlo Stanton, Mia RF
    Adam Jones, Bal CF
    Ian Kennedy, SD SP
    Tyson Ross, SD SP
    Ervin Santana, Atl SP
    John Lackey, Bos SP
    Nate Eovaldi, Mia SP
    Jonathon Niese, NYM SP
    Jose Quintana, CWS SP
    Danny Salazar, Cle SP
    Tanner Roark, Wsh SP
    Will Smith, Mil RP
    Brad Ziegler, Ari RP
    Carlos Gonzalez, Col LF
    Mike Foltynewicz, Hou SP
    Alex Meyer, Min SP
    Aaron Sanchez, Tor SP
    Tsuyoshi Wada, ChC SP
    Jeremy Hellickson*, TB SP
    Brandon Belt*, SF 1B
    Jay Bruce*, Cin RF

    Any input I be thankful for. Im sitting at 4-2 but this week teams not hitting lol.


  15. Jim says:

    league Format

    No Limit

    13 Games Started

    Scoring (Edit)
    Singles (1B) 3 Doubles (2B) 6
    Triples (3B) 10 Home Runs (HR) 23
    Runs Batted In (RBI) 3 Stolen Bases (SB) 7
    Sacrifices (SAC) 1 Caught Stealing (CS) -2
    Hitting for the Cycle (CYC) 50 Grand Slam Home Runs (GSHR) 10

    Innings Pitched (IP) 3 Earned Runs (ER) -1
    Wins(W) 16 Losses (L) -7
    Saves (SV) 10 Strikeouts (K) 3
    Shutouts (SO) 12 Holds (HD) 8
    Complete Games (CG) 10 Quality Starts (QS) 6
    No Hitters (NH) 25 Perfect Games (PG) 50

  16. Jim says:

    Thanks Mike

  17. Jim says:

    Hi Mike,

    What’s the deal on Khris Davis? So far he been killing me. Is it time to drop him or just stash him for a while?

    Have a good weekend


  18. Jim says:

    my catch is Russell martin I have a chance to get Devin Mesoraco, but he wants one of the following pitchers for him Tyson ross -Cosart-mchugh-Roark Archer what are your thoughts? who is the lesser?

  19. Jim says:

    Trying to make sense of SS and 2B how would you rate the following Josh Harrison, Dozer, Jordy Mercer of which are on my team now. along with Reyes which I know well about. Available is DJ LeMahieu and Marwin Gonzalaz and new kid Kiki Hernandez do you see any replacements to what I currently own? Thanks for your time have a safe and happy 4th.


  20. Jim says:

    On another note Logan Morrison Junior lake are available I have on the bench Viciedo, mercer and Willingham domingo Santana is there a switch I should consider ? mercer being my only SS backup. at least until I get Cargo and Pollock back off the DL.


  21. Jim says:

    I Send Josh Harrison, Pit RF from Bench to VADR
    I Send Jeremy Hellickson, TB SP from Bench to VADR
    I GET below
    Receive Mark Buehrle, Tor SP from VADR to Bench
    Receive Joe Kelly, StL SP from VADR to Bench

    what’s your thoughts on this. Haven’t heard from you in a while hope all is well.


    • Mike Buttil says:

      Hi Jim, not sure why I didn’t get your other comments. Might be since this post is older, but I apologize.

      I think this is a good trade if you’re in need of some pitching depth. It’s hard for me to put much faith in Hellboy and Harrison is most likely a piece that you didn’t pay much for to begin with. From the posts above, it seems like there are options fro you to replace Harrison as well.

  22. Jim says:

    thanks Mike your right on Harrison was a FA pick up for back up so was hellboy got him off the wire. I picked up some extra pitchers for the long week ahead right now the team looks like this if u see improvement let me know some of the pitchers will be gone after the long week.
    Adrian Gonzalez, LAD 1B
    Dayan Viciedo, CWS LF
    Colby Lewis, Tex SP
    Kevin Correia, Min SP
    Mike Zunino, Sea C
    Mark Trumbo, Ari 1B
    Brian Dozier, Min 2B
    Nolan Arenado, Col 3B
    Jose Reyes, Tor SS
    Jordy Mercer, Pit SS
    Steve Pearce, Bal DH
    Carlos Gonzalez, Col LF
    Adam Jones, Bal CF
    Giancarlo Stanton, Mia RF
    Alex Rios, Tex RF
    Eric Hosmer, KC 1B
    Christian Yelich, Mia LF
    Ian Kennedy, SD SP
    John Lackey, Bos SP
    Chris Archer, TB SP
    Jose Quintana, CWS SP
    Tanner Roark, Wsh SP
    Josh Beckett*, LAD SP
    Jon Lester, Bos SP
    Brett Anderson, Col RP
    Kyle Lohse, Mil SP
    Mark Buehrle, Tor SP
    Dellin Betances, NYY RP
    Jake McGee, TB RP
    Neil Ramirez, ChC SP
    Jimmy Nelson, Mil RP
    Joey Gallo, Tex 3B
    Jarred Cosart, Hou SP
    Chase Anderson, Ari SP
    Daisuke Matsuzaka, NYM SP
    Chris Coghlan, ChC LF
    Joe Kelly, StL SP
    A.J. Pollock*, Ari CF
    Collin McHugh*, Hou SP

    Be safe buddy


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