The Post In Which I Let Everyone Know I’m OK

Hello faithful readers. I just wanted to write a quick post letting everyone know that the reason there has been no new content up is simple: I have no power. As some of you may know, I live in New Jersey which was hit pretty hard by Sandy — though fortunately I do not live by the shore where the most damage was done. My family and I have relocated to a friend’s house, and will likely be bouncing around until power is restored at our house. Thankfully we’re all OK and there seems to be no major property damage.

My hope is that I’ll be able to start content back up this weekend, but whether that’s realistic or not, I’m not sure. The good news is that I am flush with ideas to write about, and once things are back to normal, there will be lots of great content here throughout the rest of the off-season.

For all of you who are impacted by the storm, stay as safe and as warm as possible. You’ll see me around these parts again soon.


The Dynasty Guru

One comment on “The Post In Which I Let Everyone Know I’m OK

  1. Derek says:

    Good to hear u are safe! Where in Jersey are you at?

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