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On Promoting Dylan Bundy

Some days I know exactly what I want to write about and some days I don’t. Today was going to fit into the latter category until I saw these eight magical words come across my Twitter timeline:

“Dylan Bundy to be promoted from Double-A Bowie”

Read those words again. I can wait. Bundy will be joining the team today in Seattle as they recover from using 1,342 pitchers in their 18-inning game last night. As of right now, it is very likely that Bundy will only pitch sparingly out of the bullpen – but then again, this is the Orioles and they are deep in the playoff race. Would I be shocked to see them give him a start before the season ends? Absolutely not. Would I be shocked if they added him to their potential playoff roster? Again, absolutely not. I don’t think it will happen, but he may very well be the best starter they have on their major league roster as soon as he’s officially added. Just look at what Matt Moore did last year with the Rays.

I’m sure everyone is writing Bundy up today, so I’ll keep the background information short, since I’m sure you already know this. Bundy was the 4th overall pick by the Orioles in the 2011 draft out of an Oklahoma high school, and even in a draft class that was nearly historic, he was ranked as the #1 pre-draft talent by Kevin Goldstein at BP (and he wasn’t the only one). He’s listed as a generous 6’0”, but is wide-bodied for his size and generated urban myths (or is it a rural myth if it’s in Oklahoma?) about the amount of weight he could squat. He can hit triple digits with his fastball, has both a curveball and changeup that project as plus pitches and this is without even getting into the cutter which the Orioles had him keep in his back-pocket all year. And yes, the cutter was seen as his best secondary offering coming into the draft by many evaluators. [a brief dramatic pause for effect] But wait, if you call in the next ten minutes, you’ll get his plus command and control free!

If Bundy is available in your league and it’s any sort of keeper/dynasty format, he’s immediately worthy of whatever waiver priority you have. No one else at Bundy’s level is coming up the rest of the year (Taveras is extraordinarily unlikely to get the call at this point, and if I could get either Bundy or Myers, I’d take Bundy). This is the top pitching prospect in all of baseball right now, and he’s ready to get major league hitters out right now. Even if you think you are set with your keepers, don’t hesitate to grab Bundy so that someone else in your league doesn’t. Bundy is the kind of player that will make some fantasy owners completely irrational and it’s your responsibility to do what you can to make sure that if you are the one who wants to get completely irrational about him, you can.

Since the Orioles used every pitcher short of Jim Palmer in last night’s game, he’s very likely to get some action tonight in order to save their other bullpen arms. If he comes out and dominates, and then dominates some more, the Orioles may be very tempted to see a different eight magical words plastered all over the internet:

“Wild Card Game: Brett Anderson versus Dylan Bundy”

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