A Reinvention, A Mission, A Plan

Sometimes I just can’t help myself. I’m a man of big plans, which at times can be both an inspiration and a burden. Today, it’s an inspiration. As of August 11th, I’m turning some of my attention and efforts into a new project – and I hope you’ll all join me for the ride. This does not mean that I will stop my contributions over at Fake Teams. In fact, this new outlet will allow my work at Fake Teams to be more focused than before. What I hope it will be is a one-stop shop for all of your dynasty league needs.

As of today, I’ve not only opened up this new site, but I’ve official changed over my Twitter handle (that’s how you know I’m serious!) from @tfw_bret to @dynastyguru. The biggest benefit of The Dynasty Guru I can offer is that I plan to fully focus on the format at hand. I’ve been playing this format for years, and always find myself having to pull together information from many different sites in order to make informed decisions about my teams. And that’s without getting into the stuff that’s just not out there.

To go a little deeper into what to expect here, let’s touch a little on what this site will and it will not be. Here is what I expect to be the three main categories of future day-to-day content here:

1) Fantasy impacts of prospects

It will not be a prospect-only site. There are a ton of people out there who I respect that cover this angle thoroughly on the interwebs, and I read them along side all of you. Prospects will certainly be a part of what I cover here, just like it’s an important piece of running a dynasty league team, but it will not be the sole focus. And when they are in focus, just as it is for the prospect content I’ve been posting at Fake Teams, it will be only in terms of fantasy value. You will not see me write about Anthony Gose’s arm or Christian Bethancourt’s pop times, despite the fact that as a baseball fan, I think they are awesome.

2) The dynamics of long-term player values

A big part of the content will be the changing landscapes of long-term player values as they unfold. Players like Colby Rasmus and Matt Harrison on the positive side, or Ricky Romero and Eric Hosmer on the negative side. What are they doing this year which affects their values for future years and how should you treat them in a long-term format? Which players that are not playing up to their full potential should you be targeting? And conversely, which players are likely at their final peak of value that you should consider dealing away?

3) Dynasty league strategy

These will be slightly less common than the other two, but will be more general and focus on how to make the most of your dynasty league roster. Whether it’s the draft, the trading deadline or dealing with different league personalities, I will cover it here from a macro perspective as well as on a player level. One of the highlights of this will be a series which I walk you through the process of rebuilding a dynasty league team, step-by-step. It’s 9,000 words right now and growing, so be prepared..

On top of the content described above, the biggest project I will be working on is the off-season Dynasty Ranks. This will be a full position-by-position and overall ranking of nearly 1,000 players purely from a dynasty format perspective and will integrate current major leaguers with prospects. So if you want to see where Jurickson Profar ranks not only in the context of other top prospects, but also in the context of major league shortstops, I’ve got you covered. If you want to know whether to keep Tyler Austin or David Murphy for your final roster spot, I’ve got you covered. It’s a big undertaking, but I’ve got the rest of the year.

So hopefully I’ve at least gotten your attention with the content I plan to provide starting right now. My goal initially is to update the site two to three times a week, so make sure to follow me on Twitter at @dynastyguru or join The Dynasty Guru group on Facebook to see my latest posts. And most importantly, I will answer any individual questions you might have in either of those same two places, or if you prefer to just e-mail me directly, you can do that at I repeat, I will answer all questions – but hopefully for your sake, you stick to baseball as a general topic.

Hope to see you again real soon.

-The Dynasty Guru

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