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The Marlins suck. The Astros rock. Any casual baseball fan could tell you this much. But on draft day, or March 30th when you are already looking to stream starting pitchers, the casual baseball fan won’t win you your league. Being able to quantify and visualize lineup strength is vital

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UncategorizedWhat To Do About...

After trading away a potential superstar entering his prime last offseason (Justin Upton), Diamondbacks general manager Kevin Towers released his sequel to Winning the Offseason: The Totally Bonkers’ Way, with a couple of winter trades that make you go, “Hmm.” And, as a fantasy baseball enthusiast, it’s a pair of

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Dynasty DynamicsUncategorized

I’d like to start my very first post with The Dynasty Guru by telling everyone a little about myself. I’ve been playing this great game of fantasy baseball for a little over a decade, mainly focusing on 16-20 team dynasty leagues. All of them with a wide range of settings,

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