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It’s always difficult to make heads or tails of spring training stats, but sometimes they can offer you a glimpse into the direction a player is trending. As we round the Grapefruit/Cactus League corner into the home stretch and into Opening Day, let’s take a dive into some stat lines

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Click Here To Listen Keaton and Jake talk Harper, SP Ranks and a guest segment with Dr. Mike about injuries. Then we close out with some listen Q’s Topics include: Harper to the Phillies SP Rankings: Eduardo Rodriguez Jesus Lazardo Ian Anderson Matthew Liberatore Dane Dunning Luis Patino Beau Burrows

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Welcome to Keaton It Real, a new column consisting of my general musings and observations of baseball and fantasy. I will be pushing this out weekly starting when our rankings conclude, but today I bring you the first installment inspired by the recent trade between Oakland, Texas, and Tampa.

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Last week I wrote about a few pitchers that could see serious regression in 2017 due to their inflated strand rates. As a follow-up, I wanted to touch on some guys that could see substantial improvement in their numbers if their ability to leave runners on base bounces back to around even

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There is certain undeniable artistic flair to how a general manager constructs a bullpen. It’s a work of art that is constantly in flux. Often times relievers materialize out of thin air off the waiver wire or free agency mid-season. They arrive as complementary pieces in much larger trades. Others

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Everybody who plays in a dynasty league loves prospects. Even if you didn’t care about minor leaguers before joining a dynasty league you quickly learned how critically important young players are. There is a good chance it opened up your mind to the wonderful world of prospecting. That’s what got me started.

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