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2015 Dynasty League RankingsUncategorized

Congratulations on surviving another off-season. Now that the new year is upon us, it’s time to spend the next month  traveling across the positional landscape, labeling players with numbers that correspond to their value. It’s the very definition of freedom. A ton of hard work was put into these rankings,

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My last post brought you 10 hitters over the age of 35 that made for valuable targets in your dynasty leagues. This week I am doing the same with pitchers. Pitching is by nature a more volatile skill than hitting so the names on this list do not bring with

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We are now a month into the 2014 season and there are several starting pitchers who are unexpectedly leading their fantasy teams to the top of the standings. Last week I reviewed some highly ranked ace pitchers that are off to terrible starts (read it here).  Today I will do the

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From the 21st of January to the 20th of February, the writers at TDG will be taking you through our rankings position-by-position. As I mentioned in the primer, this year we’re doing things a little differently. Instead of having my personal rankings up on this site, like last year, these

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2013 Dynasty League RankingsUncategorized

We both you know that you don’t want some sort of long-winded introduction here. You just want to see the list. Your wish is my command. And now your next 75 dynasty league starters, with commentary: #51 – Trevor Bauer, Cleveland Indians #52 – Jaime Garcia, St Louis Cardinals Garcia

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