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Digging for DiamondsDynasty Dynamics

I know it’s early for some to be thinking about whether to phone it in for the year or go for the title but this series is going to span over a few weeks so I figured I’d start it now and then, as the title suggests, you can use

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It hasn’t been a banner year thus far for Team Goldrubio. It didn’t start easily, with the losses of Jarrod Parker, Matt Latos and Casey Janssen, three of the lynchpins to our entire pitching staff, and we’ve suffered more injuries (as have many others) to date. Carlos Beltran’s combination of poor

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The Dynasty Guru Experts League

As we continue our trek through the #TDGX draft, I’ll try to pick up the pace a bit, this time covering six picks. I know it will take a while to go through it in this type of detail, given that I only get one post a week to discuss

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