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Casey Mize
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Each month, The Dynasty Guru will provide a prospect update, including notable performances (good and bad), assignments, promotions, trades, injuries, and suspensions. Most importantly, the monthly update will examine prospects with increasing and decreasing fantasy value, from the elite to the obscure. At the beginning of April, TDG reviewed early assignments, injuries, and

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As a reader of dynasty baseball articles and websites, one of the least talked about formats is Head to Head Points. H2H Points is still very popular among the redraft, cash league crowds, and there are many keeper and dynasty leagues that use the scoring as well. The strategy may

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Luis Patino
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There is no such thing as TINSTAAPP! Pitching prospects exist just as much as hitting prospects. All prospects carry risk, including injury risk, and no prospect is a sure thing. Major league teams regularly carry 12-13 pitchers; therefore, pitching depth is crucial. As such, the list of pitching prospects is

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Throughout a season there’s always a prospect or ten that suit my fancy in dynasty. Almost none of them are pitching prospects. However, in this edition of Romancing Deep Dynasty Prospects, I’m devoting the entire article to pitchers. If pitchers are your thing, hold on to your butts. In deep leagues,

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